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  1. James if you're still sharing Snoopy's Christmas I'd like a copy. Regards, Mike A. hjuska@gmail.com
  2. James, could I get a copy. hjuska@gmail.com Thanks, Mike A.
  3. I just upgraded to version 5.1.2 and when I opened my first sequence, when it prompts for the upgrade for the sequence it offers either my 2016 previews or to create one from the 2017 sequence. It doesn't show my 2017 previews as options even though the 2017 visualizations are in the visionization/editor folder with the 2016 files. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I have looked here and in the Help and haven't identified what it might be. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. James, I would like copies if possible. Thanks, Mike A. (hjuska@gmail.com)
  5. James, I'd like a copy if you are still sharing this. Regards, Mike A. (hjuska@gmail.com)
  6. jerryb721, If you are still sharing the electrical parade sequence, I'd love to have the 3 minute one. Do you have the link to where I can buy the audio? I have the 10 minute version from Amazon but haven't seen a 3 minute version. Mike A. - hjuska@gmail.com
  7. Hi Roverdish, Are you still sharing this sequence? I'd love to have it for next year. Thanks, Mike A - hjuska@gmail.com
  8. I would love a copy James. I loved the other one I got from you. hjuska@gmail.com Thanks, Mike A.
  9. Bill, I would like a copy if you get a chance. hjuska@gmail.com Thanks, Mike A.
  10. I'm would really appreciate a copy as well. hjuska@gmail.com Thanks, Mike A
  11. Grinch, If you are still open to sharing, I would love to have it. I made a version with my LOR setup but adding a DMX tree this year. Thanks, Mike A.
  12. If you have closed groups or multiple tracks that are hidden, you have to go to the last one and open it. Or at least I did on mine to find it.
  13. Matt, Background on the issue. I had manually in the SE sequenced all but my 16 x 50 DMX megatree. I opened up the preview and removed all the props except the megatree. I then changed the name of the preview and saved it. Rather than create a new preview with a new name, it just renamed the existing preview. I guess I made the wrong assumption that it would save as a new preview. I think it should as that is how the MS styleguide states a file save should work. I realize a preview isn't a file but it has a lot of the same attributes of one. On the second part of your comment, when I open up a sequence that used the preview that is no longer there (at least as originally named), it doesn't give you an importing dialogue box. Since it was just renamed I guess its still technically there and somehow the sequence recognizes it. The problem is that if you've removed props from that renamed preview that are needed by the sequence you are opening, it tells you that it will delete out those parts of the sequence the next time you save the sequence. I ended up spending 4 hours rebuilding my preview last night so that it matched my sequences for this year (I hope). Mike A.
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