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  1. Google Really Does See All

    I'm still running Office 2007 on W10 just fine. There's always Open Office or Google docs. Linux is alive and well too.
  2. Google Really Does See All

    I worry more about the ISP's than Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. Google predominantly just uses the info for advertising. (unless the NSA comes knocking.) The providers know everything about you. Now that Net Neutrality is history, it is only going to get worse. The monopolies that are the ISP's and phone providers are going to be totally out of control.
  3. Google Really Does See All

    6ft 5 240, wish I were smaller.... at least the 240 part.
  4. Google Really Does See All

    I happened to be looking at my house on Maps and noticed something on the roof. It was me, mounting floods to my gutters. f you look closely you can see them. You can also see the cable runs to my bushes. Probably taken around the last week of October 2017. Oddly enough, only Maps on my phone has this image. My PC still has an old photo, as does Google Earth.
  5. LOR S4 and Windows 10 issues

    Yeah. Any time you have to reinstall always do a clean format. It will be in the installer options at the beginning of the install. No need to erase. The format is enough.
  6. LOR S4 and Windows 10 issues

    Two things occur to me as being worth investigating. Firstly trouble with the audio waveform or wizards suggests looking at the audio format. Ii should be a constant bit rate MP3 at 128 kbps or a .WAV. People frequently report issues with variable bit rate files not working reliably. Use an audio editor to convert the file to 128kbps and constant bit rate. Audacity is free and widely used. If that does not help, it sounds like Windows issues and why a new user would help is beyond me unless there is something corrupt in the Windows installation. If it were my machine, I would nuke it and do a CLEAN install of Windows using the Media Creation Tool available for download from Microsoft. Windows installs get crudded up over time and It may be time for a good spring clean. Most of my windows boxes get wiped at least once a year. Get a USB thumb drive and create a bootable install drive. Don't forget to BACKUP everything first. The whole point of this is to start from scratch, so all your applications will need to be re installed too. Good luck.
  7. Best method to video display

    I too have a wide, low house, so I shoot from across the street and from left and right closer in. I put the camera on a tripod and leave it running unattended for the whole show, about 2 hrs, if the battery holds up, with a small radio playing just so I can hear which songs are playing. Then I edit it all up into separate songs and replace the audio with the original audio file.
  8. It has been said before but is worth repeating. Even if the connectors physically match, the pinouts and wire colors may vary, even from batch to batch. Always check with a meter to make sure which pin is which.
  9. DMX to LOR RGBW Moving heads

    I think you can do it that way, but I don't have an IDMX, so I am just using a standard speed LOR dongle connected to Com 3 with an RJ45 to XLR cable I made myself.It does not seem to take many PC resources even though the PC is doing the work rather than an IDMX adaptor.
  10. DMX to LOR RGBW Moving heads

    I have my heads attached to a LOR RS 485 adaptor on a separate com port with an XLR connector on the head end. They are configured as a dmx universe, and control just fine from S4 sequence editor simultaneously with my E 1.31 universes and LOR controllers. I am also able to control them from the pixel controller of the Hardware Utility while the SE is open, which is handy for finding the exact DMX values which work best. If you need any more detail I will be happy to share more info.
  11. Unless you are talking about S5, I don't see a delete option in the right click menu. In any case, that would delete the content and leave the empty rows behind
  12. Convert the rows to a group, then delete the group. They have to be adjacent to each other.
  13. Very nice. They say a picture is worth a thousand words............
  14. S5 and RGB Channels

    I WAS going to move to Superstar this year, but now I'm not so sure.
  15. S5 and RGB Channels

    Another thing missing is the resize timing to.... command, from the right click menu. Another item I don't think I can live without. Dragging a long chase through a sequence takes forever too.