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  1. Bob, I had the same problem. Couldent figure out why I could see the seqs in LOR but not in Windows. You nailed it. Question is what folders should I move from the virtual folder to the new one at \users? I moved Audio and Sequences only. Show runs fine so far. Can I delete old one after? Thanks
  2. KarlSmith

    Is it true?

    Glad to have you on board Swampman I used 15 channels for each color in my spiral tree, that left me the last channel in the controller for the star. It looks great with any song beat. The chase button can split up any timing grid to fit your need. I have found that the number of like elements matters most when you are using and modifying someone eases sequence. Lets ay you have 4 mini trees and the seq you are using has 6, then you have to get creative on over laying the extra 2 onto your now used 4. "Paste from Foreground" saves the day here. If YOU smile when done then your count was right.
  3. The other night the lights inside the house blinked. Causing the computer running LOR to reboot. Since that night it appears that controller 02 and 03 have swapped IDs. The original daisie chain order was 01-03-02. It now appears to be 01-02-03. Can this happen? Am I crazy, high or both?
  4. CTB16PC Kit shows "out of stock for 2011". Does that mean it will not be offered in the Feb super sale.
  5. I have not learned any of that yet. I took the camera in the car, parked across the street, turned up the volume and started filming. That effect , I call it ribbon, is my favorite so that is why I filmed this song first. I will try some others. When I was uploading to YT I got a msg about how MOV files may not synch well. Need to learn there too. Thanks for the compliment.
  6. Thanks all. I bought my 2nd and 3rd controllers this year and used all but 1 channel on that tree. Well worth it I think. I love it so much I may cry when I have to take it down. Maybe a third color, white, some day. I wish the video was better. I looks so much better in person. The only reason I uploaded to YouTube was so that I could let everyone at LOR forums see. Thanks for all the helpful advice.
  7. great job. wish my camera worked that well.
  8. Nice Job Earle. Spiral trees are great. This is my first year with a spiral tree. It was well worth all the work.
  9. This is my first year with a spiral tree and my very first you tube video. Video and audio is not that good but maybe next one will be better. 17' 6" tree, 6' base. Tried to get embed to work. Could not.
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