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  1. Hi Brian I have been playing with this a little more, and even when l load the LMS that came in the purchase down load that has the controllers at the top of the tree it still plays upside down in the visualiser. I was just wondering is this because in the LOR visualiser the CCR tree wizard starts the pixal numbers at the bottom of the tree next to the ground. Pixel 1 is at the bottom of the tree. And if the controllers are at the top of the tree. Wouldn't this mean that pixel 1 would be at the top closest to the star? And pixel 50 would be at the bottom? If this is correct, then l need to change the pixel numbering in the LOR visualiser some how. Not sure if I'm on the right track hear, but it was just a thought. Cheers Jerome j
  2. Hi Brian Thanks for the reply I have built a CCR tree in the LOR visualiser using the CCR tree wizard. This is parts of my over all display. I have others lights on my house that l plan to control with other LOR controllers both AC and DC units, these have also been build in the visualiser. I opened the Christmas Cannon file that l purchased from superstar in the superstar programe that came with the LOR3 suit, and change the configeration via the layout option to place to the controllers to the top of the tree. I exported this to the LMS file and open it in the LOR sequence editor. I then made sure that all the wiring in the visualiser and the the sequence editior where all the same And it all worked ok Bar the CCR tree, which play the notes in the Christmas Cannon upside down. In fact the whole sequence is upside down. I thought that you might be able to change the numbering of the pixals in the Visualiser. As it always put pixal 1 at the bottom of the tree. And l thought that it would have to be at the top as that is wher the controllers are. But l wasn't able to find a way to do this. I imagine that how it is displayed in the visualiser is how its going to be on the actual tree or will it play ok on the tree, and the problem is only with the visualiser? Note sure what you mean by '├žanned lay outs' I thought by changing the postion of the controllers and exporting as a new file that this would be reflected in the sequence editor and the visualiser. Am l on the wrong track with this thought? When you say to try and import and create in visulaisation mode? Are you saying to do this in the Superstar program? Or the LOR sequencer? I tried to import my visualisation into superstar, but it only display half the scene and you cannot scroll across or up and down top see the rest. Not sure if l did anything wrong here. All of the programming l'm completing is for the other lights in my display to support the Christmmas Cannon file that l purchased for the CCR tree. So not sure how you can do this if l'm doing it in the superstar visualiser. Appreciate any help
  3. Hi I'm totally new to Christmas lighting programing this year and l was hopeing someone can help. This is most likely a very basic mistake that l'm making. I have purchase the LOR3 suit and 12 CCR's I also purchase the superstar sequences from the supestar site to save myself some programming time, being new to it all I change the controllers be at the top of the tree in the Superstar sequencer and then I exported this to LOR3 and have tried to get it to play correctly in the visualiser. But every is playing upside down! It works ok when l leave the controller at the bottom, so l image there is something simple l'm missing to get it to work correctly. I tried changing the starting pixal address from 1 to 50 in the visualiser thinking that this would change the direction. But it only comes up with an error. I tried to find info in the help menuewith no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fx this very frustrating situation Thanks heaps
  4. Hi Dennis How dis it all go? I have to do the same thing for my CCR's I'm just waiting for them to be delivered Any tips or tricks l should watch out for? Cheers Jerome j
  5. Hi Brendan Thanks for the info. So from what you have said, each one of the networks should have its own coms port allocated Aux a could be coms port 1 and Aux b could be com port 2 and so on And when you set up the CCRs you alloctae them some how to that coms port and network. Am l on the right track? So does this mean that l would need 3 coms ( 3 usb out ports on my computer ) for 3 networks? Or can these be run via a 4 output USB hub from one usb out off the computer? Not really sure how this all works Sorry about the questions, but this is all new to me. Cheers Jerome :shock:
  6. Thanks Cracker Really appericate the help So if l get a usb hub with 4 outlets, technically that will gives me 4 networks. Is that correct? Or is there more to it than that? If this is correct then Basically off 1 usb out of the computer connect to the 4 wat hub. Then run 4 CCRs per 3 usb output and put my other LOR controllers on the 4th one Am l understanding this correctly? Cheers Jerome j
  7. Thanks I really appericate the help Now the only challenge is to work out all the chat on the forum about how many CCR's l can have in one channel as l have 12 ccrs, l'm not sure what my next step is to get these to work correctly. It sounds like 6 is the most you can have. It also sound like l need some sort of USB 485 dongle? Is that the same as the channel splitter the LOR sell? Or is it something different? Cheers Jerome j:shock:
  8. Hi there Drivemewilder I'm very intrested in your post. I have also just purchase via the summer sale 12 CCR anmd wait there arrival. l'm in a similar boat. This is my first year of LOR and learning my way around. I was going to purchase a completed sequence from the Super star lights web site so l had a least one show for my CCR's, but l was sure if would be able to play in the LOR sequencing software. From what l have read, you can purchase the sequences and run them in LOR software, Is this correct? I don't want to blow $99.00 if it dosen't work. Any help would be appericated Cheers Jerome j
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