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  1. Hi all, I would like to put multiple CCR controllers in an enclosure and plan to go with a single larger power supply. What is the name of the fitting that plugs into the CCR controller and is there a place to get pigtails with that fitting preferably 90 degree? Thanks, Mike
  2. So I guess you need to start with a video card with 2 video outputs? My desktop is due for some upgrades could someone make some suggestions for video cards? Thanks, Mike
  3. I plan to get a flag from Holiday Coro for my first 4th of July endeavor hopefully this year.
  4. I have stayed at the Comfort Inn a couple of times, a little small, was clean, but all I did was sleep there but they had breakfast that included bisquits and gravy eggs sausage bacon as well as cereal etc. Mike
  5. I had some jumpy sequence problems adding ram to my show computer smoothed things out for me.
  6. I have a ticket filed with LOR and they said to basically try to flex the ribbon at the problem joint till it works and secure it there to get through the season as is probably a weak solder joint. Will send for repair at the end of the season.
  7. I have CCR's for my leaping arches, during my testing week I had one that about 1/3 that stuck on. I got it to go out by pushing reset on the controller while power on(had to do it several times). Seemed to work fine till last night when I went to check stuff after shut down and the same one had the same 1/3 stuck on. I pulled the power plug till this afternoon when I got it to shut off with the reset power on trick, thought everything was OK till I came home tonight. The problem CCR was working except for the 1/3 that was formerly stuck on.....nothing. Everything shutoff at shutdown tonight. Any thoughts???? (all these CCR's were purchased at the mad grab sale this spring) Thanks for any input. Mike
  8. Don, Thanks for the input had to reset it three (3) times to get it to take(maybe the first 2 weren't long enough?) but lat time I looked it was working fine. Mike
  9. Previous tests of my CCRs went well. Today I tested with everything and one CCR has about one third lit all the time unplugging cat5 makes no difference unplugging power it (CCR) goes out but goes back on when plugged back in. Will try reset button with power on tomorrow.
  10. What size lights are you using? I use C-7 and mount them in vinyl "J" Channel, check out bazillion lights. I think that is where I fond out how to use the "J" channel. Mike
  11. Remember it all comes down to the numbers us the Kill-a-watt for your application. I am mostly LED and am assembling boxes with multiple PC boards, and have one box with six boards run on one input cord.
  12. Thank you to Mark, Kevin and Nancy as well as all presenters and vendors as well as all who attended, made for a great time! Thanks again, Mike
  13. Mark, I plan on attending and can be there on Friday afternoon to help setup. Mike
  14. Since the subject of the candy cane spinners was brought up, I am trying them this year I got to wondering if condensation and if you need to put drain holes like the strobes? Thanks for the help Mike
  15. I am going to build my first mega tree this year and have really liked all the info on this thread. The one thing that I would like opinions on is for whether or not to support the light strings. I plan to use 70 count m5 leds that are aprox 23 feet long and we do have some wind in the Columbia Basin. Should they be supported by 1/16th cable or something similar? Thanks, PMK
  16. I use c-7 in those areas, got 12inch spacing on wiring. first year 2 colors every 6 inches, the next year 2 more colors so now I have a bulb aprox every 3 inches with 4 different colors.
  17. Don, Thanks thought maybe I was missing something. PMK
  18. Hellooooooooo Any body made a mega tree with 64 strands of 4 colors for visualiser?
  19. Check out Quartz Hill Christmas.com Rick has set up a spread sheet to help organize all this stuff, keeps track of light count, amp load you can print it out and is quite helpful during setup. PMK
  20. I was trying to build a mega tree in the tree wizard with 16 groups of four colors, I planned to use 1 channel per string. When I tried to lay it out my colors always layed out horizontal instead of vertical. I am probably missing something but at 3am I finally quit and went to bed. Any help would be appreciated(Iam using LED m5 light strings). Thanks, Mike
  21. It was 2-1/2" Aluminum pipe...but I had a LOT of other pressures exerting themselves on my tree. I had what I called "Streamers" going from the top of my 9 Mini trees on the ground going to the top of my Mega tree on the top of my roof. Each streamer was about 60' long and consisted of 6 - 10' x 3/4" PVC pieces and each was wrapped with 4 strings of 50Ct LED's (RGBW)..plus the 3/16" cable that ran thru the streamer...so a lot of weight was being pulled on my tree in one direction. Thanks JIm That pole would have had to have really thick walls to hold up under all that! Mike
  22. It certainly would be stronger where the pin is, just on the basis that you have more material...but I think you would need guy wire both at the top and in the middle of your mast or else it could still buckle in the middle under the right circumstances...from the voice of experience... Jim, What type of pipe where you using and what size that you had problems? Mike
  23. Just a thought but since you might be doing a "public" not a "private" show would you need to have UL approved controllers? Any thoughts from those in the know?
  24. Along the brightness line how would a CCF compare to a 500 watt ? The type with the pencil bulbs. I am thinking about an indoor application. Thanks Mike
  25. Hi all, When I have a sequence on my desktop and everything seems to work ok and then move things to my show computer(laptop), on some sequences I will get an "Audio conversion" or "Cannot Initiat Audio conversion" error. Any ideas on where to start looking? Thanks Mike
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