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  1. Oops I just read the ELL manual closely....what a concept...reading the manual. I forgot to edit the sequence's network preferences to run at 57 instead of 115. All is now well.
  2. I've been running a mostly static show this year. I am using just one LOR controller connected to an ELL. My computer is connected to an ELL. Very simple. Everything was working pretty well since mid-December except I noticed occasional dropped commands. Over the summer I had upgraded all of my ELL's and set their speed to 115. I remembered reading that 115 might not be as reliable as 57. Today, I updated the ELL in the house to 57 and brought the ELL that was outside in to the house and dropped its speed to 57. After putting the ELL back outside and connecting it to the controller, I used the Hardware Utility to test that everything was working. Everything responded to the Hardware Utility fine. I started up the Sequence Editor and played a sequence from it. Nothing. No lights came on. I modified my schedule to have the show run while I was at my PC. Same thing...no lights came on. I created a small new sequence and tried running it...same thing...no lights. I ran the Hardware Utility again, and everything worked fine. It is now dark, but tomorrow I guess I will try setting both ELL's back to 115. But, whether that works or not, I am still baffled why everything works with the Hardware utility, but not with the Sequence Editor or Scheduler. Any suggestions?
  3. Just wanted to say that after I contacted Light-O-Rama about the defective dongles, they shipped replacements the same day. As always, great service from Light-O-Rama!!
  4. Update: As I said I ordered 6 of the RJ45 dongles. It turns out the first 2 that I opened are what I consider to be defective. When I opened the other 4 dongles, they are fine. The RJ45 connector for the Cat5 cable protrudes from the dongle a little. So, it is easy to insert and remove the Cat5 cable (just as I had hoped). Of the 2 defective ones, their short dongle cables were connected at opposite ends. On one, the cable was connected to the recessed end (where it should be), but on the other it was connected to the "shallower" connector. In both cases the "shallower" connector is too deep inside the dongle and makes it very difficult to remove an RJ45 connector. Definitely some issues with manufacturing and with assembly on this product. I'll be contacting LOR to exchange the defective dongles.
  5. I purchased 6 of the RJ45 Waterproof dongles to allow quick connect and disconnect to Cat5 cable without having to remove the covers of LOR controllers and CCR controllers. It is pretty easy to connect a Cat5 cable to the dongle, but disconnecting it is a nightmare. The RJ45 connector is so far inside the dongle that you can't get to the tab to press it to release connector. It certainly seems to be designed to permanently connect to a Cat5 cable. Of course, what happens if the connected Cat5 cable goes bad?? Perhaps there is some trick to getting the RJ45 connector out of the dongle??? Initially I plugged the RJ45 connector at the end of dongle cable into the other dongle connector. That is when I learned how difficult it is to remove. After many attempts using a screwdriver, I was able to press down the tab and remove the connector. The tab did get mangled in the process. I noticed that the other end of dongle has the female RJ45 connector much closer to the end of the dongle. I was able to get that connector out with only a little difficulty. I tried plugging another Cat5 cable (with a boot) into the dongle and by having the boot, it was very easy to pull it out. Unfortunately, the dongle is designed for bootless connectors, and I could not screw the end of the dongle all the way on with the booted connector. Overall, I am very dissatisfied with these dongles. Just a couple of design changes would make these so much more useful.
  6. Brian and Alan, Thanks very much for your informative replies. I've been using LOR Controllers for about 10 years and thought I was pretty knowledgeable. But, getting started with RGB has taken me back to being a newbie.
  7. Thanks Jim. I do have 2 CCB sets. So, a total of 200 lights, hence the 20 x 10 matrix. I'll dive into the Visualizer and see if I can figure out how to set up the matrix. I still have my question about the Dual Normal and the Hardware Utility. After setting the CCB for Dual Normal and saving the updated configuration to the CCB, after doing a refresh, the Hardware Utility still saw only 1 unit. I would have expected it to find 2 units. But, the second unit seems to be more of a "logical" unit as opposed to "physical" unit. Maybe the Hardware Utility isn't designed to see logical units??
  8. Brian, I've seen a few posts about the differences in settings between the Hardware Utility and SuperStar. You mentioned that I should set the CCB to Dual Normal in the Hardware Utility. When I was setting them up, I tried that (just to see how that affected the config). After setting Dual Normal, when I did a refresh, the Hardware Utility still only saw 1 unit. Is that what is supposed to happen or should it have seen 2 units? When it only saw 1 unit, I set it back to Normal. Thanks very much for your help.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, Brian. Perhaps what I am trying to do isn't supported by SuperStar. The CCB has 2 strings of 50 lights for a total of 100. For each of my CCB's, I want to arrange them in 5 columns of 20 lights. So, my 2 CCB's would give me a matrix that is 20 lights tall and 10 lights across. I have only been working with the SuperStar demo for a couple of hours, but I have not been able to figure out a way to do this. It appears I can either have full columns (all 50 lights) or half columns of 25 lights.
  10. I have recently acquired my first RGB lights (2 CCB's). I am going through the SuperStar demo included with my Advanced 3.12.2 license. All references to RGB lights are exclusively CCR. I cannot find any way to set up a configuration for CCB. For example, in the Create Quick Visualization screen, the only options for controllers are LOR, CCR or DMX Universe. If I select CCR, the only # of channels allowed is 150. I want to set my CCB to a single Unit ID with 300 channels. I know the demo version of SuperStar doesn't allow you to save anything, but is it restricted to just CCR? Or is there some way to configure the demo SuperStar for CCB? I'm ready to buy a SuperStar license, but not if it doesn't explicitly support CCB.
  11. I see that the latest firmware shown on the main LOR website is still 2.8. DevMike, last November you were going to see if 2.10 could be moved to production. Since the production version is still 2.8, I am wondering if there is a problem with 2.10. I just received my purchases from the Spring sale and I'm ready to start configuring them. I figured I would update my 4 ELL's while working with the new items. But, I'd like to verify that 2.10 is stable. Also, I am assuming that all ELL's can be updated with version 2.10. Is that true?
  12. Thanks for the replies. You mention that the old ELLs can only transmit at 57k while the newer ones can transmit at 115k. My ELLs were purchased several years ago (shortly after they became available). I thought there was a firmware update (2.10) that could take any ELL up to 115k. Is that not the case?
  13. I have an ELL located in the same room as my PC. It transmits to 3 ELL's at various locations in my yard. Each of those 3 ELL's is connected (via a 6 foot Cat5e cable) to a pair of LOR controllers. I am adding some CCB's to my display this year. I am planning to connect them to one of the LOR controllers in the yard. My question is whether the ELL's can handle the bandwidth demands for the CCB's. I just purchased 2 CCB's at the April sale, I may buy one more CCB for this year's show. All of the LOR data that my PC sends goes through 1 ELL to the other 3 ELL's. Will they be able to handle all the added traffic for the CCB's? If they will, does anyone know the maximum number of CCB's I could run with my ELL-based network?
  14. Mike, I haven't done anything with relays for this year. Everything is already set up outside....much too late to make a drastic change like starting to use relays. My question was more for planning for next year.
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