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  1. would love them too thanks for sharing!!! haakedave@yahoo.com
  2. Would like to check it out too haakedave@yahoo.com thanks Old Sarge!
  3. I'd like a copy too please James. Thanks! haakedave@yahoo.com
  4. AWESOME! Could I get that one too please? haakedave@yahoo.com
  5. AWESOME!!! can I get that one too please? haakedave@yahoo.com Thanks!
  6. me too me too! my dad's favorite song! haakedave@yahoo.com thanks!
  7. Could I have a copy too please? haakedave@yahoo.com Thanks!
  8. I'd like a copy too please! Great work!!!! haakedave@yahoo.com
  9. Hey James, I would also appreciate a copy if you don't mind. haakedave@yahoo.com
  10. sorry, the only one that comes on is the one I hook up directly to the computer/adapter...
  11. Biz my controllers don't have a green light. just a red led in the middle
  12. sorry I might not have answered your question. I tried to hook it up both ways and even swapped unit id's so that 2 would be 1. still only the controller set up for unit 1 will come on when I try to play a sequence. if I go from com/adpt to #2 and then to #1 and try to play a sequence it only plays # channels. I may be really confused. where am I looking to see both controllers? HWD or just by looking at the red leds.
  13. I mean the hardware utility. I thought you can only hook up 1 controller at a time. if I hook up from the computer to cont #1 and refresh it finds it. then I disconnect from one and hook up to cont. # 2 and it finds it. then I hook back up to cont #1 from computer and go from the output of one to 2 with the other cat 5 cable and try to play a sequence but only cont. 1 works. its like they are not talking to each other. is there a way to see them both hooked up at the same time in hardware utility?
  14. Just to clarify I do not have them both hooked up in hardware mode at the same time.
  15. Is it possible that both of the output jacks have gone bad on my controllers? When in hardware mode it shows cont 1 and 2 when hooked up accordingly, but when I daisy chain them together only the controller that is programmed #1 will come on. I even switched the cat 5 cables around and both worked. One of the out jacks looks as though it is coming off at the top. Any thoughts or thread that someone can direct me to?
  16. Awesome thank you very much!!
  17. Does anyone know how to install the softwhere onto a new computer without the cd? I have somehow misplaced it.
  18. Dave Haake

    netbook advice

    I used my netbook last year and it worked great. I just had to download the lor program off of the web. It also has XP. I believe it is an acer aspire one with 1 gb of ram. i also have itunes on it and can do all of my new sequences on it with no problem.
  19. Ok, I just went out and watched the whole show twice and it was fine! Huh! I dunno. Thanks George for the quick response, but it seems to be working fine now.
  20. I think i might have two shows going at the same time. Is this even possible? I have 6 or 7 songs in my show but it seems like the first song will play, the second song will play, then the first again then the third and forth and so on. Am i losing my mind???
  21. If i try to play a 32 channel sequence on my 16 channel controller, will it only play those 16 channels i have, or will it just not work at all? thanks Dave
  22. I got it all figured out. Ran my first show tonight and it looks verry cool! Thanks to all for the help over the past few days. This site rocks!!!
  23. So i just attached them to an email and sent it to myself. It took some time though because i could only attach 3 at a time, then had to go back and do the same thing for the music. i didn't have a flash drive around. Now my problem is that i can't get the drives loaded properly onto the notebook. It doesn't have a disk drive so i had to download it from the ftdichip website. for some reason it will not work the same way as it says in the book. Anyone have any thoughts on this problem?
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