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  1. I am just starting out also. As a matter of fact I don't even have my first controller yet.I added the lights and sounds of christmas to my static display this year and that is how I ended up on the LOR web site.I have plans of just starting with 16 channels and I am going to get the 1602 MP3 with one of their pre-programed sequences for next year. I am not real good with computers and all the sequence stuff has me a little shy. The more I read on here though the more I think I will have to add another 16 channels (plus learn how to build a show). I really like the effects of the arches but if I understand right ,just two arches about 5ft tall ,can eat up 16 channels. Being real new to this computer light show stuff, it sure is nice to have a site like this to come too. I have soooo many questions and being able to read others posts and find answers and get some really good ideas is just really great. Thanks to all on this site Monte
  2. HI scott. Please include me on the list. Thank you
  3. Hi Folks newbie question -I downloaded the the two demo songs from the LOR web site but when I open the file the windows media player says it doesn't support that codec. My operating system is windows xp. Do I need to download something else to allow the file to play?and if so does anyone know where I could get it. I am not real computer smart!! Thanks for any help. Monte
  4. This is a great web site. I am new to this LOR thing ,just kinda stumbled on to it. I have been putting Christmas lights on my house for years, and every year I would add a few more lights and a few more exten cords and my kids and grand kids would always say "wow PaPa looks good!!" Well this year I got one of those "lights and Sounds of Christmas" things and got the "you really out did yourself this year PaPa" I thought, well this is pretty good ,but the lights kinda danced to the music and I had to go outside every night a 9:00 and turn the music down. After we got about a foot and half of snow that got old real quick. See, I did not know about FM transmitters and such until I got to thinking one night I can't be the only person with this problem. So I got on the web and found out about transmitters and how to hook them to the little box I got and THEN I Stumbled on to the LOR site!!! Well ,I started looking at some of the videos of some of the set ups and I felt like a little kid again! I decided right then and there that next year I was really going to out do myself. I had my wife look at some of the shows and she said can we do that?( I gotta get her on board.) So we both looked at the LOR systems and kinda decided on what might work best for us. I am going to get the LOR 1602 MP3 for next year. We will start small with the 16 channels. From what I have read that system is pretty close to plug and play. I have also read on here that they will have a pre-programed show later this year. I am not real computer savy and we don't have an extra computer to run the show and to be honest I would have to get my 17 year old grandaughter over here to run everything. I am rambling on here. I just wanted to post to let folks know that another newbie is here. I have sent an e-mail to the sales folks at LOR with a few questions about the 1602MP3 hope to hear from them soon. If anybody has any suggestions let me know.
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