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  1. Thanks Mr. P! I thought I read that notice somewhere, but I couldn't find it again. As I mentioned, I had received one order, but not the second. I just needed reassurance that it didn't fall through the cracks or something. I'll sleep better tonight! Thanks again.
  2. I'm just curious and didn't want to open a support ticket for this; I was wondering if anyone, or everyone has received their stuff that they purchased with the, "Try-for-Free" option from this last LOR sale that recently ended. I've received my 1st order (within 2 days of placing the order, about 3 days after the sale started), but I'm still waiting for my second order.
  3. Tried that, to no avail. To quote Charlie Brown, "AARRGG!" Two more tries at doing this, and it APPEARS to have worked. I don't understand why this should be so finicky. ANYWAY, thanks PhilMassey for the help, and to GriswoldStyle for the suggestion. Hopefully it'll still be working when I reboot in the morning.
  4. I'm trying to install this version on my Windows10 Home laptop, and I get an error message that the path, "C:\Users\...Light-O-Rama.msi cannot be found". I did a search on the entire computer for that file, and as mentioned, it is not on my computer. I tried reinstalling a couple of times with the same result. Any suggestions or work arounds?
  5. I have a complete Seasonal Entertainment Mini-Pixel package with xDongle and LOR USB-RS485 communication adapter and extras for sale. First $300.00 takes it. Pics and video available. PM me.
  6. Here's a PhotoBucket Story that I wrote regarding the installation and use of the LOR RJ45 Waterproof Dangle on a standard residential LOR enclosure. There's also shows a close-up picture of the cable, where you can see the shrink tubes adhesive/sealant. Link
  7. I want to point out that mine are installed "panel mount" through the bottom of the enclosure. No way for water to get in, unless under water in flood conditions. I'll post pics in a little while, once I find my camera. Instead of posting a bunch of pictures here, I've created a PhotoBucket story. http://s1275.photobucket.com/user/BigKahunaFL/story/117107
  8. I tried to integrate RBG pixels from S.E. and had too much trouble trying to get them to work, so unfortunately, I didn't have any RGB in my display this. Maybe sometime this year.
  9. I use two of those on all of my regular LOR controllers. Excellent quality and very good price! I love 'em!
  10. I think you did a very nice job! Care to post anything regarding the "Merry Christmas" sign? i.e. how you made it?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Ken! I have GOT to get one of those! That will make diagnosing issues MUCH easier!
  12. So is there a way I could put a meter on a triac to test if it is good or not!\?
  13. You would really be better off by following Ron Boyd's advice. Right-click on the blue lightbulb, and select "Unload LOR". This way, there is no need to mess with your network settings.
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