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  1. Are you thinking 3-D as in essentially three pyramids stacked or more of a rounded shape?
  2. Does anyone have a manual for CTB08 v3 boards? I am having a fit trying to use two, everything else in my network is CTB16PC's. The led goes solid when connected to the network, if I plug an ethernet cable directly into the board with my laptop and run hardware utility, it is found just fine.. but when I plug it into the rest of the controllers it cannot be found. Unlike the CTB08 manual on the LOR site, these are v3 and have two blocks of jumpers that say COM and Input... I suspect I may need to do something with those, but the only manual on the LOR site is the CTB08 with a single jumper on input.. Help
  3. KenL_MCSE wrote:... :shock: What is this xLights you speak of? News to me...
  4. You could always dim the 12V side using an LOR DC controller.
  5. Is there any plan to have a library of basic patterns that can just be dropped in to run on the defined matrix, ala Madrix?
  6. Thanks for posting, great info and nice work.
  7. Heck with this after the fact picture stuff, we want realtime... lol. Ustream that stuff.
  8. Those are neat, Geoff. But I am looking for something super simple, one color. I just finished my channel layout and I am already at 642 channels (512 without my dmx stuff) and I really don't want to add any complexity at all this year if I can possibly avoid it. Just looking for some simple single color illuminated stars or flakes..
  9. I have a 24 foot z-tree as the centerpiece of my display. This year I am separating it out into 16 segments rather than four and I want to put 6 or 8 sections of garland similar to the setup in this video on it. http://youtu.be/vkkqzRWdfrA Thing is, I can't seem to find the stars to put on the garland. They would need to be about 6 inches in diameter I am thinking and illuminated. Snowflakes of the same size would be ok as well, or heck, even simple globes. Does anyone have a suggestion of where I could source something that would work? I will probably need about 32-40 of them. I thought about having Gregg at Winklebottoms make me some small wireframe stars, but I really want the more fully illuminated look more so than a wireframe. Does anyone have anything laying around that they would consider selling or trading for that might work? Thanks.
  10. ItsMeBobO wrote: I am with you. I really need to know when/if they are going to be available as I have to finalize my channel plan asap.
  11. Although, you could get some really cool atmospheric effects using the CO2 directly.
  12. Lowes seems to have dropped the price on 6 foot 16 awg cords to 77 cents. It doesn't look to be a sale, but available every day. woot. http://www.lowes.com/pl__0__s?Ns=p_product_price|1&Ntt=extension%20cord&Ntk=i_products&rpp=15
  13. Here are details. Barco Mistrips. http://www.lightingandsoundamerica.com/news/story.asp?ID=FK9WSR
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