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    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    Dkazm. If your looking at getting a couple of singing trees. There's a couple thing to look at other then the price of controllers most singing tree sequences that you buy or get for free on the forum. Are setup for the lor 16 channel controllers with incandescent lights so you get a sequence a little channel setup your ready to go. Now if you go pixels dumb or smart you have to convert all those free or $15.00 sequences to rgb channels not hard but takes some time I have the Holday Coro trees and 2 lor 16 channel ac controllers in my opion it's the best way to do signing trees maybe not the cheapest way but again most sequences are made for them and like Dibblejr said he willing to share and his are top notch .
  2. Dennis Laff

    IP68 50 with end-to-end connections

    They are the same as any 2811 pixel , 100 pixels per string is fine any more you probably need to inject power
  3. Dennis Laff

    Pixel setup question

    If your sequencing in the pixel editor in lor mode that controller needs to be set to enhansed mode in network Preferances
  4. Dennis Laff

    Pixel setup question

    Are you sequencing in the pixel editor
  5. Dennis Laff

    Pixel setup question

    In the pixel editor you build a prop first then assign the amount of pixels to that prop and the ID number and start channel of that prop
  6. Not a rule Vince it's the Law!
  7. What program are you sequencing in ?
  8. Dennis Laff

    LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    yes it does, right now X-Lights does have more effects then S5 but many effects are similar between the two .
  9. Dennis Laff

    LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    In my opinion if your already using Light O Rama to sequence you should stick with it . I have been using LOR to sequence for over ten years now when I seen Brian's ( Superstar 12 strip CCR tree ) I built one and bought the Superstar lights program before it was part of LOR from Brian. It's great to program with. When pixel trees came I built one six years ago at that time there weren't many pixel controllers to choose from so I went with a Jousha systems p12 controller and at that time the best way to sequence the pixel tree was in X -Lights so I used X- Lights to program but converted the sequence to LOR to run in LOR until the Pixel editor came along in S4 .In my opinion The model setup in S5 is similar to X-Lights and generating effects is done basically the same way . As for pixel controllers I started using Sandevices ,Jousha Systems and Falcon before LOR had there own ,so I only have LOR 16 channel ac and a few 24 channel dc controllers but in my opinion the Falcon is the easiest to setup .I now do all my sequencing in LOR .
  10. Dennis Laff


    Matt in S5 could you tell me how to add the 6 channel sequence for the star on Brian's superstar sequences also how to add the singing tree sequences from Holiday Sequences
  11. Dennis Laff

    Aux A Network

    Did you assign both networks in network Preferances
  12. Dennis Laff

    New to RGB. New power supply emitting strange smell

    I have been doing light shows for going on ten years now have about 20 or so of the cheap power supplys running my show, in ten years I 've had 2 go bad I am in Chicago Il maybe the cold helps but the cheap ones seem to work well for me.
  13. After you created an effect did select ok and then add that effect to the sequence grid .
  14. Dennis Laff

    New to RGB. New power supply emitting strange smell

    It would help if you said what kind of power supply it is .
  15. In order to give address to your props you first need to know how are you going to wire them ,. Are you going to connect each candy cane to each other how many to a port on controller .?
  16. Pixel editor will preview props sequenced in superstar. I generally sequence my 12 string ccr tree in superstar then play that sequence in pixel editor as I sequence my other pixel props in pixel editor than your able to watch everything sequenced in PE. SE. And Superstar. on pixel editor preview screen ,been doing it this way since PE started
  17. What kind of controllers are you using for your pixels ?
  18. You can put all your props into the pixel editor preview , you can import all your props from visualizer when viewing preview you select where props where sequenced to view .
  19. If your using S4 and the pixel editor you can watch the sequence play in the pixel editor preview window .
  20. Seton what kind of issues are you having .
  21. For sale 1 LOR 50 watt high power RGB flood Brand new never used $100.00 plus shipping Contact Dennis email lafffamily@comcast.net Pay Thru PayPal
  22. Dennis Laff

    My 13 CCR Stand for a Matrix

    Lar look on wow lights website. Click on sequences then scroll down to RGB screen
  23. Dennis Laff

    Need Help configuring PixCon16

    According to your screen shots your IP address on computer and pixcon are different try to change computer to same address of the pixcon .
  24. Dennis Laff

    Trip Wires with inputpup

    Nick look at a website. Frightprops .com. They will have everything you need .
  25. Dennis Laff

    My 13 CCR Stand for a Matrix

    Hi. Lar they do sell 12 strip ccr matrix. Sequences I just bought one last month to try I'm building a 12 strip matrix for next season Myself Dennis