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  1. Well that worked out perfectly - and also made me aware I have really fallen out of touch with the next versions of software. The whole tutorial was VERY inspiring! Thank you. (and I get teary eyed too.....)
  2. I've got to learn to play with the software all year and not just try to quickly edit things in the month that the show is all set up and running. Can anyone refresh my memory on instant sequencing the basic 6 white channels for the star in Superstar? Basically, after my show was up and running, I added 12 incan spiral trees out in the yard and put them on an AC controller. They sit black for all of the songs until I add sequencing. I was thinking to save time, at least do an instant sequence for something flashy and drip it in until I can fully program something more meaningful in the future. I have a few ideas, but suggestions on techniques or where to go to for a "how to" video is much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can share! Jay
  3. Well, I ordered some 6803's online as sysco suggested - but from amazon and will have here on Wednesday. $18 for a strip. I'll play with it and post updates. At the same time, I unplugged the controller from the classic LOR CCR overnight and plugged it in this morning. Now it appears to be running fine with just that 3rd pixel staying on dim green when there is no command going to it. Otherwise it does what it is told to do. I won't mess with that for the season and deal with it in January if it stays that way.
  4. Hello! I think I got lost in the mix. Halloween is over, but it's a good time to start for 2019! Can I get a copy when you have time available? No rush and thank you in advance! j_czerwin@hotmail.com
  5. Good to know when I configure my system that way. Thank you!
  6. Thank you Mister! I'll keep your offer in mind for the future!
  7. Same problem here. The strip was freaking out a bit. I unplugged the power supply overnight. Next day, I plugged it in and it seemed to have gone away. I was wondering if the recent rain was it. But later today, the third pixel stayed dim green. However, the rest of the strip was fine. So I left it. But, tonight I shut down the whole system temporarily and when I unloaded lightorama, that strip went crazy random colors and a lot of white. I unplugged the power and when I plugged it back in, it was all white from the third pixel up and only crazy color for the first three. I did some swapping of controllers and different strips and it is definitely the strip. I also went online to immediately buy a replacement and saw out of stock. WILL LOR HAVE THEM AGAIN IN THE FUTURE, OR SHOULD i START TO THINK ABOUT PHASING OUT OF THE OLD CCRS? HOPEFULLY REPLACEMENT STRIPS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Thanks to others suggesting different sources with the RBG/RGB modification. I fear if I did that sucessfully, the colors wouldn't match my original CCRs. As it is, I have 18 CCRS and 2 of them are warm white different from the cool white all of the others have. For now, I will go to a 11 CCR tree and I'll do surgery on the 12th and see if I can revive it somehow. Maybe calling LOR first. Thanks for this post and all of the info being shared. I'll keep looking for a solution and post my results here.
  8. Thanks Mister for all of that detail. Sorry for my delayed reply - life's been busy! You've given me a lot to work with in my continued discovery phase, which now I realize will have to happen after Christmas most likely. I have a 3200 pixel ASAP mega tree too that just is making things too complicated. I am going to run the same LOR show and set that up on Thanksgiving, and then tinker with all of your info and the mega tree through December - really for 2019 show. BUT THANK YOU! Your original post got me to thinking and I found the immediate problem with my 252 pixels currently on two pi's. The problem was that they were on an active network with LOR running the show and the LOR Comm Listener seems to be the problem as it is listening to too many other things on the network. When I simply unplugged the LAN network from my home router, all of my pixels ran smoothly!! FOR OTHERS - DO NOT HAVE YOUR HOME NETWORK ON A SWITCH OR ROUTER THAT YOU ARE USING E1.31 RUN DIRECTLY FROM LOR. THE LOR COMM LISTENER HATES THAT! I got to thinking about this when you said your show was running from the Pi directly. And I also heard something from my local friend Tom Langley about "some other program problem with LOR" - he uses XLIGHTS and then loads everything on a falcon like you do a pi. So some E1.31 reading from LOR manuals helped me figure the com listener issue out. Problem solved and thank you for the direction. I plan to reference your notes above and may be contacting you again in the future Mister! p.s. I like your second message where you used the wifi repeater.
  9. Thanks for sharing Mister!! Can you give me a little more detail - like are you loading your show on the pi as a master or are you using a computer to run things? Do you go through a router if from a computer? If so, then what kind? How is the network wire configuration? Thanks for sharing and giving me some nuggets to work with in my troubleshooting!
  10. I have tried a little exploration with the Falcon Pi Caps on Raspberry Pi 3s. I have two Pis set up, using an IP address to send DMX. There are two windows with 56 pixels each on one, and two windows with 70 pixels each on the other. This seems to me to not be a lot of pixels. However, in my shows from the LOR programs, the windows jitter and pause during cascades of color as created in LOR S4 software. I have it currently set up as a universe per a window. Universe 1 on output of FPP board of strand 1 (56 pixels). U2 for output 2 (56 pixels), U3 on the second Pi unit strand 1 (70 pixels), and U4 for output 2. (70 pixels) Now I have heard that sending out even partial universe means ALL universe channels are sent. So my first attempt to help is to reduce the first two windows 56+56 = 112 pixels = 336 channels on universe 1 only. this eliminates 1 universe of #2. Then the same for the second pi that was running universes 3&4. - combine 70 pixel window with another to put 140 pixels on just one universe instead of two. 70px x 2 windows = 140 px = 420 channels on pi #2. This is what I will try next. But if you have similar experiences or pro-advice, I'd love to hear from you!!!! Thank you for your time in advance. Jay
  11. Well, not a lot of replies here - perhaps because people see it is not a stand alone single post! That'll learn me for typing to myself!! IF anyone happens to read this - I found the problem. Even though I never changed any settings, for some reason the lightorama network configuration reverted back to a lower speed than what I had originally on that COM port. Upping the speed just to 115.4K resolved the issue! Well done Jay! Thank you for your help! Anytime. My pleasure. OK, I'll stop typing to myself now. Could all of this lighting stuff be making me crazy??!?!?!
  12. Midnight update - Took the fist controller (old one that was dried out to work) and the remaining 3 in the series still have the delay issue. RED USB485-HS adapter >> Pixel v-2 Controller >> Pixel v-2 Controller >> 6 year old pixel V1 controller.
  13. One thought - of the 3 water damaged units, I managed to get one dried out and working again, so I was going to send one of the good ones back to LOR to keep costs down. I wanted to return it unopened, but I might try just taking the one previously water damaged unit out and test the new one in it's place if that might be a problem. Or maybe I just take the first one out of the loop and run the 3 without it. I'll work on taking it out of the string to see if that fixes it at all... but eager to hear others' thoughts. Thanks again!
  14. Hurricane Michael took out 3 of my 4 CCP controllers with water damage. (long story) But bottom line is that the 6 year-old controllers (out of warranty) were replaced and the show was back up and running within a day thanks to the GREAT service of LOR and their Emergency Service program!! Thank you Dan and the whole team!!! The old version CCPs are now replaced with new V-2 versions. The only thing is that I am now noticing a jittery hesitation in my previously smooth animations when making movement across the 400 pixels. I suspect there is a setting somewhere or an upgrade to a driver or something that will easily fix this. In the off chance that this is a "no-brainer" and a familiar issue with someone, I thought I would post here while I head out to the garage computer to work on trial-and-error fixes. I'll check back in shortly. Thank you in advance for suggestions! 4 CCPs - Old one >> new one >> new one >> old one. Only these 4 controllers on a separate COM port (USB) from my computer using a RED USB485-HS adapter.
  15. I did it. Just made sure channels in my musicals were not in my background channels at the same time. Same controller, just different channels. dibblejr, I have always thought about doing that! What fun! I imagined those tall wacky wavy sales things at a car dealership - where they would be on my roof over the eave on my backyard side. turning them on would make them appear on my roof to the street! Thanks for the comments!!
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