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  1. Thanks again JR grandkids been asking for this one ! Dennis
  2. JR if you have time I would also like a copy of Baby Shark lafffamily@comcast.net Thanks Dennis
  3. Dennis Laff

    Where is everyone one from???

    Chicago Illnois
  4. Dennis Laff

    Moving S4 to S5

    Alan what I want to know how to download a sequence In S5 let's say that I got from JR not how to sequence new by me
  5. Dennis Laff

    Moving S4 to S5

    JR I have S5 on a laptop for testing purposes I can't figure.how to add sequenced faces I asked Matt Brown how to on theS5 forum never got a response I also can't figure out how to add the 6 channel ccr star on a store bought sequence . Maybe someone's using S5 can explain
  6. Dennis Laff

    Last of Talley Christmas & the spiral trees

    Earle I know your going dark but I hope you stay on the forum . In the ten years I've been on I enjoyed your comments and knowledge thanks Dennis
  7. Dennis Laff

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Happy New Year to everyone on LOR
  8. Dennis Laff

    DMX moving heads

    When the moving head lights are used outside at night can you see the beam of light or just the spot of light on your house ?
  9. Dennis Laff

    P10 panels

    Yes you need monitor ,keyboard, and mouse after you setup Rasberry pi then you switch over to the desktop and Internet to setup the p10 panels in the falcon player .
  10. Dennis Laff

    P10 panels

    The falcon program is on a mini sd card loaded on the Rasberry pi
  11. Dennis Laff

    P10 panels

    I have p10 panels running thru S4 this year works fine . Using Rasberry pi and falcon software in bridge. Mode. All sequenced thru LOR like any other E1-31 board
  12. Dennis Laff

    Singing face prop for S5

    JR if you have time could you please send me the lpe prop files for the siniging trees and bulb. Thanks Dennis Laff. Email lafffamily@comcast.net
  13. Dennis Laff

    Shows over

    After Ten years of running shows with very few problems at 9pm Monday night I smelled that magic smoke from my computer it died on Monday ! Merry Christmas everyone . Dennis
  14. Dennis Laff

    Shows over

    That's for sure .
  15. Dennis Laff

    Shows over

    Thanks Guys
  16. Dennis Laff

    Shows over

    Got a new power supply from Amazon Shows up and running again.
  17. A friend just told me about this place I never heard of it until today looks like there prices are good . WiredWatts.com
  18. Dennis Laff

    ws2811 pixel strings

    On sale now at Holiday Lights Express
  19. Added new sign on lawn on Christmas Day. NO SHOW. Computer broke !
  20. Dennis Laff

    Shows over

    Thanks PhilMassey
  21. Dennis Laff

    Shows over

    When I buy a new computer will lor work on Windows 10
  22. Dennis Laff

    Just saying Merry Christmas LOR Family

    Merry Christmas Dennis
  23. Dennis Laff

    Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    Hi Jim could I also get that S5 preview prop Thanks Dennis lafffamily@comcast.net
  24. Dennis Laff

    CCR TREE - Pouring rain

    Don't know your wiring is done but mine has ran in rain for years without any problems .
  25. Dennis Laff

    LPE prop file

    Anybody have a LPE (pixel editor ) prop file for the 8 channel singing trees from Holiday Coro Thanks Dennis Laff