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  1. RicPenn

    upgrade software

    Anyone have problems upgrading the LOR software using Vista? I have the full version installed but when I try to upgrade to 1.6 it tells me that I do not have the full program installed, which I do. Any ideas? Ric
  2. Ok got it, I had help from my son and on the opening seq of the show he had somehow "unasigned" the channels.....dang it's cold outside! Thanks for the help Dan!
  3. Here I am with another stupid question, not sure how to word a search for the problem so here I am. I have two controllers(160xW) in the sequence editor they both work fine but when I fire up the show utility to get the lights to come on by themselves, only controller #1 comes on. Any ideas?
  4. RicPenn

    Add time

    Thanks that did it:cool:, I knew it wasy easy , I just couldn't remember.
  5. RicPenn

    Add time

    OK stupid question, I added time to the begining of a sequence and forgot how I did it, can anyone help me past this brain cramp? Ric
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