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  1. C:\Users\Username\Documents\Lightorama\Commondata\LORpreviews.xml Also make sure you have a backup of that file.
  2. Matt., a question about Regwipe , if I may. How specific is the Regwipe utility to S5 (or S4) software version. I have various copies collected over the years. I assume one should always use the version for your current version of the software. Is the latest Regwipe backwards compatible with earlier versions? Thanks, Phil
  3. Mine's working fine. just tried it, Have you rebooted.
  4. If you haven't, try uninstalling, then reinstalling. You might want to try the LOR regwipe utility after the uninstall. I think you need to get it from LOR via a help ticket, or I can send you the copy I have.
  5. Have you tried the usual incantations. Reboot. Uninstall, reinstall Your profile says 5.3.8. There have been alot of things fixed since then.
  6. Quick Tip. Open the sample sequence, click on each effect and save to favorites in Motion Editor. Much quicker than writing down all the settings.
  7. Like the doctor said. If it hurts when you do that, Dont.
  8. If you are talking about pixels on something like Boscoyo strips, as MrP said, I loop them and throw them in plastic bags to keep the dust off them in the attic.
  9. Here is an example effect as entered. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pb924k4drksetov/effect entered.jpg?dl=0 Here is the effect after saving and reopening the file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e67av36ull3k6sg/effect after save.jpg?dl=0
  10. Matt, there is more info in these threads, including some screen shots in the post I linked, Phil.
  11. You are correct. I posted about this a while back, but you and I must be the only ones who use different effects in the RGB channels. I'll try and dig out my original post. In S4 you could have a shimmer in R and intensity in G and a shimmer in B for example. Now you can only have one effect for all three. The program will also change different effects to the same when you save the sequence. The effect which is highest in the three channels will become a sort of master effect for all three channels. If you hover over the master channel the tooltip tells the tale. I suspect it is a programming shortcut to keep filesize down and simplify the code. After all, who could possibly want to do this.......... Virtually all my sequences got changed. A lot of intensities got changed to shimmers, because there was a shimmer in the channel above. Looked terrible, so I had to do a mass change in every sequence from shimmer to intensity. It looked OK then, but was not the effect I really wanted. I first thought it was a copy, paste thing. Then I found that it was the way the file was being saved. It is very difficult to explain how it now works, and I guess we are the only two to notice the change. It's all about motion effects now. Sequencing is too hard. Found the post.
  12. Lorpreviews.xml in the /commondata folder. Oops thought you meant S5. Don't remember S4.
  13. S4 is the previous version ie, 4..x.x., while S5 is the latest, ie 5.3.14. Your profile says your version is 5.3.14 so that is the latest current version. Your son will need to use the same version. If you look in your Light O Rama folder, where all your data lives, you will find the CommonData folder which houses the preview file, ( what you call animation, I think) LORpreviews.xml Your LOR folders are usually in your user folder, but the exact path may be different depending on which Windows Version you are using. You can also change the location in preferences. For example, mine is C:\Users\Basement\Documents\Light-O-Rama on Windows 10.
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