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  1. I have five LOR CTB16PC for sale all have heatsinks and where assembled by LOR 2- New still in boxes never used 2-used but excellent condition 1- used has B.O Ethernet Port I can provide pictures of all controllers Asking $450 + shipping from Canada. Will accept Paypal .
  2. Sent you wrong email for this can you resend please to Chaput_denis@yahoo.com Thank you Denis
  3. Hello James May I get a copy of this please? Chaput_denis@yahoo.com Thank you
  4. Would also like a copy if you are still sharing. Thank you Chaput_denis@yahoo.com
  5. James Looking for a few Pixel tree sequence if you don't mind sharing. Chaput_denis@yahoo.com Thank you
  6. Also running Windows 8 with no issues
  7. Same here ran last night was -37C and no issues also with 24 inches of snow covering all boxes which may help insulating them but no issues with cold for the last six years running LOR hardware.
  8. Connected the 485 to box LOR #4 and it's was detected and the 485 didn't overheat. Does everything work fine after you resoldered the diodes, if so looks like you may of had a defective USB485.Have you tried to put your spare 485 back on your show computer to see if all is well
  9. Don't forget that when you make purchases from the U.S shipping fees and duties almost cancel out your savings . Be prepared and check unless you have friends in the U.S you plan on visiting then get it shipped there then you can pick it up with great savings. Yes the quality and brightness of the lights from these vendors are much better than what you can find here in the great white north.
  10. I do not see red bulb in hidden tray on right only blue bulb in system tray. Does anyone have a solution
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