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    Enclosure Boxes

    Don, WOW!!!!!!! Looks like a fantastic job!! Way to go. Can you post any pics of the interior? I have been using distributed control boxes to try and keep the wire lengths to a minimum but this makes me want to rethink my position. I can see changing to a larger central controller box except for the controller for my mega tree. Thanks for sharing the idea. Roger
  2. During the clearance sales this year, I purchased a lot of rope light in anticipation of changing how I light my house next year. I plant to hang 4 colors in parallel but that is another topic. Since rope light tends to get stiff in the cold weather, I was looking for a way to store the rope lights uncoiled or laid out straight so they would be easier to install next year. Has anyone done something like this? I have thought of different methods but have not come up with anything that seems like a good canidate. I have a 2 1/2 car garage and could hang it from the ceiling or wall. I have even thought of some kind of a 18' long carrier based on wire shelves or possibly some farming hog panels. Any ideas would be appreciated. I hope everyone had a good lighting season. Roger P.S. I have 80-90 strands (18' long each) so using reels seems to be a bit unpractical. It owuld be costly was well as keep the lights coiled.
  3. Skyrocket

    Enclosure Boxes

    Charlie, I looked high and low for sprinkler boxes like you used. Can you tell us where to bought them? Here is how the controllers I have so far are packaged. I got lucky and purchased the metal NEMA 3R boxes for about $15 each from a local vendor. Thanks, Roger Attached files
  4. Charlie, Thanks for the tip. I am hoping not to have to install the clips pernamently. I am now toying with a concept of bending a clip out of heavy wire (coat hangar type) that would hold the four rows of lights in shape. The clip could hang from a nail or eye screw. Thanks again. Merry Christmas Roger
  5. I just picked up a lot of rope light (4 colors) on clearance sale. Next year I want to replace the C7 lights on my house with these rope lights. I want to hang the rope lights in a parallel fashion so that I can turn the different colors on and off and maintain a full side profile view of each of the four colors, sort of like the graphics shown below. Has anyone done something like this or have any ideas on what hardware I could use? I thought about making an aluminum or plastic plate and riveting on the plastic clips that come with the lights but the clips seem to get pretty rigid when mounted to the plates. Also, installing the brackets while on the ground would cause a problem when trying to form the parallel light rope to corners and the peaks of the roof. I estimate that I would need about 150-200 of the mounting devices. I would also be able to use the red, clear, and blue lights during July 4th holiday. And added benefit would be the reduced current pull. While I'm at it, how does eveyone store your rope lights? Since the plastic tube seems to have a memory when it comes to shape, I thought I would want to either keep them stretched out straight in my garage or coil them on some kind of a homebuilt large diameter reel. It looks like it could be a pain to get them to straighten out if they are installed on the house when it's cold outside. Thanks a lot. Happy holidays to everyone. Roger Attached files
  6. John, Is there any info available yet? Will the 32 channel DIO card be a LOR controller? I want to be able to remotely locate it like a LOR AC controller. What other controllers are you working on? When will they be announced? Good to hear that some new products are on the horizon. Thanks, Roger
  7. Donald, Which DIO board are you using? I am getting ready to try some sequencing using digital outputs ans solid state relays (SSRs). I would really like to come up with a solution for locating the DIO remote from the PC. That could really cut down on the amount of cable I would have to use. Thanks, Roger
  8. After struggling with it for a year, here is my design for mounting my LOR controllers. I bought metal NEMA 3R enclosures from a local electrical supply house. Since my employer buys a lot from them, I got the cases for $17 each. List price is $46 each and the best I found on the Internet was $23 each. I was happy.:) I drilled holes in the bottom of the cases for the power cords. After de-burring, I coated the bare metal with instant galvanizing spray (Lowes) (used a Q-tip) to stop rust. Rubber grommets protect the power cords from chaffing and keep water out. It is not waterproof but it allows for the case to breath a little which should prevent condensation. If necessary I could always mount a resistor to the side of the boxes to act as a heater. As for the CAT5 cable, I punched holes in the side of the cases with a Greenlee punch and mounted ½” PVC plastic conduit fittings. I made gaskets from large rubber washers to help seal the joints. The conduit fittings have a 5/8” dia ID hole which mates nicely with the 5/8” OD rubber feet I had around the house. Yes, it pays to be a pack rat sometimes. All I have to do is insert the CAT5 connector (RJ45) through the PVC connector and plug it into the board. The rubber foot is then pressed into the PVC connector (not all the way) to make a nice tight fit. I also sanded a bevel on the PVC connector to make a type of drip edge and keep water from accumulating in the PVC connector. Just screw on the case cover and that’s it. Since the CAT5 cable fits tightly in the rubber feet, I used a LITTLE oil to lube the cable and then wiped off the excess. This may not be quite as good as the waterproof RJ45 connectors ($10 each minimum) but for less than $1 per connector ($2 per case) it is a lot cheaper than $20 per case. If you are doing multiple controllers it adds up quickly. This design should do quite well for the application. Below are some pictures of the case and the cable details. I hope this idea helps others who have worked on the same problem. Roger Attached files
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