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  1. Hi folks, I'm still learning this new controller and noticed it had a 3.5 mm port for audio. On older controllers, I had trouble with the older FM transmitter LOR used to sell. I have the updated version, but I haven't opened it yet. Has anyone successfully used the 1602 for powering the FM transmitter during the show?
  2. I tested my theory that it was something with how the show was configured, by rebuilding using the Simple Show Builder, and wham! The older box turns on. I'm going to monitor it to see if it behaves, but the next step is to see what went wrong using the Hardware Utility to build out the show. Hopefully this system works better then when I had the ELL connected to my laptop. The system would periodically stay on, not start, etc.
  3. Notes taken from my LOR ticket: I was successfully able to test each controller separately. I had connected an LED flood light to channel 1 of the LOR1062W G3 and the same light to channel 15 of the LOR1602. Both came on, though I originally had to correct the RF configuration to get comm port 3 to work(I don't understand what that is exactly, but I got around it). Additionally, they were loaded with the correct unit number in the Hardware utility. When reconnected everything as it should be, and plugged the LED in LOR1602 channel 1, nothing happened. The Sequence looks correct from the Channel Configuration. Given the fact the second box says it's seeing a signal with that red status light, I have to wonder if the way I built the show is correct. I went into the LOR Hardware tool, to the MP3 tab, selected "Plays during scheduled times", set the times, added the two animation sequences, selected "Loop through showlist continuously", and clicked create the show. When the Generation 3 option came up, I clicked that and "2" for number of ports, and then unchecked the remove header option. I'm more than happy to rebuild this show, but I need to know what I didn't do correctly.
  4. I'm reasonably certain I have a connection via ELL based on the solid red light. Is there a specific way to build out a show for the SD card if using an additional controller (especially it's older)?
  5. So fun story, I took another look at the unit, and noticed there is a PM notation. It took me a few times for it to hold PM instead of AM, but when I did that, it started playing. Now the second unit doesn't look like it's going, despite having a solid red connection light. I am currently connected to the first Cat5 port on the LOR1602W G3 and the first port on the 1602 with the blue board. When I removed the Cat5 on the second unit to test the second port, the red light did start flashing, indicating it lost the connection. It picked it back up as long as it's in either port. The 1062W G3 is marked as Unit 01 and the older 1602 is set to Unit 02. In my programming, I only have two LOR units, 01 and 02. I tried to get a picture of the manual selector for the older unit, but the pictures are too large for this forum.
  6. I'm assuming there are varients that have one or four ports, hence the option. I followed through, and in the process unchecked the option to strip the header. When I plugged in the SD card, the box is alternating between the time, and saying what appears to be "WAIT". I don't see anything in the manual for "WAIT", and I've given it a few minutes. I manually entered the current time on the controller from the box itself. Do I have to program it from the SD card, or does WAIT mean something else? I've added a picture of the G3-MP3 showing "WAIT", and the ports available, including the one occupied by the green CAT5 cable going to the ELL. On the upside, the older 1602 is showing a solid red light, which seems to indicate that it's made a connection.
  7. I was creating a show with two sequences in the LOR Hardware Utility, and it asked for a selection on the following: "SD Card is for a Generation 3 or Newer Director" followed by "Number of Ports", 1, 2, or 4. What is this, and what should I select? I'm using the new controller with the G3MP3 installed, but I also have an old LOR 1602. They're going to both have ELL devices connected.
  8. I bought Parallels last year and installed Windows 7 Pro. I kept getting a comm error whenever I tried to connect. I thought it would be a clever workaround, but alas no.
  9. Thank you! That was the million dollar question. Maybe I'll add another ELL in the future, but this was my immediate need.
  10. I purchased an LOR1602LG3 this year, and would like it to run off the onboard SD card. However, I'd also like it to control the older 1602 I'd been using. In the past, I used Linklighters to connect from the computer to the controller. Is there a way to connect the older and newer controllers by Linklighter? If not, how else can I connect? The manual doesn't seem to offer much beyond if you're using a cable or refers to the DC-MP3 guide.
  11. I used an FM transmitter and sign for Christmas back in the day. I use the LinkLighter system to connect to my controller.
  12. That's a cool unit, but I'm sourcing the audio from my computer. I don't know how I'd run a wire, and I don't trust that I have Bluetooth installed. Ideally, I'd like a standalone wireless speaker(s). I know they do exist, but are they all iffy?
  13. Thank you very much for the video, that was definitely helpful. In the past, I had run the audio off the same computer running the show using either an FM transmitter or an older wireless speaker set that used to have more interference issues than I'd like. I figure there has to be a good brand for wireless speakers out there.
  14. I was going to ask if they were, because they didn't look it. I don't know how to wire hardwire from inside to outside.
  15. Which ones on eBay? I already looked and wasn't sure on a brand.
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