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  1. Al Saunders

    SD Card option

    Hi Don, Great, thanks for the help. I need to transfer at least one sequence to my friend's SD card that he will run with one of the pro series controllers that has the mp3 player too. He has mostly a static drive/walk through display but is having a singing prop also. Thanks, Al
  2. Al Saunders

    SD Card option

    This is probably a simple question. But when putting a simple show on an SD card can the show be transferred directly to the SD card if the PC being used has the same type of card reader? I know LOR sells a SD card reader/transfer but was wondering if that can be bypassed. I'm helping a friend who just needs a sequence or two to be a "show" as part of his larger display. I run my show off of my laptop and never used the MP3 directors before. Thanks for any help given. Al
  3. Thanks for the reply. I need to try another cat5 cable. The one I am using was premade and will use another premade so I'm not sure it's mis-wired but you never know. Actually due to this being a new house for us I need to run two controllers off of one outlet and the third on another that I'm pretty sure is on a separate circuit. But most all of my lights are LED so I should be fine. I'll test tonight or tomorrow evening. Thanks again, The Ducks Al
  4. Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing well. I need some help please. I have several Gen 3 pro controllers and 1 older pro controller that has the blue board and white dials to number the unit. I hooked up this older controller and two of the Gen 3 ones. When I turned on the older one the red indicator led is blinking but when I turn on the next controller that is daisy chained to it the red led goes out. I also noticed the mini trees that the controller is hooked to were very dimly lit. They are the full wave LED lights but were very dim. None of the controllers are hooked up to my laptop yet and it was beginning to rain a little but none of the other controllers were lighting up anything as if rain/moisture was getting in. I haven't swapped the cat5 cable yet to test that. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I'll add too that obviously this is an older controller and we did just move on 10/21 and even though I tried to keep an eye on all my controllers I did not have them in sight the entire time especially on the moving truck that was loaded by the moving guys. I do have other Gen3 controllers I can swap out but I was just wondering what might be going on. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Al
  5. Al Saunders

    Static display plus animation sequences

    Hi Tharkun, Welcome to the addiction! There really is no way to have the same string(s) be on and then start to be animated unless you do program that string to be "ON" for a certain amount of time as an animation sequence (no music) and keep doing loops of that time. Probably the best alternative is to dedicate some of your display as static and have them come on manually or on timers then at whatever time you want your show to start other strings can be an animated show of lights. Hope this helps and again welcome! Later, Al
  6. Al Saunders

    A few unique items

    Thanks for sharing. I knew about the roof clips and spoke with the people at the Christmas Expo and will order from them but had never seen the PVC clips. Very clever. Thanks again, Al
  7. Al Saunders

    Lots of Lights...

    They are a great company to work with! I ordered 16 strings for a small project I'll be working on for this year's show while at the Christmas Expo. Ordered them with the guy at the booth on Friday, they were delivered to my office on Tuesday before I even got back to work! Great service and very good, competitive pricing. Al Saunders
  8. Al Saunders

    Goodbye Tor

    Welcome and congrats Tor! Very cool to be full time with LOR. Later, Al
  9. Al Saunders

    Pro controllers or Residential for weather

    They each have their advantages. Both will do the same effects and work great. I use the pro controllers because I like the extra safety feature of being completely isolated from the high current wires of the control board. I also like being able to set the controller id on the controller and have a digital readout along with setting it in the software. Also if you ever have to or want to do any commercial shows you will need the pro controller that has a UL weatherproof rating (not WATERPROOF, Weatherproof). Also if a residential box is closed but not latched all the way you may not notice you didn't secure the lid and rain/snow will get in and possibly do damage. The residential is cheaper so you need to weight the pros and cons and see which you'll be happier with. Later, Al
  10. Al Saunders

    Expo 2017 - What's Important : FOOD!

    Hey DevMike, Martin's was delicious too! My wife and I went to the one in Mount Juliet this evening after the Expo. I had the "whole hog" platter and it was very good. My wife had a very loaded baked potato with pulled chicken and BBQ sauce on it. MMmm
  11. Al Saunders

    Mini Christmas trees out of tomato cages

    I'm sure two cages works fine but I read years ago about using three cages staggered and this is what I do. This gives a lot of attachment points for the zip ties/wires to attach to. Obviously makes them a bit heavier but if that's not a concern three will give you a "fuller" tree and have plenty to attach to without any sags in the wire/bulbs. Just my two cents. Later, Al
  12. Al Saunders

    well back to the lor forum

    Welcome back James! Looking forward to seeing you on here. I too have a new house to decorate but I'm happily married so She does the inside and I get the outside! Later, Al
  13. Al Saunders

    Expo 2017 - What's Important : FOOD!

    I definitely want to try Martins! Looks real good. Hope to get some real deal BBQ while in Nashville. I loved Corkey's in Pigeon Forge back in 2013! I don't think they have a location in Nashville though. Hope to have a chance to talk to you during the Expo Developer Mike. Later, Al
  14. Al Saunders

    House property with a hill in front

    Hi DisneyMatt10, Thanks we are really getting excited. I've got so many ideas going around in my head for our show! We are truly blessed in both our home selling and home buying process. Later, Al
  15. Al Saunders

    Pixels gone wild

    I don't watch America's Got Talent but my wife came across this on FB I think and sent me the link. really cool and to me looks like it took a lot of programming time. I like the mix of programmed and live dance/motion. Later, Al