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  1. Are you lights on the bulb pixels or leds and what controller are you using?
  2. Are you using a a universe that is assigned to the falcon for the DMX serial output
  3. What is the LOR I’d assigned to cmb-16
  4. Jr I don’t have the link for Zoom can you send thanks Dennis
  5. JR Do you need the LPEPROP file (S5) for Holiday Coro Singing Trees if you do let me know i have them . Dennis
  6. JR I also would like to join in i'm retired so any time is good for me Dennis
  7. Packen you might try to look up Andy Harrison on the Aussie forum I believe he was a good guy to talk to about Jousha systems controllers
  8. If their are no jumpers to adjust the DMX ports to LOR then you need a crossover cable to first LOR box
  9. Packen you have to have the latest software downloaded then a screen would how to setup the DMX ports .However i sent a board to be repaired to Ed 2 years ago i gave up trying to contact him never got the board or an email so i switched to Falcons
  10. Packen I run a ecg P12 don’t understand your question. Do you want to run DMX out of the ECG or to the ECG
  11. The Blue Angles just flew right over my house gives you goose bumps
  12. The ports shouldn’t matter it’s the address of the pixels
  13. Zing I would also like a copy thanks in advance Dennis. Email. lafffamily@comcast.net
  14. I have some of the 2811 pixels with 4 wires the fourth wire is for (Pi). Power injection
  15. gsmith looks really good get wait to get a copy thanks Dennis
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