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  1. Al Saunders

    Regular string mega tree

    Hi Daniel/Mega Arch, Thanks again for the files. I'm sorry I didn't specify that I have a total of 96 strings (24 strings each of 4 colors) for the tree. So instead of having each individual string have its own channel and occupy 96 channels I am doubling up the same color and using 48 channels/3 controllers. I will make as you both have suggested 24 - 4 color super strings and connect the same color to the next string so that two strings of the same color will be lite per channel. I now see/get you using 64 channels so that each controller is a separate color. That's a great idea, not sure if I have time to make 32 superstrings as I haven't even started making any yet. Thanks again for all your help. Al
  2. Al Saunders

    Regular string mega tree

    Hi Mega Arch, Thanks for the reply and offer. I am planning on having 24 strings/bundles of 4 colors. It will go across 3 controllers as recommended by Tom/Santa's Helper. My email address is bigman352@gmail.com . I'm doubling up the strings so each super string will have 8 light strings instead of 4 but each color on the string will be on the same channel. Again, thanks for the help. Have a great day/evening. Al
  3. Al Saunders

    Regular string mega tree

    Hi TheDucks, Thanks I appreciate that. I will update that page with more photos during this years set up. You're right a RGB tree probably would be easier but I already have 24 strings of 4 colors of c6 70 count strings. I also already have the mega tree kit from Christmas Light Show. I am actually planning on having 48 channels going across 3 controllers instead of 96 strings/channels on 6 controllers. I have that many, just trying to conserve them where I can. I do have 16 strings of square pixels running on DMX and I also have the LOR CCRII tree kit but not sure if I can get either of those in this years show. Since we have moved to our new house with a large front/side yard I can have a "Real" mega tree. I have been wanting and planning this for years. I know the RGB trees and spiral trees are cool and I like them too but I just want the wow factor of a 22' tall mega tree. Thanks, Al
  4. Al Saunders

    Regular string mega tree

    Hi All, I was wondering how I can create a mega tree in the visualizer for regular strings not pixels and not RGB. I need to make a 48 channel 360 mega tree with regular strings. I see the tree wizard but from what I can see it only applies to pixel trees. This is going to be a basic, non spiral tree going from the top of the tree to the ground. Is there a wizard somewhere to create this or do I need to draw 48 lines/strings? If I need to draw them, not sure how to make them in a cone shape. I would appreciate any help given. Thanks and have a great day, Al
  5. Al Saunders

    Help with purchased sequences

    I just checked LOR's software comparison. If you have license/software level Basic Plus or higher you do not need to copy and paste the channels into a new sequence. The Basic Plus level handles up to 4 controllers (64 channels). So as long as you have that level or higher just ignore the channels on controller 3 and 4 because the software will ignore them since there are no controllers linked to those channels. To answer how you add the music track, open the purchased sequence. It will have all the channels ready to go. Click on the Edit tab at the upper left corner of the Sequence Editor. Look down the list until you see Media File. Click on that and look in your computer for the audio file. I usually make sure the music track I need is in the Light O Rama file on my computer and in the audio folder. Once you find/have the music/audio track click on that. It will transfer to your purchased sequence. Now you are all set and just need to save it as its titled or change it to whatever you want. If you only have the Basic license level then you will need to do as Mr. P suggested above and make a new sequence and copy over the 32 channels you want. Hope this helps. Al
  6. Al Saunders

    Help with purchased sequences

    Hi Kbrowne, If you purchased the LOR sequences that have 64 channels (4 controllers) and you only have 32 channels (2 controllers) right now you don't need to change anything. Just setup your lights to match the first 32 channels and it'll work great. As like Mr. P stated above you need to open the sequence and then add/insert audio file that matches the sequence. Have a great day. Al
  7. Al Saunders

    DUMB RGB window frames

    Hi JR, Thanks for the idea. That sounds interesting, can you either most more info here or send me a message with the info and maybe a photo or two? I really appreciate your input. Thanks, Al
  8. Al Saunders

    DUMB RGB window frames

    Thanks for all the tips and advice. I was thinking of going the PEX route but then thought of the square pixels and surface mounting them to PVC. I guess it's a matter of choice and the look. Either surface mounting and seeing more of the pixels or putting inside PEX and having the glow of the pixels from within. What I really don't want to have to do is cut ribbons to make the corners. So I'm going to go with either the bullet or square pixels. Again, thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. Al
  9. Hi Everyone, I am planning on adding 8 channels of dumb RGB pixels around my windows and garage door this year. My question is how well do white PVC frames work with the bullet pixels mounted into the back side of them? Whereby the pixels illuminate the inside of the frame. The other thing is, based on the size of my windows the frames around the windows alone and not including the shutters is 16' but the pixels I'm looking at are 50 nodes at 3" intervals for a total length of 12.5'. So one set of 50 per window wouldn't be enough I'm thinking. I guess I would need two sets per window and mount the pixels in 2" intervals to give a full look. I'm assuming when installing them I shouldn't glue them in just in case I need to replace any at a later time. Maybe zip tie both ends of the wires going in and out of the pixel. Any advice and/or pictures would be much appreciated. Thanks, Al
  10. Al Saunders

    How to make smart pixels work like dumb ones

    Hi Jim, Thank you for the reply and info. I really appreciate the help. Not sure if I'm going this route or may leave the smart pixels as smart and get dumb ones for my windows. Thanks again, have a great day! Al
  11. Hi All, I am copying LOR's sequencing method with the whole 4X4 and also their RGB lighting. I have the floods and they worked great last year. Now this year I want to add the dumb RGB pixels around my windows. I was looking into dumb pixels and controllers and everything when I remembered I have 16 strings of DMX square smart pixels with the Sandevice E1.31 controller and power supply. I did a birthday mash up a few years ago for my wife and niece together. My questions is will the smart pixels know to work/operate as one "dumb" unit based on the dumb sequencing or do I need to set some setting? I previously programmed the smart pixels in Superstar and know if I wanted to have the individual pixels chase around each other on each window I can do that but I have several sequences with basic "dumb" RGB programming. I know OF the macro things in CCR's but never really worked with them so not sure how or if this will work. Again the pixels are the square 2811 type with non LOR controller and power supply. Or should I use the pixels and get a CMB-24D controller like the one I have for the floods? I need to check to see if they have the same wiring as the CCFloods. I'd appreciate any help given. Thanks, Al
  12. Al Saunders

    SD Card option

    Hi Don, Great, thanks for the help. I need to transfer at least one sequence to my friend's SD card that he will run with one of the pro series controllers that has the mp3 player too. He has mostly a static drive/walk through display but is having a singing prop also. Thanks, Al
  13. Al Saunders

    SD Card option

    This is probably a simple question. But when putting a simple show on an SD card can the show be transferred directly to the SD card if the PC being used has the same type of card reader? I know LOR sells a SD card reader/transfer but was wondering if that can be bypassed. I'm helping a friend who just needs a sequence or two to be a "show" as part of his larger display. I run my show off of my laptop and never used the MP3 directors before. Thanks for any help given. Al
  14. Thanks for the reply. I need to try another cat5 cable. The one I am using was premade and will use another premade so I'm not sure it's mis-wired but you never know. Actually due to this being a new house for us I need to run two controllers off of one outlet and the third on another that I'm pretty sure is on a separate circuit. But most all of my lights are LED so I should be fine. I'll test tonight or tomorrow evening. Thanks again, The Ducks Al
  15. Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing well. I need some help please. I have several Gen 3 pro controllers and 1 older pro controller that has the blue board and white dials to number the unit. I hooked up this older controller and two of the Gen 3 ones. When I turned on the older one the red indicator led is blinking but when I turn on the next controller that is daisy chained to it the red led goes out. I also noticed the mini trees that the controller is hooked to were very dimly lit. They are the full wave LED lights but were very dim. None of the controllers are hooked up to my laptop yet and it was beginning to rain a little but none of the other controllers were lighting up anything as if rain/moisture was getting in. I haven't swapped the cat5 cable yet to test that. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I'll add too that obviously this is an older controller and we did just move on 10/21 and even though I tried to keep an eye on all my controllers I did not have them in sight the entire time especially on the moving truck that was loaded by the moving guys. I do have other Gen3 controllers I can swap out but I was just wondering what might be going on. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Al