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  1. Dennis Laff

    Worst customer service ever!

    Outstanding service ! last year I lost my whole preview setup in S4 on a Sunday night at 11pm, Sent email to Matt brown to see if he could help he called me right back and got me up and running at 1AM that night, now that's customer service! Thanks to L.O.R and Matt Brown LOR customer for 10 years great company. Dennis Laff
  2. Dennis Laff

    12 ribbon ccr screen

    Wow lights sells 12 string ccr sequences
  3. Dennis Laff

    S5 Sequence Previewer issue(s)?

    You don't have the amount of pixels right unless you have just on pixel which I find hard to believe how many pixels on the whole string
  4. Dennis Laff

    for sale 2811 strips

    For sale New never opened 16 white 2811 50 pixels strips with screw type connectors on both ends (Bought from Holiday lights express) $300.00 or $20.00 each plus shipping pay thru Paypal Contact Dennis Email lafffamily@comcast.net
  5. Dennis Laff

    Converting .sup files

    In SE just change the channels to match your channels for your pixels
  6. Dennis Laff

    Leaving Controllers powered 24/7?

    Going on ten years of light shows always leave power on to controllers .
  7. Dennis Laff

    Using a CTB16PCg3 with existing DMX Network

    you have to use the lor /dmx conversion chart to give you the start address you need for dmx.
  8. Dennis Laff

    Singing face prop for S5

    Hi Jim could you also send me that prop file on the trees thanks Dennis. Email. Lafffamily@comcast.net
  9. Dennis Laff

    SPT vampire plug "in-line"

    Hi Bobo I have probably 30 or 40 of the female vampire plugs for inline since I'm almost all pixels I really don't have a need for them pm me and I'll send you how many you need Dennis
  10. Dennis Laff

    Pixel strips

    Holiday Coro sells them .
  11. you have to create a group of all your props in S5 preview
  12. Dennis Laff

    Pricing Opinion Needed...

  13. Dennis Laff

    Pricing Opinion Needed...

    In the past few years I've bought and sold some at $150.00 sold pretty quick at that price .
  14. Dennis Laff

    L.O.R 50 watt floods

    For sale 3 L.O.R high power RGB 50 watt Flood lights Brand new in the box have never been opened $300.00 for all three plus shipping pay thru Paypal contact Dennis email lafffamily@comcast.net SOLD
  15. James if possible I would also like a copy thanks Dennis Laff. Email lafffamily@comcast.net