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  1. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    When you say the timing are off what do you mean they come on to late ? In the pixel editor do have the controller setup as DMX or LOR
  2. Dennis Laff

    CCR II RIbbon Arches Set-Up

    Did you actually cut the ribbon in half?
  3. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    can you do it on your power supply
  4. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Can you test on your power supply how many volts you have at the lights
  5. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    What type of floods are they
  6. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    Do your set the constant bit rate to 128 and normalize the volume on your music before you use it in a sequence sometime the bit rate will effect the timings
  7. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    When you test in pixel editor do you have control lights checked on? in the falcon are you using 16 universes and what is the first universe on the falcon
  8. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    how did you test to see if its working, do you have the pixel editor? The universe in lor network preferances has to be the same one on the Falcon for the port your using. also you have to use the LOR DMX chart for the start address for the CMB24
  9. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    The cmb24 is a LOR controller either switch the CMB controller to DMX or switched the falcon to LOR I have this setup working on my Falcon with the CMB 24 on serial port 2
  10. Dennis Laff

    CMB24D with Falcon F16v3

    If your using the CMB24D set the jumper pins to the left for LOR Dmx port 1 does not connect to switch use port 2 for the CMB24d set the universe to one of the universe you have already setup in the Falcon controller.
  11. Dennis Laff

    CCR II RIbbon Arches Set-Up

    Each arch would have 25 pixels.
  12. Dennis Laff

    12 ribbon ccr screen

    Thanks JR I just built a 12 string horizontal 12/50 matrix for this year have many 12 ccr tree sequences so I'll give it a try thanks for the info Dennis
  13. Dennis Laff

    12 ribbon ccr screen

    JR are you saying in SS you can covert. Ccr 12 string tree into a horizontal 12 string matrix ?
  14. Dennis Laff

    pixel editor

    You can't use both you can use only one in S4 the sequence editor , Superstar and the Pixel editor are all separate In S5 they are all combined into one program when you open S5 the screen you see is the old pixel editor .
  15. Dennis Laff


    Thanks I was trying to add a matrix to my existing preview but there isnt much room left for the new matrix that's why I thought if I could have a second preview attached to same sequence it would help . Thanks SPaschall
  16. Dennis Laff


    Matt can you use two different previews on the same sequence in S4
  17. Dennis Laff

    What am I doing wrong?!

    Do you have your prop of your pixel tree setup in the pixel preview ? Did you sequence your tree in the pixel editor if so when you created the prop for the pixel editor did you select to be sequenced in pixel sditor .
  18. In the sequence editor go edit, preferences , video preferences check display videos check use full screen click on select full screen monitor and follow instructions .
  19. In the sequence editor did you select full screen for video ?
  20. Dennis Laff

    Falcon controller setup

    Nowerman you should test you lights first using the Falcon test mode then you will know if the problem is with the controller setup or you sequencing setup.
  21. Dennis Laff

    New guy

    You really don't use the sequence the way you got it you copy and paste to fit your display.
  22. Dennis Laff

    RGB Colors Don't Appear As Expected

    I find the easy way to get the colors you want is to have a set of pixels next to your computer on a small controller so you can actually see the color changing as you select colors
  23. Dennis Laff


    I need some help running LOR for Ten years now all of a sudden The LOR commlistener keeps showing errors invalid destination address . any body have any ideas on how to correct this problem Thanks Dennis.
  24. Dennis Laff

    Worst customer service ever!

    Outstanding service ! last year I lost my whole preview setup in S4 on a Sunday night at 11pm, Sent email to Matt brown to see if he could help he called me right back and got me up and running at 1AM that night, now that's customer service! Thanks to L.O.R and Matt Brown LOR customer for 10 years great company. Dennis Laff
  25. Dennis Laff

    12 ribbon ccr screen

    Wow lights sells 12 string ccr sequences