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  1. PhilMassey

    Chop Chop Chop

    LOR only.
  2. PhilMassey

    Current Draw

    They are talking specifically about AC controllers, not DC.
  3. PhilMassey

    Pixie 2D box not holding the RGB order

    Actually, It made perfect sense....................after a couple of beers. 😀
  4. Same here, must be one of the wettest, coldest, setups in quite a few years. Finally looks like we might get a break for the next week or so.
  5. Is that some new kind of outdoor network, as opposed to a netdrywork......😃
  6. PhilMassey

    TSO Tour last night

    Dec 7th, actually here in Knoxville. No roadtrip required this year.
  7. PhilMassey

    High Speed Red Adapter

    Look here, bottom of page. http://www1.lightorama.com/firmware-updates/
  8. Just in case I was not clear, earlier, once you Install S5 you cannot install S4 on top. You must uninstall first, and may need to regwipe and delete some residual files from the x86 folder. Good luck.
  9. Sounds like a bad download. Try it again. However, you cannot install S4 over S5 without uninstalling S5 first. It should work going from S4 to S5. Running a registry wipe and deleting the LOR folder in the Programs (x86) folder is sometimes required, after the uninstall, when going back and forth between major versions, particularly if you have already tried several times.
  10. PhilMassey

    Show Computer Dead

    In the root folder of your LOR data files. Probably one level up from your Sequences folder, but it could be anywhere you may have saved it to. Search your C:\ drive for Yearsched.lsc and weeksched.lsc.
  11. PhilMassey

    Blinking at 1/2 power

    Might be worth checking all the internal connections of that box. Make sure nothing is loose or damaged. Disconnected of course.
  12. PhilMassey

    Blinking at 1/2 power

    Sounds like you have a config issue. Duplicate ID's. Check your channel and unit assignments in SE and your network config for errors.
  13. PhilMassey

    Changing colors....

    No. Matt is looking into adding it. That is what I am waiting for. Still got my fingers crossed.
  14. Finished my setup yesterday. Going to be cold and rainy for the next week. Checked every thing out with MIIP and ran a few sequences. Working well.
  15. The URL is xxxx.miip.mobi, where x is your site code Mine is 1020. miip.mobi which is easy enough to put on a yard sign. It's also my house number. You can redirect from your own page if you have one. Why did you want static lights. The whole point is musical sequences, Folks may just drive away if nothing is happening. I have 40+ songs playing continuously and guests can play any of them any time.
  16. Take a look at Bob O's MIIP. Mobile Internet Interactive Playlist. Let your guests select what plays next from their phone. http://itsmebob.com/SD.html
  17. I have been using it for several weeks, now. There is an update to get the first time you run it, but everything from last year should still be there. Don't forget to log in on the Member Tab
  18. I never pin anything so that may be true.
  19. Must not be uninstalling properly. Did you try manually removing the x86 files.
  20. Installed 4.4 yesterday. Seems fine. MIIP seems happy too.. You must have scared it off.
  21. Comm listener is required for shows and therefore always starts with control panel. This is normal behaviour.Just let it live happily on in the task bar.
  22. PhilMassey

    Continue The Story In 4 Words...

    Please make it stop
  23. PhilMassey

    Want Just a mega tree!

    Hear hear.
  24. PhilMassey

    Pixie2D CCP setup

    So it sounds like your pixels are working then. The HU is only for initial setup and testing. Now you know they work it's time to set them up in the SE and sequence away.
  25. PhilMassey

    Pixie2D CCP setup

    In the pixel console there is a horizontal slider below the vertical ones, which selects the next group of pixels. Just move it one click to the right and it will put pix 25 to 48, on the vertical sliders. If memory serves there are just 24 sliders. If you can't find it post back and I'll post a cap, but it will be tomorrow when I get to a pc.