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  1. I can't post a pic, but here is a video -- look at 0:45 and 1:12 to see how I want motion. But a couple of tombstones are playing backwards after importing in to S5.
  2. Thanks for the input. Actually, changing the "Starting Location" I think only orients the string when it first appears, but does not make pixel 50 the start point. I can't recall if I sent a Hardware command to the unit to reverse the pixels, but I do know that in my S4 sequence I have pixel 50 at the top of the list of channels down to 1. Wonder if that got reversed in the import? I agree with you on turning on the pixel numbers and boy was it a pain getting the pixels exactly representing where they are in the physical display, because sometimes I bunched up the extra wire to bring the pixels closer together. Doing this with the strand was crazy difficult - I had to add extra nodes in the invisible strand between pixels and stretch a knot to bring the spacing closer together. I would have been better off if there was a way just to set each pixel down individually and unconnected to a strand. Now you can see why I did not want to have to redraw the string to put the blue point at the other end. It was a lot of push/pull to get things just right.
  3. I'm making progress switching from S4 to S5 and getting my Preview set up first. I have several old style CCPs lining a bunch of tombstones and the order is important. The strand starts at controller 1, strand 1, pixel 50 and goes to the controller (pixel 1) where it starts at pixel 1 on strand 2 and goes to pixel 50. From there it starts again at pixel 50 strand 1 of the next controller and this pattern continues. This way I can have a dot run the distance over all of the strands in order and it worked great in s4. Now I have mapped all these pixels out and have them perfectly representing my physical props how they are wired. But the import is reversing my motion from pixel 1 to 50 on every strand instead of 50-1 then 1-50, and so on. When I run my sequence from S4, several of the strands run backwards. And, sometimes I don't use all 50 pixels, I might just use 30 and the motion should only be on 50-20. But instead, the animation runs from 1 to 30, lighting up 20 pixels I don't even use and letting me see just 10 at the wrong end. Is there a way to do a quick command to reverse the order, or do I have to redraw the entire strand again with the blue dot at the other end? Thank you for any suggestions. Jay p.s. tried to upload a pic, but it says I'm only allowed 0Mb.
  4. Thank you! That explained a ton! Agreed - Subscribed! This answers a lot of questions and I think prioritizes that I need to make a Preview first. I'm thinking this video.... "Light-O-Rama- Making a Preview for Smart Pixels in ShowTime Designer Pixels (aka: S5) and SuperStar" Guess I gotta pull out all of my props from storage and map out pixels on them before I sequence this year.... Thank you again and additional tips are welcome.
  5. I started to do this last year, and it freaked me out - and so I kept my older software version. Thinking this is something I can't procrastinate on anymore, I just upgraded to S5 on my sequencing computer. I rand the sequencer and I am lost. I have spent a little time looking for training, and have not found something just yet. Can anyone help me find S5 training so I can work on my existing sequences and begin working on new 2020 sequences? Thank you for helping me find what might be obvious next steps. Jay
  6. My goal is to save hours searching online and through ebay. I'm in a mindset to add a song or two to my humble smaller display with a 12 CCR tree as the centerpiece. Free is cool, but I don't mind paying if it's a well done sequence. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE 12 CCR sequences? And where can I buy it? Either way, please let me know which sequences are your favorites - Thanks!! MY favorite ones in my show: 1. TSO Sarajevo with the space invader type shootout in it. CLASSIC! Everyone needs a TSO! (thought I saw a similar tetris sequence in the past?) 2. Light of Christmas - Owl City - Really well done variety of effects and graphics. Feel good song! 3. Frozen mashup - great medley variety of the popular original! 4. Decorations - Bob Rivers Other songs I have in my show that are pretty good too: 5. Frosty the snowman 6. Disco Santa - NOEL 7. The Grinch 8. Toy Sack - B52's Spoof 9. Imperial Star Wars Spoof. Looking forward to hearing what you think is the best and I can checkout online and make a download/purchase. Thanks! Jay
  7. I have about 20 ccr ribbons in my inventory. About 14 of them are original original and over time it seemed LOR sold ribbons that don’t match in color. (Another 2 - subtle color shift like warm/cool white or colors are just off.). 2 more I just bout from someone on eBay don’t even look the same in day form, and the lighted colors might equally be off. A few more of my strips had bad pixels and are not 50 long anymore. I am down to 12 good original CCRs in my 12 strip pixel tree. And now one is starting to act weird. I’ll test if it’s the controller, but some random 3pix grouping here and there on the strip seem to miss their off command and they stay on until a sequence sends something through them later - and then they are back to normal again. Not sure if it’s the strip. I’ll take feedback if anyone has ideas. But it comes to the front of my mind, what happens when the next strip fails and I can’t seem to buy any more original ccr ribbons anymore. Will I be forced to replace all 12 in the tree to get them to match? Maybe I can sell 10 original originals to someone in the same circumstance as me? I’m just pondering and would love to hear your thoughts on solutions. Thanks for your time , jay
  8. A situation came up where i need to move one strand about 20 feet away from the controller. Can I cut and splice in a new 4 conductor solution, or should I just buy another controller. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jay
  9. Well that worked out perfectly - and also made me aware I have really fallen out of touch with the next versions of software. The whole tutorial was VERY inspiring! Thank you. (and I get teary eyed too.....)
  10. I've got to learn to play with the software all year and not just try to quickly edit things in the month that the show is all set up and running. Can anyone refresh my memory on instant sequencing the basic 6 white channels for the star in Superstar? Basically, after my show was up and running, I added 12 incan spiral trees out in the yard and put them on an AC controller. They sit black for all of the songs until I add sequencing. I was thinking to save time, at least do an instant sequence for something flashy and drip it in until I can fully program something more meaningful in the future. I have a few ideas, but suggestions on techniques or where to go to for a "how to" video is much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can share! Jay
  11. Well, I ordered some 6803's online as sysco suggested - but from amazon and will have here on Wednesday. $18 for a strip. I'll play with it and post updates. At the same time, I unplugged the controller from the classic LOR CCR overnight and plugged it in this morning. Now it appears to be running fine with just that 3rd pixel staying on dim green when there is no command going to it. Otherwise it does what it is told to do. I won't mess with that for the season and deal with it in January if it stays that way.
  12. Hello! I think I got lost in the mix. Halloween is over, but it's a good time to start for 2019! Can I get a copy when you have time available? No rush and thank you in advance! j_czerwin@hotmail.com
  13. Good to know when I configure my system that way. Thank you!
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