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  1. The Preview doesn't have to look like reality. Its just to give you an idea of what's going on. I have stuff all over the place, below , above and to the sides, wherever it will fit. There just isn't room on the picture for everything. You could make a split screen by combining two pictures, above and below, or side by side, or use no picture at all. You would need to do that in an image editor. I hardly notice my picture anymore, I have it set so dim. There are zoom controls in the preview to allow you to zoom in on props, and there are zoom options on sequencer playback which do a similar thing.
  2. Like Jim, I have never used video in my show, but having played around with it a little i can add that you will need an advanced license for full screen playback and will need a compatible video format. http://www1.lightorama.com/showtime-sequencing-suite/#levels I just ran a test with an mp4 I had lying around and it worked, The supported formats are shown in the media file loading dialog. Sequence/Media file Search the help file in S5 for more info on using video in a show. Someone else will have to chime in on projector setup.
  3. The red channel for whatever reason is not on. The possible causes are. Red channel not programmed. Red channel on that fixture is broken. Red wire not connected to board on that port. Eyeball the board connectors for a loose red wire. Connector not connected firmly, or has a problem. Try the following. Triple check the programming. Unplug and replug the connector. Make sure it it firmly plugged in. Try wiggling it. Plug the bad light into another channel, and a good light into the bad channel. If the problem moves with the light, the fixture or it's wiring has an issue. If the problem stays with the channel, it's either the wiring for that channel or possibly a problem on the board.
  4. That type error is sometimes fixed by a simple restart of the computer. If all else fails try uninstalling and reinstalling S5. Your data should not be affected, but always backup first,
  5. Actually, JR thought I answered this yesterday, but it didn't seem to post so we'll try again. The Preview data is stored in an xml file called Lorpreviews.xml in the Commondata folder. I periodically make a backup of that file to a new filename in case I muck up my preview. It saved me on a couple of occasions, especially when I was new to S5. As an aside, you should also make a copy of your Preview using the copy button in the preview sidebar in the Sequencer. If you are making changes to previews or opening other people's sequences make sure you work on a copy of your Preview until you are sure nothing gets messed up. but if it does, you have a copy of the Lorpreviews.xml to fall back on if all else fails. You also need this file if moving to another sequencing machine. I'm a bit OCD about this stuff, but I've been bit before.
  6. To control DMX stage lights, you need a second, separate LOR adaptor on a second com port and a crossover cable to convert LOR to DMX. LOR is on cat 5 pins 4,5, and 6, and they need to go to XLR pins 3,2 and 1 respectively. The second adaptor will be on AuxA and com port set to none in the LOR tab. In the DMX tab use a separate universe, and in the settings you will enter the adaptor ID, ( look in device manager), and raw DMX protocol.
  7. Very nice Matt, Thanks.
  8. And, create a copy of your main preview to work on along with a copy of a sequence so you don't potentially contaminate all of them, until you're sure everything looks OK. Any time i am doing major preview changes, I make a copy of the XML file, just in case.
  9. I'll bet that creating the miipclient folder in appdata\local and putting a copy of miip.cmd in there will satisfy Sequencer.
  10. Ok I get it now. My show and Sequencing machines are one and the same. If I move the Miipcmd file out from it's proper location I get the same popup you describe. Would installing MIIP on the Sequencing box work as workaround, without having to change every cmd. File paths would have to be the same though. Actually thinking some more, you might just be able to put a copy of the file in the location it's looking for even if you had to create that file path manually.That would keep the sequencer happy and do no harm. Still would be useful to be just able to toggle Wincmd off globally when you don't need it.
  11. Like I said, mine just plays, always has, and it processes the command. In the Win command setup window, what state is selected, mine is Start Minimized. with Focus, third one down.
  12. Jim, I have MIIP commands in every sequence and have never seen this behavior.. Whenever I play Sequencer, it just plays, and it does send the command. I can see it change the text file. Or are you talking about a different command.
  13. Thinking about it. Perhaps a Degroup function might be helpful in a case like this. Degroup the items, move around and regroup.
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