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  1. I've had a couple of people ask if I would share or sell this sequence. To be honest I'm thinking next year if I actually invest the time into it I might make a couple of sequences for sale, however this was a hack and I couldn't charge for it. There's also pieces of it that aren't done in the most efficient fashion. In any event, merry Christmas to all it is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79785888/Medley.sup Note: my setup is non-standard. I have 14 strings of 50 lights rather than the normal 12 CCR's. As such you'll probably need to do some 'playing' to get it to work. If anyone does feel free to be kind and put up a 12 string version. There is also a 4x25 arch that matches it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79785888/MedleyArch.sup If you need the music send me a message.... Have fun!!!
  2. Rob, you've got PLENTY of time. Superstar in particular is like Lego. The building blocks (effects) are fairly basic and not huge in number. That sounds like an insult, but it's not. What it means is you can spend a little time playing with each one to understand the options. Then it's a matter of creativity in how you use them, combine them, mix them etc. to your liking. The other thing is to look at the clipboard. I didn't find most of the in built samples all that useful but it did help me get some of the concepts and inspiration. Lastly for the pixel tree grab a sequence or two so you can see how others use it. I'm happy to flick you through a couple of mine if you want, they're not the best in the world but might give you ideas how the low level effects are out together into a sequence. Lastly use the forums here, and I'd also suggest the chatroom at auschristmaslighting.com for quick questions. Welcome to the fun!
  3. Around 250MB Brian from memory, for the tree that is. Another couple for the arches. Luckily it's controlling an e1.31 network so it doesn't seem to suffer too much. I admit it was during this one, my fourth sequence in S/S, that I twigged to the layering of effects which made things a LOT better (the shockwaves, spirals or morphs running with scenes pumping, or the vertical and horizontal morphs pulsing. Getting a bit more confident and creative with each one, so looking forward to having a whole year to play. I've got some plans for utilising the in-built functionality in 'macro' kind of way by generating effects externally and embedding the xml. Things like animations/picture imports and multi-morph generation for specific things. If I get them up and running I'll share them with you and the community. These range from little things (canvas size for pictures larger than the actual display to allow movement) to somewhat larger and more complicated patterns. If you can only fix one thing this year, please for my sanity let it be what ctrl-z does when creating an image.... so automatic to use when you click on an incorrect pixel and poof, 10 minutes gone...
  4. https://vimeo.com/82496637 It's not the best sequence in the world, certainly not the best display or video in the world, but having only built my mega tree about 4 weeks ago, my arches 2 weeks ago and only looking at SuperStar for the first time around the same time I'm posting it to show that with S/S you can have something half-decent up and running very quickly. Don't get me wrong, a 5 1/2 minute sequence with no repeats for copy/paste was never going to 'simple' but it would have been nigh on impossible in the timeframe without S/S. Still not convinced about the licensing methodology (I would prefer to pay for features rather than arbitrary export quantities, as I like to feel I am rewarding the time and effort of development, not based on how much I use it) but I do really appreciate the software. I'm compiling a list of my suggestions for future releases after year 1 of 'playing', although a large amount of them I will develop myself as an overlay if necessary (I figure I can programmatically generate xml's for complex design). Keep up the great work!
  5. Terrible video, but clocked out a second one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDe6jQ0X3go Went a bit more 'literal' on this one.
  6. All good. My license must have got itself all in a pickle. It said 24, but the LOR server had 2. I checked and it had only charged me for 2 so shoved through an upgrade to get it all into alignment and all good. Here you go Brian. I only started playing with Superstar yesterday, and this is dodgy footage of the first trial run (needs tweaking). Dueling pirates are at about 1:21 I think.
  7. Not really that hard, which is the point. 4 images, fighter 1 sword up, fighter 1 sword down, fighter 2 sword up, fighter 2 sword down. Alternate and alter X positioning to give a sense of parry/thrust and it's done and dusted. http://www.samlinmusic.com/2013/03/pirates-of-the-caribbean-meets-carol-of-the-bells/ was where I got the mash-up from. One guy doing all instruments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqJbkR51j10 is my display from last year (pre-RGB and having just moved into a new place, so it's nothing great). It's got some definite timings which makes it nice for sequencing.
  8. FYI it looks at this stage that it's related to some glitchiness when I was upgrading my license last night. Brian's having a look-see for me with the LOR type people. Got to say, I had to get my head around this software but once you grasp the concepts you can do some very fun things very quickly. Even managed to get a pirate sword-fight up and running in my carol of the bells/pirates mash-up in a matter of minutes. Nutcracker is great for general background effects, but I'm really liking SuperStar for low level sequencing.
  9. Are they on full, or on about 50-70 percent brightness?
  10. OK. So I've done my first sequence in SuperStar for my 14X50 2D megatree. Really happy with it. Problem is I can't seem to get it to export the sequence file properly. No errors, and a valid file is produced however only the first 10 seconds or so actually show effects, any effects after that time are ignored and don't appear in the sequence editor. It's a sliding window, i.e. if I move the timing in SuperStar then export I get that section of the sequence exported. Kind of like you would if you simply hit Play 8 Seconds rather than Play All in SS. I'm obviously doing something silly, but I can't seem to work it out...
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