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  1. I am selling four Cosmic Color Ribbons (CCR150) that have never been used and 3 are in the original boxes. I am asking $ 125 each or all four for $ 400.00 and I will pay the shipping. PM me if you are interested. Nancy Harris
  2. Right behind Charlotte Motor Speedway, Rocky River subdivision between Morehead and Roberta Rd. Third year 160 LOR channels. 5906 Granite Lane, Harrisburg, NC
  3. Thanks, have you had any issues with only red and white coming on in your floods. I can not get blue and green to play in the sequence but red and white works just fine. They all work in manual testing but something is not working when I put them into a sequence. I've set things up in Network Preferences and assigned a Universe and Circuit in the Channel Configuation. I only have 3 floods but none are picking up the blue and green commands so I'm wondering if I've not assigned the right circuits. I'm using 1/2/3, 4/5/6, 7/8/9 and have tried 1/2/3, 11/12/13, 21/22/23 to see if that would help but so far only red and white work.
  4. I was working with my lights and everything was fine and half way through a song they stopped working. I have a blinking green light on the DMX unit but when I go into the Utility and tell it to find Pro and Connect I get the message: Unable to open device. If the PRO has a steady green light on we recommend that you use "update firmware to rese the firmware on PRO. I have a blinking green light and can no communicate with the lights.
  5. I was trying to upload a picture of my house to the S3 Visualizer and it causes the program to close. This is my error message: AppName: lorvisualizer.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown ModVer: Offset: 00000000
  6. Excellent suggestions and I will try them because I do have my volume up all the way. Thanks, Nancy
  7. When I google EDM it looks like something I would have to build a case for, is that correct? I need a plug and program. Thanks for all the help from everyone on this problem. I love the LOR products but this is definately a weak link in the setup of a great show. I'm disappointed that I spent this much money and the quality of the controllers didn't carry over to the FM transmitter. Live and learn, Nancy
  8. I have a LOR Whole nHouse FM Transmitter and we get good reception in the drive and about 100 ft from the house. At that point we pick up some background voices and when we come back toward the house and into the driveway it remains garbled. Should I have gotten a different transmitter? Thanks, Nancy
  9. Do I need to download into my LOR software folder and sequences? I have it downloaded on my desktop but don't seem to see anything but the written instructions on the Word document.
  10. OK, here I go and you will probably be hearing from me. Thanks, Nancy
  11. I may have bitten off more then I should have for a newbie. I have finished my songs and was going to pass on the arches as I had planned to use the CCR and have no idea how to add them to the Sequences that I have prepared. I have read the various manuals including the lastest one from 11/22 but am completely lost on have to program them in. I am looking for simple, white arches or blue fading to white and just leaping, or starting in middle to end, end to middle. My son in law put up the arches but I have no idea how to make the CCR duplicate an leaping arch and then add it to the sequence. Should I forget it for this year? Nancy
  12. I'm completely new to this and the CCR is confusing to me. Does it take 1 channel on the LOR per CCR and then you program the effects with a macro? Or am I missing the point completely? Thanks, Nancy
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