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  1. 2016 contest

    Congrats...Post a link to video
  2. Another Pentatonix

    Looking for Pentatonix Hark the Herald Angels Sing if anyone is willing to share. Thanks bobs30012@comcast.net
  3. Noob question: Turn on lights automatically?

    I got it working. I double check all suggestions. Don't know how but thanks for the help.
  4. Noob question: Turn on lights automatically?

    I am using a dedicated PC for nothing but LOR Thank you.
  5. Noob question: Turn on lights automatically?

    Getting back to the shutdown....I have an animation sequence to have all lights on for 30 minutes after the music ends. I put that in the show editor in the shutdown section. But it does not play. The show shuts down at time in the schedule editor with no lights on after. What am I doing wrong? The same file for 30 min on plays at the beginning of show for start up. BS
  6. Fading out intensity at end of sequence

    Thanks, I was looking for that also.
  7. Disco Santa

    Requesting a copy also. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas bobs30012@comcast.net
  8. run run rudolph luke bryan

    My I have a copy also? Thanks in advance. bobs30012@comcast.net
  9. Ok guys, I haven't been using tracks. Please explain how this helps and how to start using them. Thanks a bunch.
  10. PC to Receiver to Speakers

    Out the PC...is it a stereo jack or mono? In to back of receiver...aux input? Check aux is selected on front of receiver Check the volume on the PC, I have mine at about 70% Check the volume on the receiver.
  11. Looking for Pentatonix "That's Christmas To Me"

    That's Christmas to me please. bobs30012@comcast.net
  12. bobs30012@comcast.net Thanks so much. BTW cannot view video
  13. Cannot view the video, blocked. bobs30012@comcast.net
  14. Taylor Swift's Shake if Off

    I would greatly appreciate a copy. Thanks bobs30012@comcast.net
  15. LMFAO Party Rock sequence

    I would like to show off your work also! bobs30012@comcast.net Happy New Year