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  1. As of today I will never buy another product from Hoiiday Coro, after buying products from them since 2012. I tried to return a defective rgb strip that did not work when I took it out of the package this week. Now one of my arches is down. They said they would replace it if I sent the defective strip back. When they receive it they will send a new one in about 15 days. I said Christmas will be over by then .They said if I want it faster I need to buy a new one and when they get the defective one they will refund the money. Why should I have to pay to replace a defective product and then wait for my money? They said that's their policy because they don't trust people to return the defective items . Sorry for venting but I think a long time customer should be treated fairly . I have been a customer of Light O Rama for even longer and have always been treated fairly and with respect. Dennis Laff
  2. James I would also like a copy Email Lafffamily@comcast.net. I also agree not to sell Orr share this sequence it will be used for my private use thanks again Dennis Laff
  3. Thanks Phil I was able to contact Ray Wu with that email . Dennis
  4. I have S5 on a second computer to get familiar with the program for the last year . Have not switched. I'm so comfortable with S4 I really don't see a reason to switch to S5 maybe later ?
  5. Trying to contact Ray Wu to get quote on shipping can't find the right email? Anybody know the Email address of Ray Wu to get the best shipping quote Thanks Dennis Laff
  6. I recorded the first nlghts show and fast forwarded thru really fast after doing Lights for 13 years I don't really think it's what's most of us on this forum do maybe wrong but I won't watch anymore .
  7. Hi Jessie where are you located in Illinois ? I'm in Burbank IL By Chicago IL Dennis
  8. I really only need a ribbon Whats the latest and greatest CCR?
  9. Looking to buy 1 CCR cosmic color ribbon only the original with 4 wires LOR is out of Stock Email lafffamily@comcast.net thanks Dennis Laff
  10. Are you exporting from Superstar in Legacy mode
  11. I also used 10 ft sections from McMaster Carr I used a small racthing tiedown with hooks on the ends to pull the ends together to form the arch left in the sun for a day or two and it stayed close to the desired shape . n
  12. Are you using the DMX values in the sequence editor to move the servo .
  13. Well the snow stopped and now it's ice and 10 degrees outside no setup today
  14. Dave I forgot to say in advance . HAPPY 70. BIRTHDAY.
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