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  1. I think one of my songs is at a lower bit rate and it works fine with the mini-director.
  2. beardedbil wrote: That is true. No scheduling. But there are ways around that. My show loops for 4 hours a night. I simply placed a power timer on the mini-director (the same timers you use on lamps and such). As soon as the power is supplied to the mini-director, the show starts. At the end of the night, the power simply shuts off and the shows stop.
  3. I know I'm late and hope all went well. I had the "skipping sequence" issue when I first got my mini-director. It turned out being a corrupt audio file. I ran the MP3 through an audio editor and then resaved. Now everything works fine.
  4. Many thanks to the folks at LOR. I finally did receive the mini-director and tested it out on this year's Christmas Display. What a great product! It works as advertised. The sound quality coming from the unit is also excellent. One thing I did notice. If there are any flaws in a programmed MP3 file, the sequence for that partcular song will not play and skip to the next sequence. I got around the problem by running the MP3 through an audio editing program and re-saving. Pretty minor but just thought I would mention it. Again, thanks selling this product. It saves my poor laptop from slaving away every night for the next month.
  5. LOR software really doesn't need much to run. I'm running mine on a 3 year old laptop with a Semptron processor. Slow by today's standards but perfect for doing LOR with lots of speed to spare.
  6. Hello! Is anyone at LOR out there? Is there any news about the mini director?
  7. DerrickHoffland wrote: Nope. Nothing here yet. As of today my credit card still hasn't been charged.
  8. LightORamaDan wrote: They will start shipping tomorrow! Awesome! Thanks. The kiddies in the neighborhood are already asking about the display.
  9. Hello, A few months back I ordered the mini director. Any word on shipping time? I would like to use it for my halloween display. Thanks!
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