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  1. would love them too thanks for sharing!!! haakedave@yahoo.com
  2. Would like to check it out too haakedave@yahoo.com thanks Old Sarge!
  3. I'd like a copy too please James. Thanks! haakedave@yahoo.com
  4. AWESOME! Could I get that one too please? haakedave@yahoo.com
  5. AWESOME!!! can I get that one too please? haakedave@yahoo.com Thanks!
  6. me too me too! my dad's favorite song! haakedave@yahoo.com thanks!
  7. Could I have a copy too please? haakedave@yahoo.com Thanks!
  8. I'd like a copy too please! Great work!!!! haakedave@yahoo.com
  9. Hey James, I would also appreciate a copy if you don't mind. haakedave@yahoo.com
  10. sorry, the only one that comes on is the one I hook up directly to the computer/adapter...
  11. Biz my controllers don't have a green light. just a red led in the middle
  12. sorry I might not have answered your question. I tried to hook it up both ways and even swapped unit id's so that 2 would be 1. still only the controller set up for unit 1 will come on when I try to play a sequence. if I go from com/adpt to #2 and then to #1 and try to play a sequence it only plays # channels. I may be really confused. where am I looking to see both controllers? HWD or just by looking at the red leds.
  13. I mean the hardware utility. I thought you can only hook up 1 controller at a time. if I hook up from the computer to cont #1 and refresh it finds it. then I disconnect from one and hook up to cont. # 2 and it finds it. then I hook back up to cont #1 from computer and go from the output of one to 2 with the other cat 5 cable and try to play a sequence but only cont. 1 works. its like they are not talking to each other. is there a way to see them both hooked up at the same time in hardware utility?
  14. Just to clarify I do not have them both hooked up in hardware mode at the same time.
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