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  1. Cmb24d dongle pin out.

    Break out that multimeter. Wire colours and pin outs vary by manufacturer, and even production run.
  2. Trigger sequences remotely?

    You can't stop a song in progress, Guests select a song from the list to Play Next and it jumps the que. You can tell a song to play later or sooner, but not to stop and start. You can also have a selection of songs in rotation and some songs not in rotation. The Non rotation songs do not play unless requested. Perfect for those less than traditional songs. Great for testing too.
  3. Trigger sequences remotely?

    Bob has said there may be some issues with S5 and is requesting input. I also do not know how well Google drive will work with Miip. That may be one for Bob to answer. I would just work with one or two files and get things working before loading everything up. You could also experiment with a local drive for sequences and see if that helps. I normally store everything on a mapped network drive but I find too much latency for shows and make a local copy of all my sequences for the show season.Providing you tell MIIP the path, it works fine.
  4. Trigger sequences remotely?

    Don't add the song file add the sequence file, (.LMS), providing you fill out the paths on the Member set up page, MIIP will find the appropriate song. On the Member Web View tab at the bottom press the Upload...... button and choose your sequence. You have to do this for each and every sequence, but only once.
  5. Trigger sequences remotely?

    Have to use Internet Explorer for the installer. You also need to email Bob to create an account.
  6. Command Line for running a sequence?

    I believe Bob is in the middle of an update right now as I cannot currently access the installer. It was working fine yesterday. I am assuming it will be fixed shortly. I have used it for the last two seasons and would hate to run without it.
  7. Do you by any chance have Intelligent fade selected in the tools menu.
  8. Order does not matter, and you can have multiple ID's, but it might be a possible source of confusion if you have problems.
  9. Yes, but it is fairly easy to uninstall S5 and reinstall S4.
  10. Select row to end option.

    Don't have S5 installed but shift/end works in S4.
  11. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    Might want to check out Bob O's Miip application. http://itsmebob.com/SD.html
  12. Eclipse video 360 degree view

    Hmmmm, I have a birthday coming up.
  13. Eclipse video 360 degree view

    Very nice, Bob. What did you use to capture the video?
  14. An LCC file is the channel config file for Sequence Editor and has nothing to do with the Visualizer. If I remember correctly and it has been a while, the Animation data was saved in the LCC file but not for the Visualizer which has its own LEE file. The LEE file is the layout for the Visualizer and has nothing to do with the Sequencer but it can be user with Superstar. The Visualizer layout is stored in the LEE file usually in the default Sequences folder ( I think), but it can be anywhere. The LEE file is created in Visualizer by doing a SAVE or SAVE AS from the File Menu.There is also an import command on the File Menu but this is for importing individual Props and Fixtures, not the whole config. The LCC file is used in Sequence editor to import a previously exported channel config and has nothing to do with the Visualizer and should not even be visible in the Vis File Open dialog which will only show LEE files If they are there. To Load a Visualizer LEE file, in Visualizer click on File Open and select it.. If it is not there or you are not sure where it is, do a search in Windows Explorer. To Import a Channel Config in Sequence Editor Click on Edit Export/Import Channel Config, then Import Config and select it.. If it is not there or you are not sure where it is, do a search in Windows Explorer. If you did not Export the LCC Chanel config file from SE you still can it you load the sequence from last year and export the LCC from Sequence Editor.
  15. Just tested 4.3.24. HU works properly, no issues here. Thanks Mike and Tor.