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  1. Giving this a shot! 80 channels of Uptown Funk anyone? I have a metal version of the sound track I want to use! cw3porter@comcast.net T'anx!
  2. I capitulated and bought the modifiable sequences from the LOR store as I had to upgrade my license to 'advanced'. Good grief! I created a real mess for myself!
  3. Hello all! I am looking for 80 channel (or modify-able) sequences for my 2016 display. I'd like to get "Party Rock Anthem" and "Let it Go". My granddaughters are VERY upset I don't have "Elsa's song" or a 'dance' song. Please help a brow beaten grandfather out! Thank you! Mark Porter cw3porter@comcast.net
  4. Nothing like being ahead of the game for 2016... Old Sarge? Can you hook up a walkin' warrant with this sequence? As much as I can't stand the song (three granddaughter who watch the movie over and over) I'd like to let the neighbors enjoy the sequence. Thanks in advance! cw3porter@comcast.net
  5. I had the same CAT5 connector issue with three of my controllers this year. I spent hours and hours trying to get them to 'daisy chain' and had to make the command decision to run 48 channels for the 2015 show. I opened a repair ticket with LOR this morning and hopefully they can either fix them or I can pay them money to tell me nothing's wrong and it was operator error. We moved to a new neighborhood this year and 48 channels impressed the local gentry greatly. Can't wait to hit them with all 80 channels in 2016! Mark
  6. I have two 12' trees with 16 strings each. I got a 4" PVC blind flange ( it has 8 bolt holes), clipped in some spring gate carabiners, drilled a couple of holes for screws to pass through and mounted it to the top of the trees. I went with the 'biners as the wind whistles pretty good where I live and I had some strings blew off the hooks I had used two years ago during an ice storm. The 'biners have enough room to hold three or four strings.
  7. I live in So Central PA and by early November (usually) my grass has gone dormant and the trees are loosing their leaves. I mow the yard (about 1/3 acre) one last time and begin the layout of the year's display in late October. (Except for last year when we got 6 inches of snow for Halloween). My display is all on the yard less the four color channels of flood lights I 'wash' the facade of the house. Also, I live on a corner and the house is angled to the corner so I basically build two displays the mirror each other. That way the person watching the show sees everything no matter where they are standing. The best seat in the house (literally) is looking out through the front door.
  8. Like others, I run both. I live where there are a lot of walkers who come to see what I've done. I have two speakers mounted 8' up in some trees for them. The FM transmitter for the families who bring all the kids in the minivans and SUVs. I live in cold country and the closer it get to 12/25... It can be in the teens/twenties during the evenings. My show starts at 6 and shuts down at 8. I do check with my neighbors often to make sure all stays 'nice'.
  9. dgrant... If you can set up the tree, try laying light strings out on the yard and running sections of your sequence. My neighbors wander over and check out what I'm doing when I set up and run tests for different 'modules'. I set up one of my 12' mega trees last October and the little kids across the way lost their minds!
  10. Third year 'in', up to 48 channels and I've 'lost' untold hours working on sequences. Hadn't thought about it specifically but the hours/minute ratio seems about right! Couple of things I've learned from this forum.... Video your show so you know what worked (and what didn't!) and buy as much 18 gauge lamp wire with vampire ends as you can find to make your own power cords. I spend my fall Sundays watching football and making up power cords. I never seem to have enough cords when Thanksgiving weekend blind-sides me.
  11. Mark Porter


    Great info! Got into one of my sequences, followed the advice and it worked! Thank you guys!,
  12. Gonna watch this Bryan. I have the same question as I just upgraded my software to S3 (and another controller)
  13. Mark Porter


    Added another 16 channels this year and maxed out the channels on the sequences I have. Buying another unit and the upgraded license to get to 48 for next year . How will I get the additional 16 to show up so I can program them? By the by... My display is the hit of the neighborhood this year and i'm already planning for next year. I see things I didn't do correctly and know how to rectify them. More lights! More channels! More everything!
  14. I went for the symetrical (sp?) look. I already know what I'm going to change for 2012. More minitrees, two more megas and some arches. Attached files
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