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  1. khargy

    Bad Controller?

    Ok, I think it's just he software having issues. I used the Pixel Controller interface and everything is working as expected. Also when I turn on the controller and reset the ribbon shows the test pattern as expected.
  2. khargy

    Bad Controller?

    I'm testing using the same PSU on the controller that works, so the PSU should be fine.
  3. khargy

    Bad Controller?

    I have two CCR I haven't used in awhile and was testing them out last night. The first controller and ribbon works find using the hardware app... lights up using the tests as expected. I switched out ribbons and that works as well, lights up as expected. I switched out controllers and the software sees the controller and I can change settings and whatnot, but it never outputs any lights on either ribbon. Any idea what is going on? Anything else I can try?
  4. khargy

    Help Desk Ticket (Bad pixel)

    Don wrote: Yea that's what I figured. When I turn it on sometimes it'll come on for a few seconds but then it just goes back out again. The green and blue parts of that pixel works fine, just not the red.
  5. How long does it typically take Light-O-Rama to response to help desk tickets? I entered on one on the 20th regarding one of my CCRs having a bad red pixel and I haven't heard a thing. Ken
  6. It seems when I use DMX to control the RGB channels of the ribbon values 1-15 are off and 16 is the first (lowest non-dark) value? Is this correct / as designed? Thanks, Ken
  7. khargy

    Real time software

    I just got my CCR last night -- I didn't get to play w/ it for as long as I would have liked but it's really fun! I'm planning to use the CCR for mood lighting then really for a standalone show and I was wondering if there are any 3rd party apps to control things in real time. The macro channels would seem to lend them to that nicely. Something like the test control panel (w/ the sliders) but more configurable. Also to be able to do something like the Beat Wizard and VU Wizard in real time would be very cool. I ordered an DMX USB controller so I suspect that'll be the route I'll have to take, and I can create my own app if need be, I was just hoping there was something out there I could play with right away!
  8. khargy

    Set intensity

    Ok, I'm sure I missing something simple here -- how do I change the intensity value? It just goes to 50 and that's it? I want to set it to a specific number
  9. khargy

    Basic Cosmic Color Ribbon Questions

    On this page: http://store.lightorama.com/spk800.html it says the basic version "Max Channels" is 32, that's all I know!
  10. khargy

    Basic Cosmic Color Ribbon Questions

    Ok, yea it's alittle vague exactly what you can do w/ the input switches. It sounds like you can make a normally open or normally closed button... but what can you program that switch to do? Can you make it step sequentually thought a series of programs? It sounds like the CCR is kinda designed to be setup and then just left running. I planned on using more as like mood lighting for my basement. So typically it would be off or maybe some lights would be on pure white, but then with my IR remote I could change it to different colors and sequences and whatnot in real time. Again I'm new to all this stuff, but it sounds like the CCR support the DMX standard? If I had a DMX controller output from the the computer instead of the standard LOR output, I would just need the XLR to cat5 adapter to be able to control the CCR via DMX?
  11. khargy

    Basic Cosmic Color Ribbon Questions

    hmm, you lost me now so that CTB16 Input Connector plugs into the CR150D? And how does that help w/ IR? thanks
  12. khargy

    Basic Cosmic Color Ribbon Questions

    So if there's no API support, is there some kinda IR support? Basically after setting up the CCR and creating sequences and whatnot how do I activate them without going into the software?
  13. Hello I just stubled across the Cosmic Color Ribbon and light-o-rama today and it looks exactly like what I've been looking for! I have a couple of basic questions: 1) what exactly do I need to run the CCR? I need the CCD Kit - http://store.lightorama.com/cocori.html I need the starter kit - http://store.lightorama.com/spk800.html but I'm confused about whether I need http://lightorama.com/ShowtimePro.html The typical setups show the Showtime Pro controller there as well. http://lightorama.com/TypicalSetups.html#Simple_Controller_Configuration_with_Cosmic_Color_Ribbon The starter kit comes w/ a basic version of the software and had 32 max channels, how many "channels" does the CCR need? The "Ribbon to controller cable" is listed as 6 feet in the manual, what kind of cable is this and can it be extended? 2) Is is my understanding that you can get multiple CCR kits, daisy-chain them together and then the software can treat them as one long ribbon? 3) Is there any API for the software? Say I wanted to make a web page on the computer that is locally hooked up the the CCR is there anyway to do that or someother way to control the light programatically?