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  1. Another item to look at would be your support lines the lights are wrapping around. As you add more weight (light strings) the support lines can sag toward the middle. That would make a smaller distance for subsequent light strings to travel as the wrap around the tree. This is my third year with a 20 foot tall Weber tree and the 16 wire support lines each go to a steak in the ground and are tightened with turnbuckles.
  2. johnm160 wrote: The seven 6 ft. trees to the left of the Weber tree are metal trees I purchased used. I stripped off all the old incandescent lights, painted the framework green then wrapped each with the white, red and green LEDs. There's about 2,300 total lights on each. I will say it did take forever to wrap those trees but they were one of the easiest things to put out in the display. I just had to put them in place and attach the guy wires. We get a lot of wind. Here's an earlier post about those same trees... http://forums.lightorama.com/forum82/27506.html
  3. T110431 wrote: We have a fairly nice camera at work that I used for these videos. The Sony PMW-EX3 is an HD camera.
  4. Thanks everyone. I had a lot of very nice comments from the people I know who saw the show. I got to meet a lot of neighbors during the teardown. They were all very appreciative.
  5. My second year is done. The lights are put away in the garage and planning is underway for next year. I just got the 2011 videos posted. http://vimeo.com/user4460530/videos Let me know what you think. (only the good stuff please)
  6. Jim, Sorry to hear about your truck. Maybe it would be better if you took the Husky sticker off the back.
  7. I was going to cover my four arches with dryer venting but I couldn't fit the venting over the lights. As you can see from the photo I'm just using LED minis tightly wrapped around a 3/4 inch PVC. All the lights kept catching and poking through the plastic venting material. Attached files
  8. Very Nice Christian! You did a great job with the "lip syncing". LMFAO would be very proud. It may be time to start driving a KIA.
  9. Very moving! I too am looking forward to the new CCR collection I'll be acquiring next year. Thanks Brian.
  10. Jim... Jim... Jim... if only you had gone to a good school. Not that icky U o' Dub. Go Cougs! Glad your CCR and tree are functioning again.
  11. Nice work George! It looks like you could definitely put some light on the dark side of the moon.
  12. Surfing4Dough wrote: ROFLMAO +1 You know Jim went to UW and now has a lesson on how the "W" just does not fit.
  13. I went with the portable power panel. It plugs into the 50 amp service used for the RV. Attached files
  14. Okay Jim I've got a video posted of the Cougar fight song. I was going to wait for a decent camera to record the video but with today's new coach announcement I felt like it was necessary to post sooner. I think it turned out pretty well. Sorry no purple or gold.
  15. Very nice! I started with a 32 channel display last year. Great work on the sequencing! When you get a chance send a PM to Jimswinder and let him know how to put a mega tree on the roof that will stay put.:shock:
  16. bretk wrote: The mast on the Weber is made from two 10ft sections of 1-1/4 inch black water pipe. It's sunk into about 18 inches of cement (removable flagpole) foundation. The red and green for the tree are 70 count LEDs (23 ft) and the spirals are 100 count (33 ft).
  17. NWSanta wrote: Thanks, 16 channels for the Weber plus one for all green and another for the red color.
  18. jimswinder wrote: I'm currently waiting for Sony to fill a back order on a repair part needed for the viewfinder. about the same time they announce what Bowl Game the Huskies will be going to then, huh??? I thought you were abstaining from fun poking because I lost my snowflakes to the wind? I can still remember the end of Apple Cups when the Husky fans would be chanting "Rose Bowl... Rose Bowl". The Cougs were completely unfazed as we would chant back our next bowl..."Toilet Bowl... Toilet Bowl..." Sometime today I'm expecting to hear whether Paul Wulff will still have a coaching job.
  19. jimswinder wrote: Constantly in the hearts of all the Cougar faithful. I want to use the high def video camera from work to record all the sequenced songs. I'm currently waiting for Sony to fill a back order on a repair part needed for the viewfinder. Once I get them shot and uploaded I'll post a Vimeo link.
  20. Sorry about the poor camera phone quality but I wanted to share one of my favorites from this year. Of course the right side of the front yard is washed out because of a viewer that didn't know how to turn his headlights off. The display has one ten foot tree on the far left, seven 6ft trees (in the tree line) one 20 ft Weber tree, 7 minis, two towers, four arches and seven 3ft snowflakes (that are still standing). I'll post a new link when I get the real video camera out.
  21. I am done and ready to light up during half-time of tonight's Apple Cup game. The snowflakes have been redesigned and put back in place. Using two 3/4 inch black water pipe with some bent re-bar welded on. I added six guy wires to the top and hose clamped to a fence post at the bottom. Everything is plugged in and tested. I've really enjoyed all the comments from everyone walking by during set-up. I was testing for a half-hour last night without the snowflakes and mega tree and still had a dozen cars stop and watch. Go Cougs! Attached files
  22. I think I have plan for fixing the snowflakes but I just don't think they will outlast the season. Need an engineer and someone who can weld.
  23. The bent over heap would be the seven 3ft snowflakes I had up in the air. The guy wires all held but the two masts just buckled. Has anyone ever put up a freestanding two pole snowflake holder? I'm thinking of trying again using an extension ladder. I'll wait until the wind stops.
  24. From the weather service... WINDS: SOUTH WINDS SUSTAINED AT SPEEDS OF 30 TO 40 MPH GUSTING TO 60 MPH... LOCAL GUSTS TO ABOVE 70 MPH IN THE HANFORD AREA. Looks like some clean-up on isle seven. Attached files
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