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  1. Pixie 2D DMX questions

    What are you asking help with?
  2. Previewer

    Are all your props sequenced in pixel editor checked in prop definition as sequenced in pixel editor .
  3. The ccr controllers have to have the latest firmware installed and in network preferences you must select. Enhansed for them to work in the pixel editor .
  4. Cosmic Color Props

    In network preferences for the ccr,s did you select enhansed
  5. Did you add the IP address for the pixcon in Network Preference and universe numbers .
  6. SS upgrade $100?

    I also have been with superstar since the beginning great service and support
  7. PE will not runpixie 16 or ccrs runs if created in SS

    Did you select in PE prop definition ccr sequenced in PE
  8. Preview editor.

    In S5 you view your prop setup n the pixel editor preview and watch your song play there.
  9. Turn off Nodes in PE

    There is no carryover your not setting it up right .
  10. Splicing RGB pixel node wires

    I have used a couple hundred of them the last few years ,and I live in Chicago ILL area snow rain no problems and I use a cheap heat gun from Harbor Frieght to melt the solder and tube lot easier and faster than soldering. Although soldering is cheaper .
  11. Turn off Nodes in PE

    So your controllers are in lor you still have pixels you still make the arch in 4 segments in PE, select lor controller and the id for each port and the start channels for each segment.
  12. show starts again after it ends

    Put animation sequence after hallelujah in the musicial show
  13. show starts again after it ends

    the show will not stop during a song its best to add five min animation sequence at the end .
  14. show starts again after it ends

    Did you put in the start and stop times?
  15. Tune To Sign - Built and Testing!

    Thanks for the info Dennis.