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  1. I have the same controller and channel numbers, I have also made sure that the names are the same, though it didn't matter for one of my props. The dropbox link is a screen shot of one of the channels, this is happening to just about all of my channels that come with the sequence import, so I'm guessing I've missed a step or have done something silly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vicnbhezm5y7chk/ErrorScreenShot.png?dl=0 Thanks Much, Rick
  2. I have upgrade from S3 to S4, and will upgrade from Advanced to Pro in a month or so, at what level if any can I use the Pixel Editor so I can start learning it?
  3. First of all, sorry about the MAC :-) Not too long ago a friend was trying to run a presentation though a XP/MAC and had lots of issues, ended up doing a lot of manual work. On the Win7 machine, you should be ok using both displays, just know what ever is on the laptop screen is on the projector. On my show machine, I have removed as many of the shortcuts as makes sense, and have chosen wallpaper that looks like gift wrap so when it shows for a few seconds here and there, it looks better. Good Luck,
  4. I agree with the purchase of the ActiDongle, it will allow 1 universe, up to 512 channels, I have used one on a display to work with that is about a 2 hour drive and it has been reliable. At my home I now have E1.31 controller, that will directly control 16 universes (Pixel Tree) and also supports 4 more RS-485 universes with out the need of separate Dongles. Once you figure it out it's easy integrating DMX into LOR.
  5. I use the candy canes from Walmart (Red, Green, White) with garland that I put all four colors in (Red, Green, Blue and White). Each candy cane is supported by a piece of rebar, which actually also hold the garland.
  6. I see you're in Corona, I just a couple of miles up the 15 in Rancho Cucamonga. I'm all for sharing war stories. Send me a PM sometime and I can get you my contact information.
  7. Hello Brian, this is a picture of a tree that I hope to use your new feature with https://www.dropbox.com/s/kk54b9we0unkcpd/2014-08-02%2019.14.16.jpg
  8. Thanks All, Ken had mentioned about the 'Jukebox' option, I then found the video on it, the video describes exactly what I'm looking for.
  9. The show I want to create will need to be completely self sufficient, because the display will be about a 2 hour drive from my home. The biggest part would be the system working like a Juke Box, when some one pushes a button connected to an input on the DIO32, it will trigger a sequence associated with the button. Inbetween the selected sequences there would be either an non musical sequence or I would prefer some way of have a preselected musical sequence occur. What is the best way, if possible, to make all of this happen. Thanks Much in advance,
  10. I really agree with Dev Mike's reply, this is the first year, I have added CC devices to my display. The biggest thing I noticed is my laptop started bogging down ALOT, I bought a cooling pad to place under it when I'm running LOR, it was overheating this year with the additional 300+ channels. Kept the laptop cool and my own also. LOR's help is top notch, which I can say is as good or better than the folks I deal with in the commercial automation industry.
  11. The first question you have to ask yourself is 'What are my conditions?', Environmental, winds, rain, snow, all that fun stuff that is unique to each region that we live in, even the neighborhood. Every Mega Tree is going to be unique also, each of us will build the same tree differently dependant on our wants and skills. Here's what I can tell you about my Mega Tree: It's a total of 25' to the top of the 3' star, with 64 strings of minis, we get some rain, though generally not bad (I love Southern California), winds are a different story, during a normal season we will have 2-4 days/nights of 30mph with gust to 50+, in 2011, we got hit with hurricane force winds with gusts over 100 mph. I have zero guy wires. The winds generally come from the north and my stand is/was built with that in mind, I did get hit in 2011, with an easterly gust and the tree took the hit. My base now is built to take the winds from any direction. Now for the details, parts of which are thanks to Walter Monk. The bottom of the base, are 5 legs made of 3" square tubing welded to a 6" center pipe (3" tall), it looks sort of like a star.. On top of this is a block of concrete approx 24" x 24" x 10", it weighs about 400 lbs and is clamped to the legs. In the middle of the concrete block is a 24" piece of 6" pipe, towards the bottom of the pipe I have 3 5/8" bolts that come together about 3" apart for the bottom of the Mega Pole to go into. Towards the top of the 6" pipe there are 3 more bolts that I tighten onto the pole and ensure it is plumb. The bottom of the Mega Pole is 14' of 2 1/2" Galvanized Pipe, next is 10' of 1 1/2" EMT, that fits inside the 2 1/2" gal and I use a through bolt to connect the two pieces of pipe. On top of the EMT, I attach the 3' star. I will admit that I tend towards overbuilding, but I'm comfortable in knowing that damage is less likely to occur. This is the biggest thing that I want to get across to everyone, Figure out what will do for your installation and then figure out how to build it better.
  12. I can't say that this might be your issue, but have you looked at your PC. I know that I had to clean my machine this summer because as it warmed up it slowed down while running the visualizer, so as we ask our machines to do more work we depend more and more on the resourses of our machines. In my professional experience where we sometimes tax the machines we use, make sure you have all of the memory that your machine will support, if you are looking at a new machine in the future get as much CPU and memory as your wallet will support. Good Luck
  13. Thanks Mike, last night about 11:00 I figured out about actually putting together a bunch of individual light bulbs, I was able to click anywhere I needed then made them as part of a prop, amazing what happens when you go through the tutorial a few times then also look at some of the props that others have created; plagiarism a programmers best friend. When I get done I'll post it so it can be added with the others.
  14. I want to be able to simulate having strings of lights hung on a tree hopefully the strings can be arched vs straight, I want to end up with a large tree, with 8 channels (2 each RWGB). Thanks Much,
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