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  1. That is an awesome song to use as an intro! May I please have copy with instructions also? email: obrienszoo@yahoo.com You are awesome! Thank you very much! Shelly
  2. Sorry, link should work this time https://vimeo.com/54269327
  3. Merry Christmas Everyone! Caught myself outside tonight just watching the display, it is hard to believe the season is almost over already! We have had a lot of fun with singing faces, they have been a big hit this year. It is hard to see the size of things, but the mega tree is 25 feet tall and the faces just over 9 feet tall. We decorate about a half acre so to make things proportional we have had to go big!!!! www.vimeo.com/54269327
  4. Nothing says you have to wrap them around the pole. What if you made a flexible sleeve out of say flexible black abs drain pipe that is 3 or 4 inches in diameter and make each length what you want it to be. 18 inches for a 100 light strand looks good to me. Cut the flexible pipe along its length that you selected and add hooks or holes top and bottom for the lights to hook around or zip tie to. Make sure you don't wrap over the lengthwise cut. When you crank up the pole add each section by simply opening the lengthwise slit and snapping it, if you will, around the center pole. It might even be able to cover the crank cable. Secure each section as you crank up. Maybe zip tie it together if needed. If a section goes out simply lower and unhook each section until you get to the one needing repair. It might work very well. I am on the top step of a 12 foot step ladder with a 10 foot pole attaching all 32 light strands and 20-21 feet is my max. My tree was actually 25+ feet and after attempting to put the first string on from the top step, I pulled it down and cut off about 5 feet. A crank would be much easier. I'm going for a 30' Rhon 25G tower with a tilt up base when I can. Much sturdier but will require a lift. The 10 foot tube is 5$. My guess is you have a 100 light strand. Try 1 section and report back to let us know what worked or didn't. You can always use that section for an arch later
  5. UAL hasn't needed me for a couple of days so I built this. 9 feet tall 9 feet wide using all of the hat. My wife woke up a couple days ago after watching some new videos you all have posted and directed me to the garage. Sometimes I wish I didn't have among my much collected and precious stuff, steel round bar, a welder, and 2 old incandescent 150' spools of rope lights sitting in the attic, and 8 empty channels on the roof. Most of the time I am glad I have it. Programming is initially difficult. Can't believe how many times I have moved my mouth during the build trying to figure out what I wanted it to look like. My wife is the programmer and is way better than I could ever be with the show. After all, our entire Christmas display is her hobby. We build and add all year, every year. Overdoing it, 2011
  6. Might not be the best place to post tree build techniques but.. There are 1400 lights on the 20 foot pole controlled with 7 channels each running 2 incan strands per channel. I wrap and wire the pole before putting it up and will leave it that way stored all year. I can take it apart easily and planned for it but I have no issues storing it built where I am. Initial build and wrapping took about 2 hours total secured with screw in metal hooks you can get at Home Depot in packs of 50. The top is also just 32 hooks evenly spaced in 2 rows and screwed in by hand to the pipe after pre-drilling a very small hole. The rest of the tree only uses 32 more channels for now because of weight at the top. I have another 2 hours on a 12 foot step ladder with a pole hanging those strands. That is the toughest and most worrisome part of any tree assembly to me. The tree itself is 4 inch thick wall black PVC drain pipe stepped down to 3 inch for the last 10 feet with guy wires at 1/2, 3/4 and the top. I'll add a steel pipe in the center if/when I build the tree topper and double the channel count. The Santa Anna winds here have been crazy this year and all is well so far, knock on wood. When tree is up I then press in the controllers and plug away. The cords for the 7 channels are right at the feet of the controllers and the 32 other channels are short 12+ foot SPT with vampire plugs at the base of the tree all run with 1 dedicated 20 amp circuit. Very simple actually. Attached files
  7. Another picture with only 2 controllers attached and room for 2 more. I stack them back to back after all the Cat5 is connected, add a cable lock through them all and around the 20' mega tree, then cover with a black trash bag. Simple if on grass or hidden in a garden/flower bed area. These are cut 2 feet and could be shorter or longer is desired. Attached files
  8. obrienszoo wrote: I am going to attempt to attach a picture of the controller holders I have made. I tried to post 2 pics but couldn't figure out how without losing the first picture. Attached files
  9. I cover all of my controllers with black Glad 33 gallon trash bags. Not sealed, just covered and secured with a bungee cord to prevent losing the bag in the wind. No one sees the controllers at night. I cover 8 controllers mounted on the stakes I mentioned in the controller mounting thread with 1 bag at the base of my mega tree and no one sees them. Keeps them dry and dust free here. For those living in the snow areas, I have used white trash compactor bags with great results. Those are very thick.
  10. I had the exact same result with one of my 3 new CCR's right out of the box. First half worked and the second half was on all white with no control. Plugged ribbon in to the other 2 controllers and all was fine with the ribbon. With much testing and denial, I opened a ticket with LOR. It turned out to be an obvious controller failure. Upon receiving a new controller from LOR, all was fixed.
  11. I use 2 of these on either side of a 2x4 screwed through the post into the cut ends of the wood. I made the 2x4 pieces each 2 feet and can get 4 controllers screwed directly to each piece (2 per side front and back). Piece count for each controller stand include 2 posts and 2 pieces of 2x4 cut to your desired length and 4 1.5 inch deck screws. You can make them wider or narrower depending on the length of the 2x4 you cut. I made 2 stands out of 4, 3 foot posts and 1, 8' 2x4 holding 8 controllers. They press directly into the ground about a foot and keep the dongles about 8 inches off the ground. They do make taller posts for those living where more height is needed and are very inexpensive. Controllers are bolted to 2x4 with self taping screws with rubber backed washers for sealing. Holder of 4 controllers cost about 5$ and stores flat. I even cut the wood with a hand saw and still only had 5 or so minutes into total build
  12. jim6918 wrote: "You can't claim to be a real LOR'er unless you either, spend at least $3000 each year doing upgrades or get a warning letter from your wife's divorce attorney. Until then you are still considered a newbie." Only 3K per year? There is where I am in trouble. No divorce letter yet but the the looks are getting a little worrisome. Problem is this is my wife's hobby. I just can't stop buying the stuff every year despite the fact that she does all the work putting it out. I guess you could say wife's hobby my addiction. Setup and Take down I could do without "I do have to say however, that 4,000' of SPT wire is a very nice start. When does the second 1/2 arrive?" The 4000 feet is only the upgrade this year. Doubled last years order. It lakes a lot to go around 1/2 acre. 8 20amp dedicated circuits buried underground outside... "Just kidding of course. Welcome to the forum." Thoroughly enjoy the forum. I'll always be a newbie. Now if I could just catch up to her understanding of the sequencing I could totally take over. S3 here I come. Wait, That might be the straw......
  13. Crud, Flying for a living I was away and missed the early bird (5 am PT) purchase. I did get my 6 controller order in finally at 5 pm PT. I was extremely in the mood when ordering as our 400 vampire plugs and 4000' of SPT wire for this year also arrived today . When do we stop adding infrastructure?
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