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  1. Time Warp - Pixel Tree

    James if you can I would also like a copy (time Warp ) thanks Dennis email lafffamily@comcast.net
  2. props

    sure you can if you want to sequence the archs and pixel tree at same time you create a group
  3. CAT5 cable runs

    I run my cat -5 cable over my driveway from hook on house to a hook on a tree I think better to go up and over than drive over the cable
  4. Hi Jr Dennis again would like a copy of Christmas Cannon if you have time Thanks email lafffamily@comcast.net
  5. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I agree with Sax on a few smaller controllers spread out around the display is easier to setup and troubleshoot . I use 1 E682 for a pixel tree, and us 4 E6804 for smaller props .
  6. channel not coming on

    Send it in to lor for repair.
  7. TC01 LOR BANNER Won't go away

    ebrown 1972. Thanks for the tip your probably right I downloaded the S5 program on a old laptop to try it instead of my show computer good catch thanks Dennis
  8. TC01 LOR BANNER Won't go away

    By disconnect I mean soon as I touch the handle or squares on prop they disappear
  9. TC01 LOR BANNER Won't go away

    Hi Matt every time I try that it disconnects I did it that way last year in S4 but it doesn't work in S5 for me Dennis
  10. 5 Kills 4

    Thank s Matt
  11. TC01 LOR BANNER Won't go away

    Matt quick question in S5 pixel editor making a prop using straight line unconnected cannot rotate prop on 45 degree angle for roof line
  12. ok so that's what I was trying to get to work the insert superstar, that's it one prop at a time ? really. Thanks Jim
  13. K6ccc if there is no visualizer in S5 how will we be able to sequence in SuperStar any ideas ?
  14. Superstar? Is it worth it?

    Brian I got it now I was clicking on a range off cells in a superstar sequence instead of the pixel editor cells.
  15. trying to create prop in S5 using lines unconnected can not turn the lines horizontal with handle