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  1. bamaman71


    I live in LC Texas and we had water (Harvey) but I just bought a 16 universe controller last night, if anyone has any pixel sequences they would like to share please do. Bamaman71@gmail.com
  2. bamaman71

    Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    Would love a copy also. Bamaman71@gmail.com
  3. copy please, bamaman71@gmail.com
  4. bamaman71

    Sequences I can share and their you tube links

    Would love to have copies of all also. Thank you so much for sharing. bamaman71@gmail.com
  5. bamaman71

    xlights 2012e

    Thank you.
  6. bamaman71

    xlights 2012e

    I wondering does anyone have or where I can find xlights 2012e? I have found a&b but all links to 3 have been dead. Thank you M
  7. bamaman71

    Need help bad

    Just want to say thank you to ev1 for the help unplugging did the jib
  8. bamaman71

    Need help bad

    I have 5 boxes and box number 1 the lights will not cut off. Even during the day they are on. They are not on 100 percent. When I run show they stay on but show runs great. Any ideas?