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  1. It's not that I don't want to order one from LOR, it's just that I need one by halloween, I don't think it will be in on time if i order it now.
  2. Hi, i was just wandering if the USB-RS485 adapter you can only purchase that from the LOR, does electronic carries something that would work with my controllers, Reason is i have 3 controller and will be using 1 controller at my brother in law house for Halloween, so need a second adapter, never thought of it untill now. Kevin
  3. Just wandering if there is a way to make the driping icicle light, all on, all the time, no driping. I posted a picture so you can see the icicle i'm talking about. I have a string that stoped working and i'm pretty sure it's not the light the problem but the little controller on it. Any help, thanks in advance.
  4. Ok, it's not the shape i'm worried about or it's not to help with holding the lights, it's to have light around the ring so that you can sequence each ring in a way that you would see the rings chase up and down and stuff like that.
  5. I just want to know if anyone of you had ever done this, had rings inside a mega tree, if so how did you build yours. I added a design to help you understand what i mean, the circles represent the rings and the strait line represent the light string up and down the mega tree. If anyone did build it and have video of it, can you sent the link. The way I was thinking of building it was to use hulahoops cut down to size need it and tie wrap my light to it. what do you all think of it. Picture on the leftt would be a view from the top.
  6. Most of them aren't projectors.
  7. I gues I will have to make one face and see how it looks, That will be my next project.
  8. ok, I have been working on doing some halloween sequences with singing pumpkin face and i'm wandering how it would look, what you guys think if i use white c9 for the face, reasons is i was able to buy about 15 string for 15$ in yard sales this summer, they are all led's. Would use a boar, drill hole and poke the light thru in the form of the face.
  9. I thought of using the trigger but i thought it stop the show then play the sequence of that trigger, i don't want my show to stop as money goes in
  10. Wandering if there is a way to put lights around the donation box that would only lit up when you put money in, would flash on and off for about 5 second, without gthe light show. Anybody knows how to do that?
  11. Are you talking about this kind of arch, this is a picture i found on internet, not mind, just wandering if it the kind of arch you are talking about. Attached files
  12. Orville wrote: Actually it doesn't count at to what I was refering too, I meant the mouth movement, . Do you have any video of you halloween display?
  13. Just wandering how many of you are doing a Halloween light show with no singing face, it seems that it's become what everyone is doing now.
  14. Are those RGB strip sold by lor?, I quickly looked on the wesite and I didn't see it
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