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  1. Think of it as video editing. I sometimes use two motion rows for the same prop and swap between them to do dissolves between effects for smoother transitions.
  2. Check your Windows mixer while the show is playing. Is the LOR slider turned down or muted. Have you created the playback files, by letting the show player create them. It takes a few minutes. The second time through it should play. You can see it happen in the status window. There have been significant improvements to the show playing performance since 5.1. You should consider going to 5.4.
  3. I question the choice of strips for the minitrees. They are fragile and need care in handling and I personally think the look would not be that good. You might want to consider dumb pixels if you really want to use RGB there, My Minitrees are two color AC strings, I have nine of them and they use my only remaining AC controllers. I like the look and they will probably stay that way. I had a brief foray into dumb strips in 2012 on roofline and windows.. Didn't like the look and went pixels the next year, plus more control. The controllers got repurposed to floodlights, and the strips were mostly scrapped. If you wanted to do smart pixels, you can still make them all one color and avoid the added complexity of sequencing many channels until you learn how. Also motion effects are fairly easy. I also echo K6CCC on the learn to solder comment. Strips are difficult to solder, yes, but you will have failures and need to replace leads and pixels at some point. Pixel nodes whether dumb or smart are much less fragile and easier to solder.
  4. Very interesting. Let me digest that for awhile. Thank you very much Matt.
  5. Jim, I can send you the prop I am working with if you would like to play with it.
  6. @MattBrown I have set up 100 x 5 pixel stake lights in preview. I want pixel level control in sequencer and motion rows. I set them up by creating each pixel individually then copying 5 times for the first stake, then copying the 5 pixel stake 10 times for the first row, then the row ten times for the whole ten rows. This works and I can do sequencing and motion rows fine. What I can't figure out is how to create a motion row for say just all the top pixels, ie all the pixel 5's. Should I have set it up differently or what am I missing. Any thought? Thanks, Phil
  7. Are we talking about pixels and motion rows, or AC lights and regular channels. If you are not on an enhanced network, you can't use motion rows for regular lights and Sequencer should warn you about that. Generally speaking adding an effect on top of an existing effect is fine. You need to tell us more about your setup.
  8. I think you will find that most create their own using an audio editor such as the free Audacity. It would be a personal taste thing anyway, so try and make your own, It's not hard to do In any case Forum rules prohibit the sharing of music files.
  9. Are these very fast timings, like 0.05s or less. Sometimes the Sequencer can't keep up particularly on a slower machine. It has a lot to do playing the sequence in Sequencer in real time. Try creating a show player file with just the one song and see if it plays in the show player. If it does, no worries. It could also be due to some app or process running in the background If you still have issues it would help us if we knew what lights, how, many channels and what controllers you have
  10. Well, that makes it pretty much worthless.
  11. Hmm I dont think I ever saw that screen before.I saw your video and it does not show up on an exit and restart of CP. I have several controllers and quite a few lights in my den which i play with all the time when I'm testing sequences.or just bored with TV. My Nvidia drivers have their own updater which is a bit of a pain since it is always wanting to update game drivers, but it does keep the card updated. Dont know if it would make a difference though.
  12. Two thoughts.Alan. What is the screen that shows up briefly at 14 seconds. Never ever saw that before. Ever.......... I leave control panel running all the time and it starts with Windows. Even if I shut CP down and start Sequencer, CP does not load. If I start CP manually, I still don't see that window, What type video card, are you using, I'm on an Nvidia card, which I keep up to date.
  13. Hi Alan. Very strange. I too have been using 5.4.2 on a daily basis. I usually leave my machine on 24/7, but I do reboot on occasion. I have not had an issue starting the sequence. Not sure what might be going on. Does the same thing happen if you start with either the start menu or from control panel. Phil
  14. If it worked before, have you tried a restart, not sleep or hibernate, but a full power off reboot. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstall from a fresh download. You ARE an the latest 5.4.2 version, yes, because your profile says 3.8.0
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