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  1. Thanks for the replies. Think I will just have to use them this year as they are and start to replace them next year. Thanks again.
  2. Can anyone explain any reason why so many of my 100 light strings have the last 50 lights not working. Power is going through the string to the end connection. Could it be the age of them, about 5 years old.??
  3. Thanks for the quick replies, very much appreciated. Mike. (in the UK.)
  4. I want to create a sequence on my laptop, and then transfer to my main computer to control the lights. any ideas on the best way to do this would be gratefully appreciated. I don't want to spend the time sequencing then not be able to use it. Many Thanks. Mike
  5. Hi Mike. I'm in the UK. and this year was my 5th year using LOR. helping to raise money for West Midland Air Ambulance. I purchase just the control panel and fit into my own waterproof enclosure. I operate on 110v as I use all American sourced lights, you can get reasonable priced set if you search the web. As rule of thumb what ever price is shown, if you double it that will be the price after shipping and custom duties are added. For extension leads I used 70 strand speaker cable (from Screwfix) with American crocadile plugs, had no problems with weather at all. I power through Builders Transformers, you can either hire or buy them. (about £50.each). You'll need plenty of cable ties to keep everything neat and tidy, and plenty of spare time it's never to early in the year to start planning. Mike. Shropshire.
  6. If I change a sequence and save changes, will it automatically change in the show schedule or will I have to put the new sequence into the show schedule, hope this makes sence.
  7. Show working fine at the moment but the expected high winds may change that. The question is if I change a sequence and save changes, will the changes automatically transfer to the show schedule, or will I have to replace the existing one in the show shedule with the new saved one, hope this makes sence.
  8. Hi Jay and Leah. I'm in the Uk. and my fifth controller is in custom clearance at this moment. The controlers operate 110v and 240 volts you just need to add or take out (can't remember which) a small connector to change from one to the other. I run mine as 110v using builders transformers to power as I use American 110v lights. If you do this you will need to purchase vampire plugs to make your connections to the light strings, there are plenty of suppliers. The only problem is the shipping cost when buying from America sometimes dearer than the goods, and then you have VAT to pay and sometimes import duty. Hope all goes well,and any problems just ask on here and you will soon get an answer. I'v not failed yet to get a problem fixed.
  9. Thanks everyone for your help got it sorted now, just need extra controller to arrive but I think the U.K. is a bit to far away for this year.
  10. Thats correct it was a zipped file which I have now unzipped to Documents. now how do I get it to show as an existing sequence in Sequence Editor? or do I have to do it as a New Sequence, if that makes sence.
  11. Have just downloaded a sequence. It appeares in sequence editor but as a folder not a sequence. When I try to open the sequence I get a message saying that the folder cannot be opened. I think I have asked this question before but cannot remember the answer as what to do. Any Ideas? Many Thanks.
  12. To everyone on the Forum have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and thanks to everyone whose free advise and knowledge has helped everyone create some wonderful displays and hopefully benifit quite a number of Charities. All The Best. Mike. (United Kingdom)
  13. While I have a show enabled and running can I work on the Sequence Editor without stopping the show. Many Thanks.
  14. Couldn't agree more, if you cannot afford the expense don't expect someone else to pay for your hobby. Certainly collect for charity if you wish, mine being the Air Ambulance. Mike (United Kingdom)
  15. michael spencer

    The tear down

    Here in the UK. we display until the 12th night (6th Jan) so another week until tear down , although that might not be until the end of Jan especially if this cold,wet,windy, freezing weather continues. Happy New Year to all, and thanks to everyone who helped during the year.
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