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  1. DO you still have boxes of lights, how many boxes and cost???? thanks jason
  2. I am a newbie and you say only 8 amps per channel???? I have blown the fuses in the LOR box at 15amps per bank, and Have now replaced them with 20amp cermaic fuses per bank, have the box at 20amp per channel, and each on 20amp GFI protected circuts......You know its the c-9, c-7 and the icicle lights that are killing me, I am Looking FOR alot of LED lights for a good price, but I have been unsuccess full I don't know if I am doing is right, I had another guy that has LOR box, come look at it and he put a KILL-A_watt meter on the each plug of the 16 channels running and I was at 58 amps, now I am down to 23.2 and 21.8 on the banks, Not all the lights run at the same time, But when I play TSO I had to cut some lights out and I can get wild like most of you do... any good suggestions, I know get another box thanks Jason
  3. Question: I got a whole House transmitter, Gold style- Can I extend the anttenna to take it out father, I was reading and the right now my anttenna is to close to my computer, I have bought 6ft. extenders to try to get it away from my computer, Do you think I could convert the head phone jack to RCA's run it about 50ft. to my attic and convert it back down to head phone jack and plug it in, Just Not sure, My station is static, Any good suggestions.... thanks and Keep those lights going jason
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