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  1. I am using SS in visualizer mode so that I can have it auto sequence my 5 channel STAR. However the start is barely turning on during the sequence. The STAR is using #17 in timing map. channels 1-16 are my tree. Any tips on how to get the START more alive.
  2. jmraider

    16 pixie ccr tree lights out diagonally

    GOT IT It works by deselecting the macro, even through I did not see any macro channels it worked, when I deselected and recut and repasted. As for the visualization program I am OK there too, I think. I just got confused I have some SS that I purchased that had the STAR in it all ready. Then I have other SE that I need to use SS to make the tree and include the STAR and know that I have to use visualizer to do the instant sequence with the Star. Thanks you
  3. jmraider

    16 pixie ccr tree lights out diagonally

    I do not see macro channels in my SE, but it was checked in the export window. However I know I have to be in visualizer to get the STAR, to program too. So now I am going back to figure out how to do that.
  4. Hi I just set up the tree to make sure everything is working, however I have one glitch. There is a set of led (about 6) going diagonally down that are not responding to the sequence. I went back to hardware utility to make sure all strips are working with all colors and they are. SO I must have done something wrong when I cut and pasted from SE to SE. I exported the SS into SE, then I opened up both the SS convert to SE and the regular SE for that sequence. I added my new device (see picture below), . With both windows open I cut SS from inside SE into my full sequence for the song. When I play just the SS that was exported into SE, it works fine, but when I play from SE with the pasted SS in the SE, I get a diagonal of lights out (about 6 led) on every strip (16 strips). Here is how I added the device in my SE. What am I doing wrong?
  5. jmraider

    instant sequence for STAR

    Here are my two screens, any tips when using this program to do instant sequences or is there a video I can watch with tips. Thanks for all your help
  6. jmraider

    instant sequence for STAR

    got it !! Thanks
  7. jmraider

    instant sequence for STAR

    I do not see anything on the right side of my screen
  8. jmraider

    instant sequence for STAR

    where is the fixture located to delete
  9. jmraider

    instant sequence for STAR

    I got it to work now, except I only have a 5 channel star and it is set to 6 channels, how do I reduce a channel?
  10. jmraider

    instant sequence for STAR

    HI Ok I got it to make the STAR blink, but I have a five channel star. Is there a way for it to program each channel? SO that the star can go big to small or small to big?
  11. jmraider

    instant sequence for STAR

    Actually I am using SS not SE for the instant sequencing. Sorry for the typo
  12. I am using the SE and have had success, but for some reason I can not get the SE to do an instant sequence for my Star. I have the button selected "yes" for star in use in the configuration along with unit ID 0C and first channel as 1. It does not want to show the STAR working with instant sequence. Nor when I export does it show anything in the channels for the Star. What am I doing wrong?
  13. jmraider

    16CCR Tree first 4 ports dont work

    Thank you for your reply. I just checked under config in SS and under pref. in SS all looks OK. Then I export to SE in legacy mode, I tried the intensity mode also. I still can not get channel 1-4 to work. I have cehcke the channels and CR ribbons in hardware they worked. What setting am I missing? Thank You
  14. I am new using the 16CCR tree. After getting it set up on a separate network AuxA. For some reason numbers 1-4 CCR do not go on. I have check each port using the hardware utility and they all connect and light up. Those four ports do not work while using a sequence. I tried both my own sequences and purchased one. Any ideas?