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  1. I did some research into EL and unfortunately came to this same conclusion- that it wouldn't last long outside. It's ashame because it's such neat stuff.
  2. Great news Mike. Thanks for your work on this. I hope to make this one as well.
  3. S3 runs fine on WIN8 for me.
  4. Amazing as always Earl! Great setup and masterful sequencing.
  5. Very neat elements and effects.
  6. There's another topic on this- but yes it's definitely possible as other boards using this software utilize Tapatalk. Let's hope it can be implemented here.
  7. Wow- I hit "save" every few minutes while I program.I also use the cloud storage site Sugarsync (free storage). Sugarsync provides a program that you install on your pc- you can setup folders to sync with the cloud storage. I have my LOR folders setup so that it instantly saves to the LOR cloud folder. That way, if my local hard drive tanked, I'll still have my sequence up to the last time I saved it.
  8. I did the same thing, especially since it's the same BB software as Planet Christmas. I too access PC and DIY Light Animation as much, if not more via Tapatalk than I do my PC. Please add. It's a very small program. Thanks!
  9. Worked for me! Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!
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