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  1. Just tested 4.3.24. HU works properly, no issues here. Thanks Mike and Tor.
  2. 4.3.22

    Sounds like there MAY be an issue with .22. Check in on Mike's post.
  3. Hey Mike. I have just completed some testing and I can confirm I am seeing comm port issues with 4.3.22. Windows 10 pro 64. First let me say that I have been using 4.3.22 since it came out, for sequencing and playing shows on three cmb 16's and one cmb 24 plus three E 6804's almost daily with 0 issues I had however not even opened the HU until I read your post, That was when the fun began. Opened HU from control panel and was told the com listener had comm 3 said yes and the HU opened but still could not find com 3. (See attach 1) Closed HU down and ran a show on demand, Lights work. Opened SE and played a sequence, Lights work. however the dialog appeared saying media could not be found ( attach 2) Pressed OK and the sequence started with music anyway. Uninstall .22 and deleted the X86 folder to be on the safe side and put .18 back on. No issues controlling lights, with show player, SE or HU Att 1 Att 2
  4. 4.3.22

    Here are a few possibilities. Could be Port issues with the USB adaptor although I have installed S5 and reinstalled S4 several times and the ports did not move and 4.3.22 is running quite happily on W 10 Pro. Have you unplugged the USB adaptor by any chance and perhaps plugged it back into a different USB port. Can you see what Com ports are assigned in device manager, and is it the same Port that is set in the hardware utility. Might have to reinstall the USB drivers. W10 is currently using WMP 12, and 9 came out in 2004 so I doubt that is an issue........however, I have to ask.... How old is the machine, how old is the Windows install and is it a W10 upgrade, 'cause it might be time to do a re-install to a clean drive.
  5. S5 back to S4

    Download the version you need here: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ Unload any LOR programs that are running. LOR control panel for example. Uninstall Version 5, from Programs and Features in Control Panel. In file manager go to C:\Program Files(x86) and delete the Light O Rama folder. Re install your old version. Your sequences SHOULD not be affected but ALWAYS have a backup just in case.
  6. CAT5 cable runs

    Cue Orange Extension Cord Post in 3.........2...........1
  7. Sequencing a 2 CCR length circle

    As a matter of interest, how will we do that in S5?
  8. New look?

  9. New look?

    Coffee shop ignore is back, at least in Chrome in Android. It is not back in the Sequence Sharing page. It was there previously.
  10. Old Visualizer with S5.0.2

    Like you Jim, I hope for the best from S5 but fear the worst. I have 46 sequences which look like crap when I "convert" them to loredit and play files, so since I can't do anything useful with it, back to S4 I guess.
  11. Old Visualizer with S5.0.2

    OK, Sort of working. Seems you cant save or load any files except for the default including New. Playback works though.
  12. I think I read a post a few days ago saying that the S4 Visualizer was working wit S5 if you copied the exe from an S4 installation. I just tried it with 5.0.2 and it does work. I just put the executable back in the X86 folder and voila. I don't know if LOR have any plans along these lines but It would be nice to be able to run an entire show for testing purposes and watch the Vis. There is currently no way except in Sequencer.( I think) I also still think the Visualizer has better response than the preview window, but I could be wrong.
  13. Audio interference

    Check your audio cables and plugs. Remove and re-insert a couple of times. Might be a loose connection or bad cable.
  14. Having to restart Visualizer

    Perhaps a video driver or Open GL issue if I had to guess. Try checking for graphics driver updates. One other thought, make sure the machines are not going into hibernate, often causes issues on wake up. If you are not sure, Google how to turn off hibernate.
  15. Sync Toy Problem

    Just to clarify, echo is an alternate setting to sync, in Synctoy. Echo just works in one direction so to speak, and avoids inadvertant deletions.