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  1. interactive show big buttons

    Forsale interactive light poles top box has white leds when flashing say push with arrow pointing to big colored buttons for interactive show , and Santa Pole also for interactive show ,cg 1500 box has an lor cmb-16dc board an lor input-pup and a 30 amp 12 volt dc power supply I used these two poles to run an interactive show when my music show stopped i ran a animation sequence so people could push the big colored buttons to activate a 15 second sequence to match the color of button to matching lights and the small Santa pole yellow button was pushed to have a Santa Figure tell jokes used for 3 seasons time to change display $150.00 plus delivery contact Dennis email lafffamily@comcast pay thru paypal
  2. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    Don't you have a router connected in your system
  3. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    For the smart pixels you can't use the CMB24 one of the LOR smart controllers you need . Pixie or Pixcon
  4. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    If you buy dumb nodes the whole string will be one color at anytime ,if you buy smart pixels each pixel can be its own color however you can program them so the whole string can act like a dumb string one color for the whole string dumb and smart controllers a different .
  5. New to LOR and pixels

    Are you adjusting the bitrate on your songs to contant bit rate of 128 before sequencing .
  6. Help with RGB star

    Are you using S5 very easy to make a nested star or in pixel editor in S4
  7. Help with RGB star

    Just put the 40 and the 60 on 1 universe and on second universe put the 20 ,30,and 50 it's the start channels that determine where there located on the prop .
  8. Enclosure

    if your looking for P10 panel Kits go to Crockett fantasy lights
  9. Prayers for Val & Family

    Sad to hear I've done a lot of business over the years with Val. My best wishes to her and family. Dennis
  10. Input Device

    You can go to YouTube. Look up . Lafffchristmas. Reflections of earth. Light o Rama I won light o Rama contest with this one I'll send you a picture of pole with buttons if you send me your email I never going to use them anymore like to change display every few years . Dennis
  11. Input Device

    To bad your not closer to Chicago Il I have a pole 7 feet tall with 4 big buttons 4 colors and a Imputpup mounted in CG 1500 box on pole I used this for interactive show at sidewalk. Push the big red button the red trees come on push blue bottom the blue trees come and same for the other 2 buttons also one short pole with big button that would activate singing Santa face to tell jokes I ran this when the music stopped Have not used this for last couple years just sitting in storage
  12. Thanks JR Dennis
  13. SPT_ green wire

    Wire has been sold .
  14. SPT_ green wire

    For sale 500 ft of SPT-1 Green wire $55.00 plus shipping Contact Dennis lafffamily@comcast.net pay thru PAYPAL
  15. Mpageler if your looking for more Pixel node net I have 2-pcs from Holiday Coro 3inch spacing black still in box never used $40.00 for both plus Shipping Dennis
  16. pixels forsale

    For sale Used for six weeks last Christmas 6 100 count 2811 bullet type pixels black wire form Holiday Lights Express $ 24.00 each plus shipping contact Dennis pay thru Paypal email lafffamily@comcast.net
  17. pixels forsale

    They are 12 volt smart pixels 4 inch spacing between pixels
  18. E1.31 data flags

    Just downloaded 5.0.18 now cant insert Superstar Effects what am I missing Dennis never mind found it
  19. My P10 Panel Singing Bulbs

    The singing bulbs look really nice did you make them yourself , just finished my P10 panels. 4 wide 3 high is the group your in open for anybody . Thanks Dennis
  20. Using Insteon with the LOR program

    What are you trying to turn on power to controllers or start a show .
  21. Boysco Studios P10 Panel strips

    Strips have been given away.
  22. Boysco Studios P10 Panel strips

    Boysco Studios P10 Panel connecting strips have 2 end strips and 1 middle strip 3 pieces total for connecting 4 p10 panels 2 tall and 2 wide free just pay shipping Contact Dennis Email lafffamily@comcast.net
  23. Align props

    Thanks Matt got it now . Dennis
  24. Align props

    In S4 pixel editor how do you realign the props in the left hand Column of the sequencing grid?
  25. Align props

    Hi Matt yes trying to reorder 12 candy canes 1-12. Candy cane 1 through 9 are in order but when I add 10 - 11-12 they appear under number 1. If I call candy cane 10 a . 11 b. 12 c it works is that the only way to align more then 9 props in S4. Would like to switch to S 5. On main computer but I don't see how to import bought sequences into S5 like singing faces sequences. Thanks Dennis