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  1. Has anyone done something like this? Run a closed-loop, 22 gauge insulated wire around each controller box and fasten it to the tree/support post/house. I envision a mini-pin connector so that it can be unhooked to open and close the case as needed, but the loop would be closed and connected to the trigger in the controller with a 1/8" stereo connector. Set the trigger to Normally Closed and then program a trigger sequence that turns all the lights on for all LOR controllers (maybe shimmer) and plays an MP3 track of a siren. That way, as long as the scheduler is on, if someone snatches a controller or tries to open a controller housing, it would set off quite a show. Been meaning to look into this, but it has been too deep on the to do list every year to surface.
  2. 13mm (1/2"). The diameter at the key is 7/16". Beware - the barrel diameter does vary a bit between pixels (+/- 0.5 mm) down at the wire end as a result of the chip/wire/other stuff that is packed in there. These pixels fit the C9 faceted bulb covers from Ray Wu as a friction fit for almost all of them. I was able to "fatten up" the couple that needed it with a few wraps of teflon tape.
  3. Also for us Canadians, electrical code does not require GFCI on exterior receptacles above a certain height (I seem to recall 2 meters). So all those soffit receptacles are not necessarily protected - and as mentioned by Steven, this is just a quick trip to try and save lives and does little to save LOR or other equipment.
  4. Last spring: CCP - $199.95 CCF - $249.95 CCR - $195.95 Not everything went on sale, but many things were. There is a limit in the $1,500 range total, as well.
  5. Security Camera's all the way. My neighbours scowled when I installed 4 1080p IP camera's and an NVR system (with remote connection through iPhone & iPad. Then we caught 2 kids breaking into our neighbourhood mailbox and the video was used to convict them, now all the neighbours have the app on their phones and are pricing adding a camera to their house to record to our system to increase the net. Our one neighbour lost his inflatable "Frosty" 2 weeks ago and the guy taking thought he was forward of our camera (didn't know about the second one that caught him full frame (plus his truck and licence)). Cops wanted nothing to do with it until we showed them the video. Easy bust so they acted right away. Turns out he had a truck load and was putting them on eBay. By the way, when I was young (just after University and football), I approached a car load of punks who had done me wrong. I slowed down a bit after they unloaded 2 x .38 rounds into my guts. I think the camera system and a bit more of a "Canadian" attitude might lower your personal risk. I'm pretty sure that had there been a gun in the other vehicle, the blade you were wielding might have yielded a different result (the whole knife-to-a-gun-fight argument). Glad you are ok, glad the display lives on, glad those kids got schooled. Truth is, I would have probably jumped into the passenger seat of your truck with you in the heat of the moment and gone looking!
  6. The matching was just fluke. The tree canopy has fluid ramps and the pixel colour changes are smooth in Visualizer. It has the hick-ups but I suspect that the new 500K dongles will lighten that load. I also suspect my computer is a weak point now as well. The video is shot on a Canon 5DMK2 with a F2.8 24 - 70 lens. Fixed the Aperture wide open (2.8). Tripod to keep it steady, FM radio to get a sound track and then Final Cut Pro to edit. Nice set-up for video but not for the faint of wallet. We use it and a Canon 7D for filming in my practice so it is in stock. Unfortunately, it would be $5k - ish to buy. Funny how the good solutions cost money sometimes? There was so much more that we wanted to do this year but the jump to RGB was a learning curve.
  7. So many challenges with last minute changes with high speed, then no high speed dongles, 138MB file size that my programming got chopped up with lag. I promise that the timings were near to perfect in S3, but still plenty enough to get me excited about more for next year! <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/56384387" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
  8. Just fantastic. I do like this perspective better - can appreciate the details much better!
  9. Sigh. I bought 2 new USB RS485 after 500K and 3.9.0 I get great smooth transitions (500K) when movement is slow but it is chopping at 500K when the pixels get complex and fast. I guess I am buying 2 new high speed USB 485 devices after Christmas when available.
  10. Thank you for posting the solution! I have not experienced this, but I can't believe how many little things pop up and how helpful the forum answers have been.
  11. Bob - Great job. For the Matrix, what frame-per-second were you using on the animations? I have found that 10 FPS is choking even at 500k. I dropped to 5 FPS and it is smooth on slow matrix transforms, but I still get a visible refresh with very complex sequences. Using the right transformations and I get fantastic results, but the wild, quick stuff is still struggling slightly.
  12. Yup - that's Glee. What a great job of 16 channels! Standing on the chair and cheering.
  13. I have done some very basic manipulation of LMS files that I bring across from Light Show Pro into S3. LSP exports to LMS but has some issues, so I wrote a quick batch file macro to order the LMS the way I needed, and to correct a common sequence length error. I have no idea why LOR would mind any tools that improve the usability of their software and hardware, and I believe the SuperStar was an external application that LOR adopted into their S3 when they saw its advantages for RGB programming. What features are you looking to enhance? Have you looked at Nutcracker which is also adding to the tool kit for LOR based systems?
  14. I am on the USB485 dongles and it works like a charm. 3 CCB on Standard and 4 CCR on AuxA. I had to take all the non-updatable controllers and put them on a new network (AuxB). Your AUXa with the DC controller cannot run at 500K because the DC is not upgradable to the 500k (I am guessing that is why you didn't). The other networks not working with 1 CCB should be fine? I don't know what to suggest other than checking to make sure the Firmware upgrade gave a "successful" in the HWU. Sorry - not much help I know.
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