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  1. niklas-tgs

    G3-MP3 with pixels

    To me LOR help desk have said 2500-2700 pixels per network at 500K with G3 Mp3 director. At 1000K around the double, so 5000 pixels.
  2. niklas-tgs

    G3 Mp3 director + Pixels

    Today new firmware is available for G3MP3 director (5.38). Now it supports 1000K. That means up to 5000 pixels on one network. Pixies should work with 1000K. Cant wait to try my new 3000 pixel matrix.
  3. niklas-tgs

    Helpdesk ticket lead time

    Yes, thats correct. I re-opened a ticket with a question on that subject. Yes, this must be the most busy time of the year, just wanted to make sure they see my question in this updated ticket.
  4. Hello, Whats the current lead time for replies on Helpdesk tickets? I posted a ticket on Monday a week ago, and still no reply. Ticket #469642
  5. niklas-tgs

    Repeat mode/fireworks

    Thanks. That actually works. The text option has a repeat box which can be unboxed, so it only "chases" once.
  6. niklas-tgs

    Repeat mode/fireworks

    Looks good. Will there be any new effects like this released for S4 Pixel Editor? I've seen the S5 beta, but havn't tried it yet. I was thinking that I'll wait for official release, depending how far away it is, but im very tempted to download it.
  7. niklas-tgs

    Repeat mode/fireworks

    Im sitting here trying to find out the best way to do fireworks with PE. One way is to use meteors effect that goes upwards, but they are a bit random. What I Think looks the best is to use the bars effect with 3D and highlight. But it keeps repeating, so its very hard to control. I miss a "Repeat mode" option, which is present for some other effects so the effect could play only once during the effect duration. Is the only way to trim the duration in the timeline til it only plays once? How do you guys do fireworks?
  8. niklas-tgs

    G3 Mp3 director + Pixels

    I dont remember if I tried the pixies with 1000K, but according to the store details for Pixies: "LOR network speeds up to 1Mbit". Also according to this site Pixies can run with 1000K: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ Whats the max amount of pixels recommendations for for 1000K? The matrix grid will have the controllers very near on the backside. Too bad I have non G3 units on one of the networks. They will have to be replaced so that network can run 500K. No news on a 4 port director? Maybe somehing useful will be released on Christmas Expo?
  9. Hello, Planning on expanding my lightshow with even more pixels. My current show is 96 regular LOR channels on one network on the G3 Mp3 director and 1200 channels (400 pixels) on CCP's+Pixies on the other network. I am running the pixels on an enhanced network. Pixel display created with PE. Its running on 500k because of the CCP's. I am planning building a large matrix with 2800 pixels and some other elements, so say 3200 pixels (9600 channels). Together with my existing 1200 channels it will be more than 10000 channels. Maybe I need to replace the CCP's with Pixies so I can run 1000K. How much pixel channels have you loaded on one network controlled by G3 MP3 director? 500k? 1000k? Will this firmware update make the director handle more pixels? Im am trying to avoid running the show with a computer. I like running it with the director. Any update on the 4 port director?
  10. niklas-tgs

    Pixie 4/8/16

    Now things seem to happen. User guide is now up in Documentation! I also read in another thread that Pixie will start shipping on Friday or Monday. To bad they are not giving any official information here. But only if you ask the sale support. I have myself ordered two Pixie 4. Then ordered 1pcs Pixie 4, 2pcs Pixie 8 and 1pcs Pixie 16 for a lightshow I am setting up for the company I am working for. To that alot of Pixelstrings.
  11. niklas-tgs

    LOR Summer Sale Discussion Thread

    Can you plug two 50 square pixel strings together and get a 100 pixel string, since a Pixie can handle 100 pixels per output? Whats the distance between each bulb?
  12. niklas-tgs

    Working with PE and SE

    Thanks. I dont remember, but SE might have been open. Could this also occur if I rename/save as new name in SE? I Always to this once in a while, as backup. What is the difference between "sequnce1.lms.pe.lpe" and "sequence1.lpe" Is the .BAK files stored in same directory as the sequence? Might have seen one there. Or is it stored somewhere else?
  13. niklas-tgs

    Working with PE and SE

    I dont know if i am doing anything wrong. I have first done the basic sequencing in SE and then moved over to PE and done all the pixels. Saved and save intensity data. Then I moved back over to SE and made some changes. I can see the PE props section in SE. But when I save in SE and then go back to PE, i meet a dialogbox to select preview. I choose same as before. But now in the timeline everything I have done with PE before is gone. Its empty. The files created is: .lms, .lms.lcs, lms.lsv, lms.pe.lid, lms.pe.lpe, .lpe. I assume the lid-file its the important one. By looking on the filesize of it compared to earlier backups it should be ok.
  14. niklas-tgs

    DC MP3 director and CCP

    Thanks, I ordered the G3 Mp3 director now. Hope it will work and reach to me in time. I will light up on Nov 29th. Will it work if I put the CCP's on one AUX network-channel set to 500K and the regular LOR controllers on the other network-channel set to regular 57.6? Actually I have five old CTB16D (blue cards) and one new CTB32LD G3. So will I get problem now when I have imported my light sequence into Pixel Edit? Or will the network set as regular 57.6 ignore the intensity data? In worst case I will have to keep both directors, the old one for running the old controllers and the new for just running the CCP's, and hope I can get them to syncronize.
  15. niklas-tgs

    DC MP3 director and CCP

    Hello, For the 9th year I will be running my 96 channel LOR light show syncronized to music. This year will be me first year trying a Cosmic Color Device. Bought two CCP units and spliting them on four minitrees. I also upgraded from advanced to S4 pro to get Pixel Edit. I finished my lightshow, an 11 minutes mix of songs, in the sequencer. Then moved over to Pixel Edit and have now almost finished adding the CCP mini trees to the sequence. It just struck me. Is my DC Mp3 card from 2008 outdated? Will it handle CCP? It is updated to 4.2 firmware, to support longer sequences. Should I order a G3 Mp3?