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  1. Using Tracks and confused

    I have had success! Thank you. It's working now. - two separate tracks in different configurations than the original track 1. Works like a charm now!! Interesting thing I learned - If you copy to another track and leave it exactly the same, changing the copy also changes the original - even when locked channels! So, I grouped channels in the #1 main and copied them to #2. If I change the name of Group #2 or move any of the channels, it does the same in #1. And visa-versa. If I degroup either #1 or #2, then the connection is broken permanently. I can regroup them the exact same way and even call it the same group name, but the link is broken and the parallel channel name/order/grouping changes will not happen. (keep in mind I am only talking about the channel name/order connection. The sequence info stays in connected as long as it is a copy from the original and not done by creating new channels from scratch with the same unit/channel ID) So the DEGROUP immediately after making a COPY to the new track is essential. Thank you again! Jay
  2. Using Tracks and confused

    Thanks again and sorry for so many questions Do they need to be ungrouped in the master? I have groups and sub groups now. Can i rename them in the master after the copy? Can I rename them in the copies after the copy from the Master? I am assuming that if I rearrange them in the copy track 2, that then I can also group them as I wish in the copy track 2?
  3. Using Tracks and confused

    Do I have to do each channel manually as a copy, or can I do a Group or at least RGB channel?
  4. Using Tracks and confused

    SUPER fast reply Don and thank you - I suspected as much. I think in the mix, I was making new channels instead of copying - and now I am also probably sending dual and conflicting commands to the same channel to make things even more confusing. Wow..... Back to the SE for a lot of editing...... Thanks again, Jay
  5. Using Tracks and confused

    I have been using LOR for a very long time but never used tracks. This year I made a complicated star with RGB pixels and the order of the pixels as wired were done to save wire and not in a shape order at all. So my thinking was to make a track below and identify the pixel numbers that make straight lines - e.g Side 1, Side 2, Side 3, etc. After I did this for track 2 with straight lines, I saw an opportunity to do pixels that are in circles. So I made a track 3 with Circle 1, Circle 2, etc.... Now I would think that if I turn on a pixel in any track, it should also be turned on in the other tracks, but that is not happening. I'm lost and will keep searching for videos and other posts, but I thought I would post here in parallel and see if anyone knows where my flaw is.... Thank you in advance! Jay
  6. Love LOR - Trying Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap

    Thanks guys - I'm using DMX (E1.31) and have managed to get things working right from the LOR sequencer now. What a trip to be running a controller without a CAT5 line connected. My next challenge is that the Falcon Pi Cap on the Raspberry Pi can run a huge amount of channels/pixels, and LOR does 170 pixels per a universe. So I'm testing to see how many universes I can send from LOR to the Pi. I'll report back here with any success. Thanks again!!
  7. Love LOR - Trying Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap

    When I do that, I get more of a push to XLights or other things I don't want to learn outside of LOR. Looking to socialize and solve problems with LOR folks! :-)
  8. I love LOR and want to continue using the software I know how to use. I am experimenting with Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap. I finally got two strands of pixels to light up using FPP direct from my computer to run a test mode from FPP. Now I want to light those pixels up from LOR - preferably from the hardware utility, but eventually from my showtime products. Can anyone help me in the final steps and give me some advice on how to make LOR control the FPP Pi Cap on a Pi B+? Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide!
  9. TSO - Paul O'Neil has passed

    All of us lighting fanatics will have at least one light out this season...
  10. lor's UV Flood

    Can you describe how you are using the lights? Like how far from the house/display and what coverage you get. If you point them at your house, do you feel it is a concern to look out at the yard and see them directly even from a distance?
  11. I read that Blacklights are at 365 for the most part. I'm trying to find the spec on what the wavelength is on the LOR UV floods....
  12. Just wanted to share...

    Also sorry for your loss. Know that you gave Little Man a great life and that others lucky enough to have you in their life also appreciate all that you have to offer. Wishing you the best of strength through the healing process....
  13. Not Christmas,but Hanukkah and Chanuka in my display!

    I forgot about this post - but a couple of weeks ago I was invited by the locals to a mini! We drove about 2.5 hours north in to the Chattanooga area and I met about 20 brilliant folks!!!
  14. Not Christmas,but Hanukkah and Chanuka in my display!

    Thank you for the cheer! And yes, I think we could start something here in the south with our own mini. As soon as a bulk of the new-home fixes are complete, I think putting some effort in to an event might be warranted!!!
  15. I just moved to Peachtree City, GA a couple of months prior and was nervous about how my neighbors might accept my passion for Lightorama displays. My closest neighbors who have been extremely supportive in our family move happen to be Jewish and made a few tongue-and-cheek comments about all of the Christmas stuff I was setting up. So, I modified part of my display with a blue and white gift and then spent about 20 hours programming a short 12 CCR song for them. It went over well and they brought friends and family over for all great nights of Hanukkah!! Sharing the love with LOR!!!