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  1. How do you transfer the S5 preview from one computer to another computer ? Dennis
  2. In S4 or S5 you build each arch as its own prop that you combine the 8 arch’s into a group if you want to sequence all 8 at the same time.
  3. thanks TheDucks I'll look into upgrading the ram. Dennis
  4. Thanks Jim appreciate the knowledge as always . Dennis
  5. My daughter gave me an old Dell desktop Dell OptiPlex 755 Processor Intel (r) core (tm) Duo CPU 2.66GHZ Ram 4.00 GB 64 Bit Can I run the S5 show on this computer ? Sequencing on a different computer. Thanks Dennis
  6. Thanks Alan I’m not home now but Monday I’ll send my channel layout for my 5 Coro faces 4 trees and 1 Coro Santa face
  7. Hi Alan my trees are still leds running on 2 16 channel lor ac controllers ,is that a problem or should I change the faces to smart pixels ? I watched your video on copying and paste S4 to S5 that really helped me understand it. been on here ten years now was really comfortable with S4 and didn't want to make the switch but decided to now . Thanks for your help the blade spinner and the spoke spinner are really unbelievable to watch ,did you make the props yourself? Dennis
  8. Default. Well I finally gave up trying to import the S4 preview to S5 so I’m going to start fresh like you suggested.So I think I understand your way of creating the new preview make all props one at a time and export prop to save file when all props are finished open new preview and size props to fit . One more question I have the Holiday Coro singing faces how can you add the sequences that are available for purchase or many that I got from JR to S5. Thanks for your help.Dennis .
  9. Jr I have my preview in S4 I want to transfer the S4 preview to a new computer l put the pixel editor xml file on a flash drive and transferred it to the pixel editor file on the new computer but I can’t get the preview to display it, I don’t know how to get the preview to display on the new computer. Thanks Dennis
  10. I have the 24 inch RGB star for going on 5 years now ,excellent product not one pixel has ever fallen out.
  11. Not using viz files only S4 preview
  12. Trying to load S4 Preview onto a new computer ,How do you do it Which file do you copy .Thanks Dennis
  13. Simple answer. No. And No
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