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  1. Thanks guys, I'm thinking this probably won't work the way I want. I only have a pickup truck with no ladder rack. The indoor venue would require the "tree" to be carried into a building through double doors then about 40 yards to a stage area that also has double doors. My brother in law is an electrician and has one of those oversized Ford Transit vans. He can haul a 28' ladder inside of it so if I was able to mount the strips to something permanent, he could help by hauling at least the ribbons. As for me doing it myself I also have 16 strips of square pixels run on DMX and the Sandevis controller. So if the better image ribbons won't work maybe I could use the pixels that are mounted to black Boscoyo mounting strips. I'm sorry, I'm just not getting the visual of this. Thanks, Al
  2. Hi Everyone, I have one of LOR's 16 CCRII pixel strip tree kits and the Pixie 16. I haven't assembled anything yet. I will be adding it to our Christmas light show for '19 but I want to use it for another purpose. I want to be able to transport the kit and set it up rather quickly to display 2-3 songs. Some venues will be indoors and others will be outside. My question is, what ideas would you all have for being able to set up and breakdown pretty quickly (under and hour, preferably under 30 minutes). For the indoor setups I obviously wouldn't need to worry about wind so the bracing could be at a minimum. I have a full size pickup with an 8' bed so transporting poles is fine. And yes, I know they are a little over 16' long. My thoughts so far have been for making some type of wood toper that has a peak to resemble the bottom/underside of a star since most sequences are designed with a star on top. Then have a weighted 2X4 or 4X4 and have the 16 strings attached by eyelets bolted to the board. I would want to be able to "carefully" roll and unroll the CCR's each time. I know the original CCR's weren't designed to be handled a lot and these cheaper versions probably aren't either. Just kicking around this idea and wanted to run by you all. Thanks, Al
  3. Hi Aj, Yes, I too make my own cords. I have been using SPT1 for several years and will never buy extension cords again other than as needed to power controllers. Not sure which SPT you are looking at but considering each channel of a LOR controller has a max amp of 8, I feel there's no need for SPT2 that has an amp rating of 10. The SPT1 usually has a amp rating of 7 or 8 I believe. If you are using LED lights you should be well under 7 or 8 amps per channel/cord. Unless of course you have a TON of LED's on it! LOL I have a great, but unsightly way of waterproofing the connections. I learned years ago from other member on here about using food storage containers. Any type/brand of plastic container that has a removable lid will work. Since you will be destroying them I'd suggest the cheapest you can find. Take a Dremel type of rotary cutting tool and make two "incisions" on one side. On the other side across from those make two more incisions. You can now bend the middle section between the two cuts down. This is where you'll run the cords through. Have the connection in the middle then snap the lid on the container. If you don't cut too deep the cords will be suspended above the bottom of the container. This way air can flow into and out of the container so no condensation will build up and if by chance a little water will get in the container the cords are suspended above the water. I usually secure the cords to the ground on both sides of it just to prevent it from blowing around or upside down during windy days. I also paint them flat black so at night they are not visible at all. Obviously during the day you'll see them but as long as that doesn't bother you this has worked for me for years. Hope this helps. Al
  4. Hi Prepper616, Is it possible that when you re-plugged what gets lit up that you put them on channels that are "higher" in the channel count? Meaning if your sequence has more activity on the first 16 channels and then lesser activity on channels 17-32 that may explain the appearance of the whole thing being dark? I would look at all 32 channels of your sequences and notice the "activity" on the first 16 and then look at the second 16 channels. If nothing is going on for a few seconds on channels 17-32 and you have your props plugged into those channels that's probably your issue. If you are using LOR sequences the first 16 channels pretty much have something going on all the time. The following 16 channel sets (units) have accompanying effects. And these 2nd, 3rd, and 4th units don't always have non stop "activity" going on. I hope this helps and solves your problem. Al
  5. Hey Jim, I just downloaded Chrome and was able to open LOR website. I downloaded S4 version as close to the one I am using. At work I can't even share a JPG let alone an EXE file! I should be good now. I really appreciate all the help. Thanks, Al
  6. Thanks for the info guys. My issue is this. The "new" laptop isn't able to load LOR website so I'm not able to download the software to that laptop. My work computer is able to download it but because of company rules I'm blocked from sending that download (Setup Launcher Unicode) out anywhere. So I thought I might be able to copy my entire LOR files from "my" laptop onto the SD card, which it looks like I did, and then paste them into the LOR files on the "new" laptop. MY laptop is at home running our show. I guess my main issue is wondering why LOR website is being blocked by IE. Anyway, maybe I can find the LOR EXE on my laptop tonight and send that to the SD card and try installing it on my wife's laptop tomorrow. I did copy the files over successfully both by easy transfer cable and also by SD card. So I have the LOR files but not the software EXE to actually install my current version on the new laptop. Thanks again, Al
  7. Hi Everyone, I have our show up and running on my main laptop and am trying to get LOR loaded onto my wife's laptop so I can finish two more songs for our show. I have my license key and am running some version of S4. So far all I'm able to get loaded is an older version of S3 that obviously won't work with the current sequences I am working on in S4. My main trouble is for some reason her laptop is completely blocking the LOR main site from loading. So I am unable to get the latest version of S4 onto her laptop. I've tried loading using my IPhone hot spot, home Wi-Fi and even hooked up a cat6 cable from our router to her laptop. Nothing. I did hook it up to our network at work and was getting messages about Internet Explorer was blocking the website due to certificate errors and then some other things were happening (corporate phone woke up so I disconnected). So I Googled that and went into internet settings and disabled the check marks about looking for certificates. I tried to copy my entire LOR file from my laptop to a SD card and load that onto her laptop but I am not familiar with all the file/application names. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get the software onto this laptop? Also, I previously did a windows easy transfer of all my LOR files including the sequences, audio and all other files/programs. And, this laptop hasn't been used in months and neither of us knows the password for her Gmail so I can't email it to her laptop. I can download it to my work computer but I am blocked from sending anything out even by email. If I can't get this to work on her laptop I'm going to have to work on them after the show ends at night and on the weekend. I really appreciate any help. Thanks, Al
  8. Great idea! I've never stuffed the port at the bottom in previous years but when I checked the controllers last night (all numbered correctly and stating no conn, laptop not connected) I noticed a lady bug in one of them. I flicked her/him out of it. We do have those small lizards in our yard and I just found a tiny black snake the other day that I used a flat shovel to toss it into our woods. So we do have critters. I have some leftover of that foam pipe insulation from insulating our water treatment pipes in our garage so I'll cut some down and do as suggested in stuffing that opening at the bottom of the case. Thanks again, really appreciate all the help. I might be able to try the connection tonight. Al
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for the link and great advice. For some reason I thought a tester like that was around $60.? I just ordered one and will test the cat5 cable in question. I already swapped out the cable in question and checked the connection on the other short run cat5 cables. I didn't have time to hook up my laptop to see if swapping the cable fixed it or not before my wife had dinner ready. You know, priorities right?! Again, thanks for the help. Al
  10. Hey Orville, Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check the cat5 cables. When my electrician brother-in-law and I made one years ago I kinda remember checking it with a multimeter. I think we were checking for continuity per pin. I don't have one of those checking devises so I'll try this old school way. Thanks again for the great info. Al
  11. In case anyone is wondering, No I was not drunk when I made the above post. LOL I just read it at work and thought, WOW I made a bunch of grammatical errors! Sorry if anyone got confused reading it. Al
  12. I know this is an older thread but I'm having the same issue. I have a total of 5 controllers on at this time with 3 more about to be connected. I ran the Hardware Utility and it only found #3 and all other 4 controllers were not detected. But the strange thing is for a very short time the undetected controllers flashed through while I was testing the one found controller. The missing controllers are for a mega tree, 3 channel topper and 4 bells. Several channels flashed around the tree and the star flashed a but then stopped. At one point it seemed as though the mega tree was mirroring the found controller. The found controller is the usual metal pro series 16 channel controller and the mega tree is using 3 of them (48 channels) plus 3 channels a 4th one. I'm going to check the "missing" controllers tomorrow evening to make sure their unit id is correct then try running the Hardware Utility again. If it doesn't see all of them I'll try running a sequence to see it they work but don't she in HWU for some reason like above. Al
  13. Thanks, All up, just realized I needed 48 strings after making 48 short SPT-1 strings with inline plugs. Waiting on a shipment of male and female plugs to complete wiring it up. My neighbors and family are looking forward to seeing it lit up! I made a quick sequence to the theme/song from 2001 a Space Odyssey to reveal to family and friends.
  14. All 24 Strings done. My brother in law and I are planning on constructing it over this weekend. Thanks for all the help!
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