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  1. My Order Number: 430 Date Ordered: Saturday 14 January, 2012
  2. number 3 Attached files Washington Post (Short Version).lms
  3. number 2 Attached files 1812 Overture (short version).lms
  4. Here is one Attached files The Stars And Stripes Forever (Short Version).lms
  5. I was going to do the flag but after fig. cost and tying up 15 channels and think I will pass. I have some sequence I can share with you with the flag.
  6. Ya I got the email about my order Feb. 26 and suppose to get another email about shipping
  7. I have emailed them about 4 times and nothing. Im sure they will come thru just not heard?
  8. Has any one got there SPT-2 order from WLC Venture yet? I got a email about my order the other day have not got email about anything on payin for shipping.Has any one got there SPT-2 order from WLC Venture yet? I got a email about my order a week ago and still no email on shipping yet.
  9. I have no DC board and dont know a whole alot about the LED strips so I guess I need to be pointed in the right direction....lol. Thx
  10. What kind of LED strip do you need to buy for LOR. I see a bunch on EBAY but which ones do you need to stay away from. Thx
  11. Bobbyp47

    EDM transmitter

    I ordered mine in Nov. and took 10 days
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