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  1. Sent, no mailerdamon so I hope you received it. happy holidays!
  2. Medic2403, Tried sending, email was rejected. I’ll try again when I get home(Sunday). Everyone else I’ll send out Sunday as well. -Blaine
  3. MichRX7, Sorry for the delayed response. I used LEDs from Amazon and Homedepot tomato cages with ZIP ties. They looked at me like I was insane asking for tomato cages in Dec! Blaine
  4. I called LOR and they sent me a few. You can also order them here .76$. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/nexperia-usa-inc/PSMN022-30PL127/1727-5893-ND/2606361 S/F Robo
  5. Eric, I’m a amateur hack at best. Mr. P helped me last year with the same problem. I ordered new mosfets, only a couple of bucks. I used my old cheap soldering iron, a pair of wire cutters and a few toothpicks. Took maybe 30 minutes. What worked for me. 1) cut off the old mosfet from the top. (Snip the little metal leg just underneath the black part) 2) heat the connection from the back while pushing from the top with a toothpick. The little piece will just pop out. 3) When all three are removed slide a new mosfet in from the top and and add a tiny drop of solder 4) That’s it! Thanks again Mr.P! Sempre Fi, Robo
  6. Sorry for the late response. Sounds like triac problems. R/ Blaine
  7. Hi All, This is such a wonderful group. Thanks for all your preseason help. I live in the country and my house is about 600ft from the road. So I decorated the fence line. Here is a short video of what I did. The sequence was purchased from WOWlights and leds from Amazon. Sorry it goes out of focus in the middle. Enjoy! - Blaine
  8. Mr. P, installed new MOSFETs and it appears to working now. Thank you!
  9. Awesome, thanks for the offer. If I’m in over my head I will reach out. Do you know which mosfet is used on that board? Maybe amazon can get it to me? thanks again.
  10. Thank you Mr. P. I just sent them a request from the help desk. Hopefully I can fix it!
  11. Hello all, I have a cmb24d driving my mini trees. I accidentally hooked up a cable that had a short in it on channel #6. Now that channel stays lit. It works but is always on dimly. Did I destroy that channel? thanks, Blaine
  12. Thanks. I guess I was confused because the hardware utility has a option to load DMX.
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