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  1. It would make me very happy to have a copy of this sequence. Thanks Dan weitzeld82@yahoo.com
  2. Could I get a copy? Thanks for sharing. weitzeld@mchsi.com Thanks Dan
  3. I would like a copy. Thanks Dan weitzeld82@yahoo.com
  4. Would like to take a look also. Dan weitzeld82@yahoo.com
  5. I have my E6802 (upgraded from e6801) set up with like this. (See print screen) I am using all of the 16 outputs with 50 pixels on each string. When I use xlights and using the fire effect I have some of it is starting at the top. Looks to be output 2-1 to 2-4 and 4-1 to 4-4. Any help please. Dan
  6. I not sure how to do this.
  7. I went back in and set it up just as the video. Still nothing.
  8. I also have set up preferences in the DMX universe to 1/EN095325/Enttec DMX USB Pro and set the listening Port to 8837. Then hit OK.
  9. I downloaded Stage Console and was able to control the RGB's. I also change my data minus pin from pin 1 to pin 2. I still am not able to control the RGB's from S3. Any body have the next thought? Thanks for the help.
  10. Here is what I recevied from Holiday Coro. RGB Sample Pack, 3 channel 12vDC DMX controller for RGB, USB DMX Module PRogrammer, Waterproof power supply, 3 Rectangle RGB Waterproof Module-12v and 3 Square RGB Waterproof Module-12v I have the S3advanced license with super star Demo I Loaded the driver for Enttec Pro and it has the blinking green light and the com listener reads "The date and time, 4:DMX1, DMX USB Pro adapter opened" and the next line " Connection accepted (348) I have power to the modules(they go thru their test of rotating colors) Connecting the 5pin wires(USING CAT5)are connected as solid blue to pin 3 and blue stripe to pin 1, then connected to the DMX module. The striped blue to blue on the module and the solid blue to the red on the module (black not used on te module). Also please tell me mor about the free Stage Console.
  11. I have just received my Holiday Coro kit and I am trying to make it work. I have a Enttec Pro and wondering do I connect it to the male 5 pin or female. At this time I have it connected to the female side and it does not work.
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