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  1. Nice idea THAT-NEW-GUY but my problem with that is im in the UK and the time difference may make it hard for me to contact them .
  2. I've sent the request for an email change on my old LOR licence email as I no longer have access to it , but I cant do anything I want to till I hear back that the new email has been accepted for my old licence . How long does this normally take ? as i borrowed a friends laptop with Pro licenece and want to upgrade to that version.
  3. Thanks Matt I'll try that , I just want to finish the sequence as my friend didnt have time with his own display to finish.
  4. Hi All , every time I load one particular sequence into Pixel Editor it loads up and then on the audio file it just freezes and I have to close the program, A friend sent me the files and it all works ok in Sequence Editor and plays , it even shows the Pixel Editor props at the bottom of the sequence. Any ideas ? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Im here asking on behalf of a friend for some help. I sold all my display in February of this year due to financial circumstances and my friend had most of it. he's started to use pixels this year and this is where the problem lies , he got an E682 configured it all ok and then went about building a 16 strip mega tree and 8 arches which each have half a 5m strip on them. he setup the universes that were needed including the dumb rgb he had off me . he then sent me a copy of his channel configuration to check for him seeing I was still sequencing getting ready for a new display in 2016 , it all checked out correct .he bought some tree sequences and they loaded up correctly and played on his mega tree fine. He then asked if i could sequence a few of the songs i had that he liked .I'll say now we're both running LOR 4.2.10 and have Pro license ,so I setup arches and tree props in Pixel Editor so the universes correspond to his LOR config and started to sequence. once i had a song done I saved the file and sent him every file linked to the song including the audio track. he couldnt get the file to work so i looked over his setup and the pixel arch universes were wrong , but the pixel tree was fine and played all the purchased tree sequences fine. he imported a channel configuration that i saved that was correct for arches and now some of his pixel tree sequences kind of jump all over the place but some play fine. neither of us had touched th pixel tree universes and i double checked they were the same once id altered the arch universes. sorry for the long winded explanation but he desperately needs help and im running out of ideas. any help would be gratefully recieved PS on one sequence in pixel editor it loads up but freezes every time when loading the audio track ? any ideas
  6. I was going to use LOR but a few people have told me to start using xlights but i have a few items that only use standard LOR controllers so im still using that to sequence
  7. Thanks guys for the info , im using the ws2811 strips from Ray Wu. I understand what your saying about the E682 but I got this 6804 very cheap and have a few 12v transformers spare so power injection i've already figured out. My concern was in LOR the universe run as you said 1-510 (with the last 2 deleted) but in nutcracker it shows channel numbers per strip and goes up to channel 2400 for the 16 strips , this is what I cant get my head around or when I save it does nutcracker convert it back to the LOR universes ?
  8. Hi all, not sure if im in the right area but here goes ............. I plan on doing a mega tree this year using 16 strips which works out to be approx 6 universes , I've set it up in nutcracker but when I set it up in LOR the channel count isnt the same . could anyone point me in the right direction as how to set it all up thanks Jerry
  9. What a fantastic job you've done , would there be any chance of showing a daytime picture showing their build . I'd love to do some of these for my display in the UK.
  10. thanks for the help guys , but it turns out he had a faulty mains socket he plugged the board into , all sorted now display is running nice
  11. Sorry guys its his first box in the run that keeps dropping out , he's done a reset but that did nothing !!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi all , I've got a friend who's in his first year using LOR but his second controller keeps dropping out , as in , he gets a signal green led flashing starts his show and then the second controller just stops working at intermitent times. if he resets his show alls fine to begin with then it starts to stop flashing intermitentally again. he's tried different cat5 cables and the run between the 2 controllers is only about 2 ft . his first controller in the chain runs fine no problem , any one help he's getting fed up now .
  13. I'd love this sequence as well please ,jrm75@btinternet.com
  14. jer75

    Stupid DMX question

    Thanks for the help all , got it sussed , now im going to start playing
  15. Hi all , I run 32 Lor channels which is more than enough for my main lights but I wanted to go into DMX as well , After talking to my brother about it he purchased without me knowing 2 of the dmx boards from Ray-Wu along with a couple of 12v /30amp power supplys , I already had the dumb strings here as i was going to get a 3 channel unit and have a play . My question after watching countless vids and reading countless pages are that I've confused myself a bit about how to setup the boards in LOR with my 32 channels already there on my sequences . what number do I start the dmx at and how many channels do i setup for a single board for the moment. My thinking is my lor finishes at 32 so the first dmx channel would be 33 onwards but this is where I've confused my self . What confused me was a DMX universe is 512 channels but the boards only use 9 groups of 3 , so thats only 27 channels in that universe is this correct and can I dasiy chain the 2 boards together thus using 54 channels in that universe ? would anyone be willing to setup a channel layout that I could import into LOR for 32 channel LOR and 2 of Ray-wu boards .
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