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  1. Don't have anything like this, have not stepped into dub step. If you're still sharing, would like to take a look. Thanks in advance and happy holidays. Tim. Iphonebennett@gmail.com
  2. That's a lot of data, and I don't really understand XML, but here is a few thoughts. Did you create the CCBs in a visualizer before importing into superstar? If so, how did you assign the unit ID's? The visualizer and SSE do not recognize 2 strings for CCBs per say. I set mine up with string one having a unit ID, and string 2 a subsequent ID, i.e. string one unit ID 6 and string two unit ID 7. I built it this way in the viz, and also SSE, and then when you export to the sequence editor, it will export the same way. Lastly, in the HU, when you set up the strings, set up with multiple ID's. I am not at my pc right now, so not sure all the menu's and titles in HU but I know it's there to do multiple ID's where the second string is base ID + 1. Might check and try it... Good Luck!
  3. Don, Tracking all that and in fact that is what I did. The regular network is set up on (recommended) i think it was 56.7k but I know for a fact I set the CCBs to 500k. The only other I can think of would be the cat5, it's really long (probably exceeding 100ft.), most of it coiled. It is rather frustrating because i cannot think what else it would be.
  4. Well... I appreciate the assistance gentlemen. I created a 2nd network with just the three CCB controllers, and ran tests. Still a lag, not as bad, but still there. Can a long Cat5 run cause this? I can't seem to think of anything else creating lag. Oh, additionally, I am running if off the G3-mp3 director.
  5. My two cents.... For what it's worth, My SE started acting all sorts of weird as you described. I found on another post that in you don't have all your comm adaptors hooked up and you have "Control Lights" clicked it'll bog down the SE. I unchecked "Control Lights" and sure enough, back to normal. This may be common sense to most, but my frustration was alleviated by this fix. Good luck!
  6. Gentlemen, I need some assistance.... I have been running LOR for 4 years now and have been able to figure out my problem most of the time, but this one has me stumped. We got up all the lights, and started testing with a sequence in SE, but quickly noticed a Lag on all of the CCBs. This is what Im looking at: 3 AC 16 Channel Controllers 1 x CMB 24d 3 x CCB Controllers (with 2 strings each) I have been reading through the forums for hours and not sure the best place to start troubleshooting. I have surmised there are multiple options for the problems, and hopefully an "easier" fix. 1) I am running one network. My CCB IDs (06, 07), (08, 09) and (OA, OB). Should I consider putting these on a different network? If so, how do I go about doing it. I could not find a tutorial for it. Additionally, if this i the solution what's the easiest way of doing it without having to resequence? 2) My 16 channel controllers are all older, therefore I believe they may not be 500K. I have read a post that I should not update, and others that say do, so I am not sure. Also, if the answer is update to 500k how to go about it? (couldnt find this either) 3) Long Cat 5 run to 1st CCB controller? (From the ground to the highest peak on my house.) 4) Something else completely different? I would appreciate any input and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  7. I created mine a little different in Visualizer. There is actually a Flood light application in viz that you can make RGB. When imported, they show as a square in the ss viz, they program as Brian suggested. Just thought I'd mention it.
  8. Getting a late start, would love a copy if still sharing. Thanks and happy sequencing. iphonebennett@gmail.com
  9. I always look for an answer...but cannot find anything that would instruct on how to do different intensities on regular light strings in Ss. Is it just a matter of setting the color to a lower %? I.e. setting white to 50%, or there is actually a way to do intensities like in the SE? Thanks in advance!
  10. Another basic question again Im sure, but I cant find it. How do you set intensity on "normal" light strings in SS? I just want a 50% intensity on a white led light string. Thanks in advance...
  11. I'll jump onto to this as well. Looking for a frozen mix. If still sharing, would love a copy. iphonebennett@gmail.com Thanks and happy sequencing!
  12. Wow, how did I miss that....***(embarrassed)*** Thanks, Bob
  13. Hey all, Just getting into SS, (you may have seen an earlier post), but I cannot seem to find how to shimmer/twinkle in SS. I have watched all the tuts (a few times), and searched the forums. I found discussion on intensity of shimmer/twinkle, but not to how actually create one in SS. Anyone out there have a quick second to explain, i would be grateful. Thanks in advance and happy sequencing!
  14. Thanks again, huge help to get me going. Time to learn!
  15. Brian, Thanks again for the hasty response. I suppose that makes sense. I think that SS will be the way to go, and just to verify, if I am running: 4 CCB controllers (2 strings each) 4 16-channel Controllers 1 CMD-24d (for Floods) I think I need the 24 CCR license level. I am only confused because I understand how it works for CCRs, but if CCBs are 150 channels per string (300 per controller), than I would need the 3600 channels to cover the CCBs and the traditional controllers. Do I have this right?
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