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  1. Pixel tree top shape

    You need to make each string by itself and position where you want them make the 24 strings into a group .
  2. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Jim I imported from x-lights fine into lor but now I have to assign the universes and channels to the sequence in S4 but with channels overlapping universes I know I could assign one channel at a time to the sequence but there is over 18,000 channels anybody have an idea ? setup in pixel editor was very easy and also in X-Lights but in S4 ?
  3. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Jim did you see my post on page 16 on how to add channels in S4 take a look if you can .
  4. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    I bought my p10 panels from Ray Wu Got them in a week , DIY express didn't have any kits in stock. Try Crocket Fantacy of lights they just started selling. Kits
  5. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    ok so I have 12 P10 panels up and running in LOR and Xlights setup in LOR pixel Editor as matrix runs fine in Pixel Editor. My question is I ran a test sequence in X-lights and converted to LOR S4 so far so good now how do you assign 18,532 channels overlapping universes in S4 to match the sequence I know you normally just import channel config but first you need to setup channels 1 channel at a time that will take forever anybody have any ideas Thanks Dennis
  6. ccr power supplys

    I do have one LOR ccr complete never used $160.00 plus shipping
  7. ccr power supplys

    For sale LOR CCR power supply I have 18 ccr power supplies these are the ones that come with lor ccr's 12VC amp New $15.95 any body need them make me an offer Dennis email lafffamily@comcast.net
  8. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    Well I run a couple falcons one is using 24 outputs with 2 30 amp 350 watt power supplies 100 2811 pixels each output at 100 % I have no problems why did HLE say only 30% I also think the Falcon is one of the easiest E1-31 controllers to setup just my opinion .
  9. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

  10. forsale dumb strips

    All above items are sold
  11. Powering a pixel mega tree

    JR I have a few falcon reciver boards about 75 ft from the main board. But I do power the recievers with there own power supplys Don't really know if the can get enough power over the cat-5 cable. As for temps it was around zero for about a week this Christmas season. But had no problems with controllers I also have a few props about 30 feet direct from controller without any problems .
  12. Powering a pixel mega tree

    I have. Jousha systems. Sandevices. And Falcon controllers by far the easiest controller to setup and use are the Falcons .
  13. Forsale singing trees

    Decided to retire the holiday Coro trees. Used for 5 seasons . Forsale. 4 Holiday Coro singing trees and 1 holiday Coro. Singing Santa face. Thease are the 4 ft square ones all have led lights from Holiday Lights Express . Plus two lor CTB16c controllers. $500.00 Pickup only located in the Chicago I'll area. Contact. Dennis. Email. Lafffamily@comcast.net
  14. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    How do your have your archs setup each arch on its own in the pixel editor ? you should create a group with the two archs then try bars effect and left movement the colors now will jump from one arch to the next one ,not the only way just an example. By the way where pretty close I live by Midway Airport
  15. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Campbell are you using smart or dumb pixels ?