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  1. Dave Roche

    Video Codecs For LOR S2

    OK guys wrap your head around this one. while i was running LOR on laptop with seq.,While song was playing, I opened the graphic media driver and changed a few settings hit apply, hit ok and boom the projector worked for as long as the song played. song stopped, restarted and a green screen shows again.. so i reloaded graphic chipset again, no help. you guys going crazy yet. I think I'm close.
  2. Dave Roche

    Video Codecs For LOR S2

    I reinstalled Xp before they stopped support in 4-14. In fear of that very thing, I didn't run the projector last year due to this problem. the projector itself is a dinosoar but works well for what i use it for. So it has no driver that i know of. It didn't need before......But i'll look into it you never know. All you guys thinks for all the thoughts and ideas....... Dave
  3. Dave Roche

    Video Codecs For LOR S2

    tried reloading Graphic drivers, running WMP 11 when i changed multiple screen option ,ie extended desktop and chose primary 1 notebook and 2 television all i get is a green screen. If chose intel multi monitor option both laptop and tv show video fine. I need to be able to see LOR seq. screen on laptop and send video to 2nd screen "projector". man im confused it ran fine for years. If you can think of anything else let me know. Guys at LOR think its a codecs problem.
  4. Dave Roche

    Video Codecs For LOR S2

    no luck VLC didn't work, back to the drawing board.
  5. Dave Roche

    Video Codecs For LOR S2

    I haven't tried VLC yet, I'll give it a try. Hopefully it will work, Thanks for the reply
  6. Dave Roche

    Video Codecs For LOR S2

    I run S2 on laptop using xp, video worked great for years, Last year I wiped xp and reloaded it "laptop was running slower". Now I can't get it to work. it just shows a green screen through projector, I'm using codec lite with xp. I' have tried everything I can think of to get it to work no luck, so i thought I would throw it out to you guy's, maybe I;m missing something simple? any help would be appreciated. Hopefully this is the right place to post.
  7. All Controllers have been sold Thanks everybody. Hope you all have a great Christmas Season.
  8. I thought I would bump this thread, and Let everybody know I still have 2 1602w 30 amp controllers available for 200.00 each plus shipping. These are the green boards, lower 48 States only! Thanks everybody.
  9. Ok here's inside of controllers Attached files
  10. Not sure these are the 1602w models all enclosure from about six years ago. I don't know if they where set up that way. I can take photo of inside if you wish.
  11. Yes sorry It didn't show on 1st post they are $225.00 ea Thanks
  12. I have 2 LOR 1602w 30 amp controllers for sale. I've had them for 6 seasons, they worked flawless, and are in great condition. They have never been exposed to the weather, always been in a enclosure. I will sell for $225.00 Lower 48 states only, buyer pay's shipping. Attached files
  13. Dave Roche

    Video sending problem!

    I'll look into that, its a good place to start, I'll try both ideas. and let you know. Thanks
  14. Dave Roche

    Video sending problem!

    I've read Thur several pages on the forum and I can't find any answers to this problem, so I thought I would send it out to everyone here. OK so I have completed my firm ware update to 2.9.4 the software will not send out my video signal to the projector, All I'm receiving is a green screen that looks scrambled. I've check all settings In LOR and my PC all is Ok with the settings. has anyone else had any troubles with this??