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  1. First Season - Tips & Tricks?

    How many controllers you need depends on what type o f lights your going to use LEDs or incandescent decide that first and where your going to place them.
  2. Time to Buy LED Lights?

    Most of the sales begin after the first of the year ,Holiday Lights Express. Has very high quality lights and good pre sale prices after Christmas .
  3. Import and export

    If you assign all your props in the pixel editor you can watch the whole show in the pixel editor you just select which props where sequenced in pixel editor or sequence editor .
  4. thats the link look in the store and he has 2 different connectors blocks he tells what they fit falcon and e682 and another for lor
  5. JeffF check this place for the connectors he has the right ones AJ's outlet
  6. 16 CCR Ribbon Tree SIZE

    If you bought sequences for a ccr tree thats full size top to bottom I don't think you can use that sequence on a shorter tree with out awful lot of editing .
  7. iDMX 1000 Help

    If the fifth controller is a 16 channel ac controller it can be controlled by dmx but it can't controll any Dmx lights
  8. 240 smart node star

    the easiest way is to create 5 stars in the pixel editor with a universe and start channel for each star now combine them into a group and select nested that will put them into one big star.
  9. Not Controlling Lights

    Do you have the network that the pixie 8 controller is on, set in network preferences to enhanced.
  10. My new "Tune To" sign

    Really looks good what size is it ?
  11. Getting started with RGB

    The first thing you should do is to design you layout ,that will determine what type of controllers will best suit your layout . sometimes a few smaller controllers spread out across your layout is better than one big one .
  12. universes

    It will work fine just like you have it .
  13. Open doors automatically

    Hi go to this website for holloween it has everything you need for your project WWW.FrightProps.com
  14. what do I need to get started?

    Well first off what you trying to do buy equipment , set it up , or make a sequence
  15. Lost in PE.

    I don't use a pixie 8 so I don't know how to set it up but if you can't turn lights on with the pixel editior than you probably don't have the channels set up properly