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  1. jeffandnicole

    Help needed fixing RJ45 jacks

    Howd you guess? Lol. Yeah this happened when the cord was actually too short to secure or tie down...so I figured I'd make do...and sure enough eventually someone tripped over the cord. I use the wireless easy light linkers from the pc to outside. Since there's 2 jacks inside the unit, I'm able to do 2 different runs (which I need to do by necessity anyway) and have these 2 faulty units at the end of each line. And I appreciate the advice from each of you regarding the hot glue gun. I'll definitely try that first and see how it goes!
  2. jeffandnicole

    Help needed fixing RJ45 jacks

    It's the CTB16PC controller. As you can see in the pic, it's ever so slightly pulled out of its proper placement (the other is similarly just a bit off). I don't believe there's any damage to the pins, as before it became too loose I could wiggle it enough to get it to work. As for soldering, I have the soldering iron. I don't think I have any other material for it, since I never tried using it. However, I (well, actually, my wife) do have the hot glue gun.
  3. Over time, 2 RJ45 jacks in 2 different units (I have 10 in total) have become loose. Admittedly, I've never used a soldering tool before, although I have one sitting in the package in my closet! Being a little leery of trying it on the equipment, is there anyone in the South Jersey/Delaware/Philly area that wouldn't mind taking a look and possibly fixing them? I will be happy to buy lunch/dinner or simply pay you for your time! Aside from that, how hard will it be for a soldering newbie to reattach these jacks back to the board?
  4. jeffandnicole

    i just got my electric bill for December. .....

    Was it also noted that when people say the show runs for 5 hours (or whatever) a night, unless your display is static those lights aren't on for 5 hours (Oh, I see it was mentioned just above this post! LOL). Depending on the display and how you use those lights, the lights may be on for less than that. The purchasing of lights is basically a fixed cost. The electric consumption varies based on how you use those lights. I held onto incandescents longer than most here because of the upfront costs vs. electric savings. Based on what I had purchased in the past, my attic was pretty well stockpiled with incandescents so I figured there was no reason to convert. Looking at my display last year, I could notice quite a difference in my display vs. others in the area. The blues & greens were fading. The reds were turning purple. My stockpile was dwindling. I decided to make the jump, so after Christmas I bought what I could in LEDs. This year, I added what I needed in order to run a decent display. Even then, due to the brightness of the LEDs, I used fewer lights than I did before in the equivalent areas but still got the same effect. After Christmas this year, I bought even more LEDs. I do agree with Archer that the cost savings isn't dramatic, especially when it comes to the upfront cost of buying the lights. The cost is dramatic when you're talking about the electric used to light up tens or hundreds of thousands of lights, but again, the upfront costs can't be totally ignored. Feel free to tell everyone your display cost $500 less this year compared to last year to run, but I'm sure you won't be as willing to discuss how much those lights cost in order to get to that point. It's similar to playing the lottery: People are happy to say they won $500, or hit the Pick 3. They're not going to tell you what they spend on a daily basis to get to that win. (If you won the Mega jackpot, this example probably doesn't apply!) For me though, the big savings was in the amount of electric used. Pretty much the same display as last year, but my total amperage dropped 50%! Since due to the available outlets and house amperage I could never have had the entire display light 100% in the past, this allowed me to have more lights on at the same time. BTW, just for kicks, I'll answer the original question as well. My December bill compared to November's bill....$9 LESS!!! Can't beat that!!! A warmer December and taking a vacation which we normally wouldn't have done in the month contributed to using less electric also!
  5. jeffandnicole

    A Challenge to all for some fun

    Option 1, and definitely cut it down. And I think so people with not as much time (and more likely to get bored with it) can still create a good show, edit & splice a few parts together and make the song about 60-90 seconds long.
  6. jeffandnicole

    C7 LED individual bulbs

    Mike: Where did you get them from? That was my experience as well: I purchased a pair at Walmart, and the resulting glow was much dimmer than a traditional C7 bulb.
  7. jeffandnicole

    Carol of the Bells

    I too like the candy canes. I'm going to give such a design some thought for next year!
  8. jeffandnicole

    Looking for suggestions

    You want your display to stand out; something different. Use a wild cat.
  9. I have numerous blowmolds in my display, and roughly 60 of the small ones take C7 bulbs. I was looking at replacing them with LEDs. Being that they're hidden inside the blowmolds, would you recommend pure white or warm white, and from which website/company/vendor have you had good success with?
  10. jeffandnicole


    It was my first controller...and quite a learning experience! I replaced the fuse quite a few times before I realized exactly how much amperage I was running thru that thing! Good times. OK, I'll be in touch. Thanks!
  11. jeffandnicole

    Light-Up Deer

    Unless the frames look like crap from where people are standing or sitting in their cars, I wouldn't worry about it too much. They're only going to see the lights anyway. Spot-touch the worst areas with a paintbrush.
  12. jeffandnicole


    I'll take a pic some day of what I did to three of my triacs. I have a traffic light that I rewired to control the lights individually. However, I allowed one of the wires to touch something it wasn't supposed to touch in the traffic light, and it blew out 3 of my triacs in that box, causing them to look like yours! I fixed the traffic light wiring problem and now the light works well, although I can't use those 3 channels (there's actually a 4th that doesn't work for some reason too). No, I never contacted LOR about it, since it was obviously my fault. And for the record, I actually have 2 traffic lights, and hooked up this whole system in my backyard in the summer. The end effect was I had two functioning traffic lights that used 6 channels total: separate green, yellow, and red on both. A few more traffic lights, and I could practically control an intersection with LOR! (Note: As cool as that would be, I don't recommend this)
  13. jeffandnicole

    Take down tips for newbies

    After several years of putting away short extension cords, I found this works best for me: Lay out all similar size cords together. Using a typical Rubbermaid storage bin, take 8 - 10 of the extension cords, loosely loop them inside, then take a newspaper or add page to go over them, then do the next 8 - 10. Next year, you'll be able to quickly grab each bunch, and they're a lot easier to untangle. Added bonus - the bins don't get overly heavy. Yes, you many need an extra bin or two via this method, but it's well worth it!
  14. jeffandnicole

    CCD supports for long vertical run

    One thing I was going to try (but never went thru with it) was the good interlocking velcro like they use for securing EZ Passes to a windshield. I see you're from Tennessee, so you may be unfamiliar with it. It's not regular velcro, but a much stronger locking type that does not come separated easily. Many hardware/department stores (Lowes, Target, etc) sell it, and it comes generally in white & black, although clear may be found also. Like I said, the interlocking pieces don't separate easily. For what I'm using a few CCRs for, I decided against it for that reason.
  15. jeffandnicole

    Falling off a roof

    testraub wrote: Actually, sounds like plenty of time to learn how to program with one hand! Dude...really sorry to hear about that - and hopefully the pain is just normal discomfort and will go away soon. My wife recently had ankle surgery last month after slipping on ice. In January. Of 2011! Like you, she was hoping it was something minor but it never healed on its own. Best of luck for a quick recovery!