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  1. Ours changed their name also. Just noticed it last week. MikeH
  2. Try this place: www.customstagedesigns.com I made my own frame out of EMT conduit. Nothing fancy, just used (4) 6' poles and (4) 90 deg ends. Easy to put up, take down & store. Total cost with the screen (5X7) & conduit and misc parts was about $60. MikeH
  3. I started with the WOW 16 - Christmas package. Wanted to make sure I would like and understand all the sequencing involved before I spent too much. That was 4 years ago....now I have 8 controllers and tons of props. I won't have any retirement money left, but at least I'll have fun in the mean time. MikeH
  4. Great job! I will be getting these coro trees for this season. Would like to have a copy if you care to share. okpadrefan at yahoo dot com. thanks MikeH
  5. Nice! I just started using SS about a month ago...big learning curve for me. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Mike
  6. Sorry to hear about your display. People like that are just so f........ Well, I can't speak my mind about them here. Hope you will heal in time for next season. MikeH
  7. My computer started acting up about 3 weeks ago also. It would randomly lose where files were or IE would freak out and not be able to connect to sites. I was able to restore my computer to December 12 or 13. That was about the time Microsoft sent out a windows update that started the mess. Now it works fine. I've turn off auto update to prevent any further problems during this season. I'm using Win7 Home Premium SP 1 and IE 10. Don't know if this will fix your problem, but it's worth a try. MikeH
  8. MikeH

    Fm transmitter

    Where is the mute sign? Is it on the LCD display? I've never seen on my transmitter. Here is a link to the manual on the CZH-5B: http://download.fmuser.org/0.5W-CZH-05B-FM-Transmitter-English-Manual.pdf MikeH
  9. MikeH

    Fm transmitter

    I found these instructions a couple of years ago, should still work. How to Switch: Press and hold the Power Switch button then plug in the power. When the LCD displays L or H, then release the Power button. Press the + and - buttons to switch the transmitter power. MikeH
  10. How many channels was that?? MikeH
  11. Seems to me the math will take longer than to just start wrapping lights. When you get to the last one, count the number of bulbs used and get the appropriate length you need. MikeH
  12. To put it simply, instead of using an audio clip with your sequence, you use a video clip. Put the video you are going to use with your sequence into the LOR audio folder. Associate that video with the sequence. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me. MikeH
  13. Open the video in windows media player and see if you get an error. MikeH
  14. You need to get the clip into your computer. Go to YouTube and search for it. Then download it using any one of many downloaders such as youtube down loader. Then use the clip as your audio, sequence to your hearts content. Good luck. MikeH
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