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  1. Not looking at the spec sheet on the rs485 chip in my controllers.. Did it change in the g3 controllers?
  2. I never followed any guides on how to align items just do what works for me.. In such I view my display kind of like a book read left to right. If I add new controllers they are normally added like chapters (tracks) which would mean your neighbors would be added as tracks.. Take a picture in your mind or an actual picture add them as a track working from the house outwards .. House channels first then next step out again left to right. Setup a master layout export and start editing you shouldn't have to much time tied up in that way I figure. Just my way I know others will input ideas.. Side note I do all my own sequences so that way probably doesn't mix with using others sequences.
  3. Just curious what anyone is doing for protection from lightning mostly, but figured this could be a nice little spot to see what protections anyone might do against damages, loss. I sit here hearing the rumbling thunder of the first storm of the season with now nothing running outside for landscape lighting. Normally I would have some RGB outside along with other low volt ac lighting. Due to the storm everything is off at the breakers, networks unplugged along with computers. Yet a question comes to mind how to best protect against "attacks" to the system without this. We rent this house but the landlord has us treat like our own and doesn't mind paying for logical improvments that increase value. sorry for the long intro. My question is how best to protect from lightning indirect strikes ? ground rod very short distance from the breaker box? one at the pole that feeds the house underground feeders too? how about lor/dmx networks grounding the comms somehow to earth ? already running apc ups for any computer equipment. double check cable line for grounding and if none add to the block another ground rod? off site backup of data for that aspec.. come season.. grounding megas ? other high items? I know there is nothing that can be done really against a direct hit it just seems it wouldn't be a bad idea to protect the gear somehow. posted using my smartphone during the storm, cell provided inet :-)
  4. pyromill

    Storage space

    One more thing to add.. my parents have had blow molds in their attic every year minus display time for over twenty years without a problem.
  5. pyromill

    Storage space

    I used to keep everything controllers included in a attic that would reach 130 no problem.. A storage spot I do not see a problem other than critters in the area.
  6. Pro.. I've tried running it with the usb cable from lor.. I've tried newest and older drivers I made certain the computer is not going into any sort of power saving feature other than a screen saver about all I can think of I have not tried yet is the shotgun. Fyi Greg our fish do like the rainbow floods and brain controlling daytime into moonlight
  7. I Don't know if anyone out there is using lor 24/7 but daily multiple chokes on the usb line. daily I have to unplug the entec pro or unload lor is there anyway to maybe check status or some thing and and have lor reload?
  8. One that is missing on the pc vs the 1602d would be show control. So that you can download a animated sequence and control a smallish network of controllers. Along with as mentioned ul certification on the showtime metal boxed units vs plastic enclosures or your own design with the pc line. Also follow this link it will provide you knowledge from the source. To add to the above Comparing a little
  9. Bob I checked the network prefrences all those checked out good. Dan errors are as follows 2012-03-28 15:58:19 3:Listener [ERROR] Socket 428, connection closed while r eading msg header 2012-03-28 15:58:19 25:Listener [iNFO ] Socket 428, exiting 2012-03-28 16:30:00 16:DMX1 [ERROR] ENQ8N2SM: Cannot write ENTTEC header I did think of one thing though and that was the power saving options. I checked that out and the computer never did go to sleep even though it was set to sleep after an hour. So that got changed to never sleep as an attempt to see if it might have been causing issues with the usb.
  10. Is anyone else having problems with lockups... dmx failing daily?
  11. I wonder who else says this? I will not be spending a dime on this sale. Lor a damned fine hardware solution is worth the full price. Yes I bought at a sale once and saved ten bucks but, Dan and crew work very hard to produce what we get to use. Sale to clear some inventory I can somewhat understand but there is hundreds if not thousands willing to pay full price including me as I know from dyi world the time spent is well worth the costs. Even if they don't understand its not plug and play.
  12. I hate to say this but... I'd toss the old serial adapter and just get one of the new usb units. I did although the serial did not go far on the toss ya gotta have a backup . Yes it may cost a few bucks more but my show along with many others shows ran flawless with them using lor protocol. I'm using mine now in the off season to control one of Greg's Rainbow brains that controls the rgb floods on my 55 gallon aquarium 24/7. As far as using a converter I wouldn't bother and keeping it serial and buying a idmx to control things when cheaper ways exist? If you already have one go for it try it out just don't try to shimmer
  13. You are not alone! Every single thing I put outside is still out ready to "fire" with a flip of the breakers and clicks of the mouse. I kept hope that if I left it out we would get some sort of a winter. Still hope to see snow once or twice more this year.
  14. Did I miss saving ten bucks? It's late here on the east coast only awake because of the wind outside. But I do have to say "on sale" really doesn't mean much in savings unless you buy about a dozen controllers. if you cannot afford the hobby at normal price you sure will make your head spin later
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