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  1. After many years of putting on light shows, I'm 71 years old and my knees are begging me to downsize. So in the next few weeks I'll be listing many props for sale. Here are the first that I'm listing: 360 degree pixel tree - $750.00 The tree consists of 30 strings of 45 nodes per string; 2811 5 volt; 8ft wide base made of 1.5" steel tubing. The tree is 13 feet tall to the top of a 24 inch star. The post is made of 4 inch pvc electrical pipe. The tree is self standing; no guy wires needed. Joshua Systems controller- P12, 2- 5 volt 300 watt power supplies; Boysco strips for
  2. When using S5 do you still need to set enhansed network for LOR AC 16 channel controllers ?
  3. Hi i'm also planning on using one computer to sequence on ,An another to run show on this year . running shows for over ten years but always on one computer. Using S5 now .on show computer what files do you have to download just the sequence? to run show .
  4. PhilMassey i was running a second network card and E1-31 with a switch for years on a Windows 7 pc just didn't remember what you need for a second network card . Thanks Dennis Laff
  5. i bought a new PC and i want to add a second network card for E1-31 any advice on the specs i need for the network card. Thanks Dennis Laff
  6. What do you think shipping for 1 to Chicago IL 60459 would Be Thanks Dennis
  7. Are you lights on the bulb pixels or leds and what controller are you using?
  8. Are you using a a universe that is assigned to the falcon for the DMX serial output
  9. What is the LOR I’d assigned to cmb-16
  10. Jr I don’t have the link for Zoom can you send thanks Dennis
  11. JR Do you need the LPEPROP file (S5) for Holiday Coro Singing Trees if you do let me know i have them . Dennis
  12. JR I also would like to join in i'm retired so any time is good for me Dennis
  13. Packen you might try to look up Andy Harrison on the Aussie forum I believe he was a good guy to talk to about Jousha systems controllers
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