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  1. Hopefully waiting also. Thanks Matt.
  2. As opposed to us I guess....
  3. He was just in the forum activity list, hovering over the new guys avatar. No trickery.
  4. Oh no....... Not another one..........
  5. I doubt it. Sounds overly complex, and with few advantages. The whole point of FM is that nobody outside of guests vehicles will hear it. I also suspect the bass would be seriously compromised
  6. It's not just the sample rate. It must be Constant Bit Rate, not Variable Bit Rate, That is an additional setting in Audacity in the lower part of the export audio dialog. The other alternative is to use WAV, which is by definition a constant bit rate.
  7. Must be constant bit rate, CBR, sounds like your file is variable bit rate, VBR
  8. I looked around a little and could not find anything either. Someone who has one may post a reply, or you could just submit a Help Desk ticket and ask.
  9. RS485 Drivers. Here. Bottom of page. http://www1.lightorama.com/firmware-updates/
  10. Wow. Only one post in more than 24 hrs. Might be a record.
  11. No, you are doing it backwards. As Mr P said. Open existing sequence. Add new CCR channels at the BOTTOM. Save new config. Copy and paste from new CCR sequencing into the modified sequence. Save as a new file for safety. Open next sequence and import the new config, then copy and paste the new CCR content again. Rinse and repeat.
  12. You can't use E 1.31 with LOR AC controllers, at least not easily. RS 485 is the best option. There is a USB 485 B adaptor which will split one into two outputs which can be used as a splitter. It's not a high speed adaptor though, but you should be fine with just AC controllers. Look on the LOR website. Seems to me that daisy chaining would not be a problem though, probably shorter distances than splitting. Remember, controllers, can be connected in ANY order.
  13. VHS is VERY low resolution compared to today's HD and better capture devices. I captured most of mine years ago with a Dazzle capture card at 640 by 480 progressive format and they turned out pretty good. If I were to do it again today, I would probably capture at HD 1020 progressive just to be sure I had captured every possible detail. At least 720p A lot will depend on the quality of the output of your VHS player, because of its age and original build quality.. You will have to buy a capture device or card and it will need to have the same connections as your playback device, probably RCA red white and yellow. Red is right audio, white is left audio ( assuming stereo content), and yellow is composite video. Something like this would work, but I have no recent direct knowledge of these products so you will need to research carefully to get the features you need. Most are USB so make sure they support the fastest transfer rate your pc will allow. at least USB 2.0 preferably. https://www.amazon.com/Roxio-Easy-Plus-Video-Converter/dp/B006GOFW3E/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?hvadid=269675872951&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9013386&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=439241280778011078&hvtargid=kwd-2413540243&keywords=vhs+to+pc+converter&qid=1550262839&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spons&tag=googhydr-20&psc=1 The next possibility is a paid service, Search online for conversion houses, and see what the costs are. Bear in mind what you are going to spend in time and money to do it yourself, and compare the costs. Remember the capture is a real time operation so you have to sit through every minute of tape. Finally you can look into ripping your DVD's using some of the technically illegal tools found on the internet. Not going to say any more about that.
  14. In S4, just for the exercise, I just scaled the intensity of an entire sequence containing dumb RGB , Pixels and AC by 20%. Select first cell of all rows, right click, Select rows, Right click, Change Intensities, select the desired colors and/or non rgb, select Scale, and 20% and Apply. Took about 20 seconds for the software to execute the change. I don't know if S5 can do this or not, but it should. Change intensity is a powerful tool that can be applied to any part or all of a sequence.
  15. I ran 4 tucked up high under my eaves, so they were out of the direct weather. They survived the season fine. The 60W are pretty bright, but of course nothing like the higher wattage, higher price ones. Be nice to have TSO's budget for just one of their heads.
  16. Alan. Where did you get your lights. I have been looking for RGB with a gobo. Those seem nice. Mine are white with color and shape gobos, and 60W.
  17. As JR said something in the background may be hogging CPU cycles. Check the CPU loads in task manager. On a long shot, what format is your audio file encoded in. Try using.WAV.
  18. Dragging a chase through a lot of visible channels over a several minute sequence is very quick in S4. Seems very sluggish and time consuming in S5.
  19. Big thanks to Bob for all his time and effort in making MIIP available. It has been a great season.
  20. Happy to see I am not alone in requesting RGB editing. Hopefully Matt can make it happen. I will be sticking with S4 otherwise.
  21. Why would you leave 11000 channels dark., or any for that matter.
  22. Well, you're in the right hobby now then. OK last post I promise.
  23. Hands up who knows what an antipodal point is. No Googling
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