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  1. Try the sequence sharing forum. Ask for that song. Someone may have it.
  2. Matt. Just testing 5.3.12 briefly before showtime. When I save a .loredit file I do not see any playback file creation in either my sequences or lorinternal. I do see the fresh time stamp on the loredit file. Phil.
  3. This Christmas Day is on the Christmas Eve and Other Stories album. Track 14 to be specific. I would think it would be on Amazon.
  4. I had this issue. Pixel 8 of a 50 pix string stuck on red. Pixels 1 to 7 display proper program Pixels 9 to50 stuck on random color. This only happens in rain. Goes away after it dries up. Diagnosis. Pixel 7 or 8 is bad and not passing data I examined 8 the next day and found evidence of water intrusion. As a temp fix I applied some hot melt to try to seal it up enough to get through season. Not rained again so far. We'll see.
  5. Yes, they did not over use it. I was quite close and they were modulating the music onto the lightening strikes. You could make out the song.
  6. Try getting rid of the hyphens and other punctuation in the filenames.
  7. Couldn't believe it myself. When it came up out of it's box I thought "that looks like a Van De Graaff generator."......... surely not
  8. I find motion effects to be a double edged sword. On one hand, there are amazing effects, easily accessed, and incorporated into a show. On the other hand I find myself feeling guilty that it is just too easy to throw an effect at a sequence and let the viewers brain do the sequencing. One of my friends once asked me how I synced a neighbours lights to mine, a static display with twinkling and flashing strings. Of course I was not.
  9. I want one of these. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m8ddoaooql90oi/20191208_163623_1.gif?dl=0
  10. So, did you try turning it off and on again? Seriously, an uninstall and reinstall takes less than 5 minutes and on a risk scale of 1 to 10, is about a 1. You have a backup anyway, right? Just in case.
  11. The preview is stored in \commondata\LORpreviews.xml. You need to copy that file to the same folder on the laptop. In fact, if you have not, just copy the entire LOR folder structure over.
  12. Would creating a new Windows User account help. At this point if it were my machine, I would back everything up, and do a clean re install of Windows.
  13. Depends on the age of the controller. http://www1.lightorama.com/set-unit-id/
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