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  1. Thank you. The tree has 16 - 200 mini light strings (2 x 100 twisted together) and 16 channels
  2. I bought the snow flakes from Target. Made by Phillips They usually go on sell after christmas, picked them up for $14.99 Hello, yes he was gettting lonely. Very cool Snow Woman
  3. Here is my 2012 LOR Christmas Show. I've adding a few more songs and the 10 Ft Spiral tree, with a Penguin Drummer to accompany the Snowman. You can search on YouTube for 2005taz1 or click on links below. Thanks to everyone for making this one of the Best Forums out there. Will post my other songs and some close ups of Penguin and Snowman later. Drummer Boy Santa is coming to town by the Boss http://youtu.be/odCABRy_NO8
  4. Great display, and incredible video quality on your video recording.
  5. Earle, your trees are fantastic! I'm trying to do my first spiral tree this year also. (10ft) Just finished making and welding my stand and getting all the parts and lights. Now it's time to add the tree sequencing to my sequences. Any chance I could get a sample sequence to get me started? And how do you visually test your sequence? Did you draw a spiral tree in LOR animation viewer? Email is jperkic@tx.rr.com
  6. Columbus27, sorry I do not have any pictures of the build and the frames are all put away in the attic. If I remember I will take some pic's of it. And no plans. I drew the picture on an overhead projector sheet and projected it on a wall and traced an outline which I then used as a template to bend all the rod and weld it together. Hi Dennis, I didn't buy this one I made it from 1/4" aluminum rod that I bent and welded together. I know there is someone on here who builds these type of frames out of steel rod and sells them. But the snowman he is selling is smaller. Here is the web site http://www.wireframedlites.com/
  7. He is built out of 1/4 " solid aluminum rod. He is just over 6 feet tall and 4 and a half feet wide. I built him so that the head and body are separate and the body is also split in half length wise up and down. And the guitar is also a separate piece. (Easier to store) And he is lit up with rope light.
  8. And yes a big thank you to a French Friend in France for the GREAT IDEA
  9. My second year. Added another 16 channel (32 now), and my singing snowman. First Noel http://youtu.be/HdI3Q1cbkhw O Holy Night http://youtu.be/wBOEOa1Tv4U Sarajevo http://youtu.be/TQlZE52aIz8 O Come all Ye Faithful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ8pokK2d-g&feature=plcp&context=C3f699ffUDOEgsToPDskKlbDa59hPUNDBkgvxTQa0B Santa’s Back in Town http://youtu.be/tkOVbmbCIwg Siberian Sleigh Ride http://youtu.be/gkDz3SqLsPM Silver Bells http://youtu.be/AwxKPJ5VNk8 Let it Snow http://youtu.be/WwUYsSj8lqk Mad Russian Christmas http://youtu.be/eSAyTt6YYn0 Wish List http://youtu.be/U1Nh-tQkWMw Stille Nacht http://youtu.be/hG2XHy5NI4E
  10. Great show and sequencing. Love the T-Rex and smoke. Going to try my first talking pumkin this year too. Any chance of sharing your Thriller sequence with a fellow Texan
  11. Hi I'm pretty new at it but on my first display I used white flood lights and put them in my trees and in my flower beds flooding upwards against the house walls. I then started with a quick full on and used twinkle and a fade. Looked very real. Don't know if I have video.
  12. Yes they are, I stacked 2 together to give me more vertical rods to better secure the light strings
  13. Fantastic job, love the MegaTree and fan arches.
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