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    PixCon16 Issues

    Cdanna77 - That's interesting, I just double checked the troubleshooting guide that DevMike posted on this forum (see page 1) and it says 4.3.14 or higher, same with the checklist I got from LOR tech support and have seen on another forum. I wonder if there are two versions of the troubleshooting guide floating around, or maybe one was a typo error? In any case, sounds like we better stick to the latest software. It is encouraging that you like the PixCon16. Can you use the PixCon with xlights?
  2. Val Bennett

    PixCon16 Issues

    Ditto here - including SantaLudy. Just in case anyone else out there has this problem, updating to version 4.3.26 from 4.3.24 solved the problem for me as well. I am also in favor of a re-write of the instructions to clarify this, or point out some other unknown related issue we missed.
  3. Val Bennett

    PixCon16 Issues

    After being inspired by SantaLudy, I dug up my old laptop out of my wife's craft room and got the exact same result! I connected thru the LOR Network Configuration with no problems at all. Furthermore, I didn't even turn off my antivirus software. This older laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium, while the newer laptop and desktop I couldn't get to communicate with the PixCon are running Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 respectively. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? I went deeper into the Windows Firewall settings and there was no difference between the old laptop and the new. I may have to negotiate with my wife to use the old laptop this year for the show until I get the new laptop to work. I hope we can eventually solve this.
  4. Val Bennett

    PixCon16 Issues

    Update for my issues - for what it's worth - I used Mike's troubleshooting document and did two things I hadn't done before, namely step 3 (setting the firewall to allow LOR thru); and resetting the computer when the document said to. All of the other items in the troubleshooting guide I had done previously. I also had an IT professional come look at my setup, he said I had done everything right. But we still couldn't get the LOR Network Configuration to find the PixCon16. All status lights on the board and ethernet cable were correct. Then we tried another brand controller he had and was able to use xLights to control it just fine (didn't have time to try his controller with LOR software). LOR is my preferred platform for playing shows, so I need to get this fixed! Or else buy a Falcon controller to use with LOR, and return the PixCon16.
  5. Val Bennett

    PixCon16 Issues

    I am having the exact same problem. Read and followed all documents at least three times, watched a dozen instructional videos about networking (very informative). I also have a stand alone computer and network, no wireless, only one PixCon16. I have tried connecting with and without a router. After a few back-and-forths with tech support, it was suggested that my board might be bad so LOR sent me a new card (thanks Mike or whomever sent it). Unfortunately the replacement card also cannot be seen by the LOR software, so I am in the same position as SantaLudy. I'm having a hard time imagining that both boards would be bad, so I'm thinking there must be a setting on my computers I don't know about. I have also tried on both my laptop and desktop PC with the same result. So I will keep searching for a cause and educating myself, while watching to see if Jerry (SantaLudy) comes up with a fix. I am also planning to hire an IT guy to see if he can figure it out - will let you know if I come up with anything.
  6. Val Bennett

    Upgrading sequence error from S4 in S5

    Thanks to Matt who found that one of my RGB channels was inadvertently defined as a subsequence instead of an LOR channel. If anyone is having this same problem, you can check for this anomaly first. I just don't know how he found it so fast!
  7. I just began using S5, trying to open an S4 sequence. I get an "Unhandled exception" and "Device type sequence is not supported" error (see attached). The program gets hung-up then I have to shut it down in the Task Manager. Anyone run into this problem? Val
  8. I have created a sequence using both SE and PE, and saved intensity files. When I open the SE, I can see the intensity files at the bottom of my SE channels. But when I play the sequence I can only see the stuff that was sequenced using SE on the visualizer. I also had the same RGB channels programmed in SE as PE, so I deleted them just to see if they were over-riding the intensity files created by the PE. Still can't see the intensity file lights on the visualizer. Anybody know what I am doing wrong? Thanks
  9. Val Bennett

    Intensity files not on Visualizer in SE

    After you have done a "save intensity files" in the PE, and save the file in the PE (not sure you need to do this step), then re-open it in SE. You should see the intensity files below all your SE channels. You then have to set your "Network Preferences" such that the networks your PE lights (intensity files) are using to "Enhanced". It appears to be working for me so far . . .
  10. Val Bennett

    Intensity files not on Visualizer in SE

    Jim, I just checked and they were not. I didn't think this would need to be done for the visualizer, only to control the actual lights. It looks like it is working now. Thanks for the help!
  11. I am just learning Pixel Editor, creating a snowflake effect. I have a pixel matrix of 32 wide x 25 high. Can't figure out how to get the snowflake size down to just one pixel. I have it set on the smallest snowflake type, but it won't go below two pixels wide. Is there another place to adjust this?
  12. I am trying to determine if we need to upgrade from "Advanced" to "Pro" level when I upgrade to S4. We currently have a little less than 6000 channels, may get 12 more CCR's and make it closer to 8000. I would definitely add a network or two for the CCR tree, but not sure how much of an advantage the "Enhanced Protocol" is in the Pro level. Any advice? Thanks
  13. Val Bennett

    Lagging display

    What firmware do you have on your CCR controllers? I have heard that when going to 500K, the latest firmware needs to be installed.
  14. Val Bennett

    problem importing ccr into main sequence

    Brian, what is the earliest release that I will see the "export macro channels" option in the Configuration box? I don't see it, I am running 24 CCR V 3.12.2. I would like to export without the macros. Maybe it's time to get a revision? Thanks
  15. I would also like a copy of the .lee file for the 8-channel trees. Thank you very much! vbennettz@frontiernet.net
  16. Val Bennett

    2013 Use of SuperStar

    Good show, Jeff F. Is the fan made of CCR's or CCP's? Were you able to program the fan using the grid in SuperStar? I have been trying to do this, but the channels don't line up on the grid like I expected. Did you have to piece together the music, or did it come that way (the TSO song combined with the classical music)? Val
  17. Val Bennett

    Fade an image

    Image fades are just what I have been wanting to do, I think this will make our CCB tree look even better. Thanks from me as well, Brian!
  18. Val Bennett

    Network Speeds and Channels

    I am running 24 CCB strings with two networks at the 500 K speed - seems to be running fine. Some of my sequences are fast, so I did not dare push it to the recommended limit of 24 strings for one network.
  19. Val Bennett

    1 CCR of 12 is always on.

    I have only one pixel on one CCR doing the same thing. Sounds like I should also check for moisture. Thanks for the tip!
  20. Val Bennett

    How Are You Using Your CCBs & CCPs

    T17433 - I also have 24 CCB strings on a real 25' tall evergreen tree strung vertically. I don't think it will look as good as your megatree, however. It is going to be attached to cables, but I'm afraid some branches will get in the way, and may not be as uniformly spaced. What are you using for the center pole? I hope you will be posting some videos.
  21. Is there a way to do chases around a pixel megatree in SuperStar? I envision having it look like the tree,or at least several rows (rings), are rotating and moving up and down. I have tried morphs, but I don't think they were meant for chases. The only way I can think of doing it right now is to set up a new track in the Sequence Editor and rearranging all the channels on my 24 CCB strings (all the channels for each ring of lights grouped together, for example). I think this would be a pretty tedious process. Anyone got any ideas? Val
  22. Val Bennett

    Chases in Superstar?

    Thanks for your responses/help Brian and Ron. Your examples helped me get a little more proficient at using the Superstar software, and gave me a few fresh ideas. I will hopefully be able to get the effect I was looking for, which was to make the lights look like a flying saucer with the bottom appearing to rotate (at least that's how I remember them from the old movies from the 60's). Val
  23. I am having a related problem. I am trying to do some scrolling text, and am in the "Text Setup" screen. There is nothing in the "Char List:" or the "Font List:". I cannot add text, because I get the "Error: Must have a font selected in the font list. If the font list is empty, you must add a font.". I checked my Fonts sub-directory, and they are there. I have tried this in both my SS sequences, and in your samples. I must be doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out from either the forums or your tutorials. Thanks in advance -
  24. Brian, I have been watching your very informative tutorials on YouTube. But I noticed on some of the tutorials "CCB" is between "CCR" and "Firefly" on the Layout window, and not there on others - as well as not on my demo version (3.9.0). I am seriously considering purchasing the 24 CCR version of SuperStar. Do I have an older demo version, or do I need to buy in order to see what CCB's look like on the software? Also, is there a way to simulate a CCP megatree on your software like the one you made? I was so impressed I want to make a CCB tree in similar fashion.
  25. Val Bennett

    SuperStar Demo and CCB's

    The problem is fixed! Your prompt and accurate support is much appreciated!