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  1. I don't recall exactly what I wrote to last time ( barely remember breakfast), but not a great deal has changed. Unfortunately it a fact of life that as sequences get bigger, ( pixels), load and render times can get longer and even very high horsepower machines can seem slow. The biggest single thing you can do is a fast SSD, period. That i5 laptop would seem like new with a good SSD and a clean install. After that as much processor and graphics card as you can afford. A medium to high end graphics adaptor always helps, but those gifs will still take a long time to load,
  2. If you used the default install. C:\Users\Username\Doccuments\LightO Rama\Commondata. All the previews are stored in LORPreviews.XML ( I misnamed it first time) if you changed the install path to C:\LOR. (which it sounds like you may have done) then it would be in C:\LOR\Commondata. If C:\LOR is just YOUR location for the sequences, then Commondata (and a lot of other folders) are probably in the first path above and are not getting synced. You need to have the same folder structure in all the installations. Changing the default user path can be done in Sequencer/Tools
  3. Are you aware that the previews are stored in Previews.xml\commondata. That will need syncing as well.
  4. If I were you I would ditch Avast. Windows Defender works fine, is free and probably safer.
  5. S5 is a steep learning curve, so your approach with two machines is a good one. Might be a bit much for this year though. Look on LOR's Youtube channel, and on a website called Luminous Harmony which has a number of vids on S5.
  6. It was when you had to share interrupts that made me lose my hair.
  7. You don't need to do anything in the Device manager once the driver is installed.. Just note the Com Port number on the item that disappeared when you unplugged it, and use it in the HU to test, and you will need to open Network Preferences and use the com port number there. In the LOR tab click on Regular and in the box that opens, choose COM whatever you found in Device manager.
  8. Look in Device manager, and see what Com port is reported by Windows for the USB Com port. That is the number you will need to tell LOR, in HU and Network settings.
  9. Assuming Win 10, and that you installed the LOR USB drivers. Available here, bottom of page RS485 Drivers. http://www1.lightorama.com/firmware-updates/ Right click on start button, choose Device manager. open the Ports section. You may see a Regular Com port, probably com 1, and a USB Serial port and its Com Port number. That is the one you will use in Hardware utility for the LOR com port setting. On the left of the HU; click the dropdown and choose the new port number. Don't use auto configure.
  10. I think if the pc is connected to the internet, the file will automatically download itself when you open HU. I deleted the file and it came back when I clicked refresh. I have 5.5.2.
  11. According to the error message, HU can't find the devicefile.txt, which contains info about all LOR controllers. It lives in user/lor/lorinternal/downloads/HU. it should update itself when you use the HU, if you are connected to the Internet. Close HU, for good measure restart the pc and connect to internet and restart the HU You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling S5 which might straighten things out.
  12. Channel count is still fairly low with dumb RGB so pro is probably overkill, but you'll need it sooner or later. I used dumb RGB for one year in 2012, and quickly went to smart pixels. All that expense of the dumb setup was wasted.
  13. Let me say I don't use a director, but I think I can answer. I believe the director starts playback when it gets powered, so yes to external timer. LOR has lots of pixel controllers which work over RS485, but third party pixel controllers will not They have dumb controllers too.
  14. Just to beat this to death. Many of the largest rock concert lighting directors still " play" a lot of the light cues using momentary keys on the light board in real time, and they can afford the best gear
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