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  1. Hey GriswoldStyle -- thanks for rejuvenating the original post and for Jaynee to jump in with the ideas. Scott Tuthill
  2. Thanks everyone for sharing. Some good ideas in there. Perhaps like Santas Helper I just turn them into giant RGB bulbs and use them as such. I also have some fence to use like racerc20, though right now the fence is plain cedar planks. Maybe a coat of white paint this summer? And sure wish my house was not a tutor style with brick and tan painted siding and darker painted trim. That just didn't work well when shining the floods on them. Will see if any more ideas come in. Then I have summer to prototype some ideas and get them in the display for next Xmas. I do like that "Hot Chocolate" song -- might have to add that one to the show. Scott
  3. I bought the package of 8 10W RGB floods and controller this year during the sale. I have always wanted to incorporate them in my show. However when I started experimenting with them I just could not get effects that looked good. It is the difference between direct illumination as with lights and reflected illumination of the floods. I tried shining them up in trees and against the house. Reds would show up reasonably well, greens marginally so, and then white would just illuminate whatever it was pointing at with its native colors. (of course.) So I am wondering if anyone has come up with any creative uses for RGB floods they can share. I thought about building mini-trees from upside down wire plant cages, wrapping them in a white translucent material with a flood under each. But, am hoping someone out there has already come up with the ultimate use for RGB Floods in a show. Thanks in advance for your ideas. Scott
  4. Well I do a bit of everything - now after my 12th year of LOR displays. Pretty much every year I add some new lighting element to the display, which then leads me to go back and edit all the existing sequences to incorporate it. That is not that hard and time consuming because I have the existing sequence to work from -- meaning all the beat points have been identified. I find that by doing this it keeps both the show "fresh" and my interest level up. At this point with 250+ channels, not including RGB, I very rarely add a whole new song as that would take an incredible number of hours to sequence from scratch. Which, also means I have never gone back and re-sequenced a song from scratch. Just too much time involved. Doing a 2 minute song totally from scratch is probably a 16-24 hour exercise. Anyway, find something that keeps you engaged and that will keep the show fresh for all your visitors Scott
  5. Just read through the S5 PowerPoint Presentations. Wow -- that S5 is something and merging SE and PE is definitely the way to go. One question I have - is it possible to merge a S4 Visualizer file and a S4 Pixel Editor Preview in creating a S5 Preview? My situation is this. I have a full S4 Visualizer file for my display, except for a 3 level Nested RGB star. I created the RGB Star preview in Pixel Editor and did my sequencing of it in PE - then merged the Intensity file back into the SE file and off it went into the show. I never went through the effort to figure if and how to put the Nested RGB star into the S4 Visualizer file along with the rest of the display. So, what is the possible and recommended approach for creating the S5 Preview?
  6. I sequenced my singing face several years ago and have not touched it since. At the time I used Papagayo and a Papagayo to LOR conversion utility. No idea if they are still around. It was pretty easy to use as I remember though it was easiest to work backwards from the end of the song to the start.
  7. It would help everyone if you provided a bit more detail on your question. To take a guess, if you open an existing sequence in Pixel Editor then all the channel data is available. You can show it by creating PE props for channels in SE and having PE display them. in the channel and preview area. If you ask a more specific question you will get a more useful answer. Scott
  8. This is my first year with RGB and yes it is a different beast. Not sure about you but I am adding RGB to existing sequences. One thing that helped me is to display some of the key channels of the existing sequences in PE. This allows me to leverage off all the sequencing and timing work I already have done. Just create props with Sequence Method equal to Sequence Editor and in the Manage Props make sure to indicate you want them to be displayed. This really helped me and it is not as important to follow the timing line across the columns. And to place effects I tend to look at the displayed waveform and then use the column guides to line everything up. You will figure it out. If I can, you can. Scott
  9. To Christmascrossing I also am taking the same route your are and as Matt describes. Just make sure the second LOR usb adapter you get is the high speed version. It has a red color case. I have a mix of newer and really old controllers. Per another post I saw the Gen 3 controllers have a Green blinking status light. That is one way to tell them apart. Also the drop down menu in the Hardware Utility will tell you what you have. Scott
  10. Good news on the file naming behavior. That is how I hoped it would work. Scott
  11. To reply to my own message I have Favorites working again. I copied a known good copy of the .XML file from a different PC to the one where I had these problems. All is well. I have no idea what I did wrong earlier today. I imagine a combination of user error and trying to do complex activities before my second cup of coffee in the morning. Thanks Matt for the message -- you are a star. Can't wait to try out the new version. I think the Twinkle Effect will find some good use in my display. Scott
  12. I am not sure what is going on here but I can no longer see the Favorites I created for the Effect Generator. There are a few things I might have done: * I am currently running 4.2.10 and I think I upgraded from a prior version when I created the Favorites * I have been using the Default Preview and decided I needed to give it a proper name so I saved it with a new name in the Preview Design screen. I do not know if the Favorites were showing before I did this. I did this before I looked at the Effects Generator. * I Open up another SE sequence to start working on it -- after finishing the one where I created the Favorites. If I look at the LORPixelEditorData.xml file I can see the Favorites definitions in there, but they are not being recognized by the application. Then it seemed like Pixel Editor created a new empty XML file when I started it and the Favorites disappeared. I tried Copy and Pasting the Favorites section from another PC into the XML file, but that didn't work either. I do have a copy of the XML file with the Favorites section in it. I really don't want to have to go re-create all my favorites. Any idea what is going on? My assumption is that once you create Favorites they should be available for sequencing any time you use that Preview name. Scott
  13. I also had a hard time finding the PE Prop line. The key, as Matt says in his intro video, is to look after the last TRACK in your sequence in Sequence Editor. I was looking after the last channel in my Master Track. If you use the far right scroll bar in Sequence Editor, it will show up as advertised. Just like BlackWolfK9 says. (I am also realizing my Sequences are a bit of a mess. I have a couple tracks in them I really don't use so this made finding PE Props harder.) Scott
  14. I can vouch for Matt's approach it works just fine. Dual Normal is the way to go and then you can also use the Flip String settings to move Pixel/Bulb #1 to whichever end of the string you want it. It took Matt's suggestion for me to try Dual Normal as it is not documented in the CB100D manual I received -- though it showed up in the Hardware Utility when I went to Configure the controller. Scott
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