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  1. I am experiencing this same problem. At random points in the show, everything goes dark and the audio continues. At some point in the sequence, lights come back on and everything works fine. Occassionally, it only effects two of my six controllers. I have had an issue where the music gets into a short loop like a broken record. I am running LOR 3.8 on an XP box with 1GB of RAM. This problem occurrs especially with a sequence that I have used for 5 years. It is a very simple sequence to go along with an intro story about my display. Other than changing the configuration file, the sequence has not changed.
  2. I have built the Dancing Santa from the Winfield Collection (http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/product/1587/All_Motorized_Designs) the motor it uses is shown on that page as well which links to this page (http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/product/3138/Motorized_Parts_KIts). I have read some threads and looked at a How To posted by Clyde Dearing about controlling the start by using a relay from Radio shack. I am still a bit confused. Is there a diffinitive How To on connecting a motorized element into a LOR controlled display? This is how I understand what I read. Please correct me if I need to understand better. * I am going to run an extension cord to a static power source. * In that extension cord, I am going to cut the black wire and connect it to the coil side of the relay. * I will take a 2 wire cord and connect it to the Common and No on the side of the relay. * This 2 wire cord will plug into the controller and complete the circuit when I send a 100% on signal from my LOR channel. (Do I send a constant signal or do I send a signal to close the circuit and another signal to break the circuit?) Please help and Thanks!
  3. Forest

    curtain strobes

    Jeff Millard wrote: Jeff, Please help me understand. Did you drive 1 - 8 with 12 volts then run individual/multiple 12 volt units per channel? or... Did you drive 1 - 8 with 110 and set the jumpers in some way as to throttle down to 12 volts? or... Did you controll a 12 volt landscape power supply(s) with channels 1 - 8? Thanks, Forest
  4. Nathan, The rule of thumb that I use is to use 8 or 12 channels per color. The reason for this is that most music is either 3, 4 or 6 beats to a measure. I prefer 12 channels because it is divisible by any of the 3. On my 20 ft tree this year, I used a total of 16 channels. I had 48 strings of clear lights divided into 12 channels. I used 2 channels for a double snowflake that I used as my tree top and then I had a cross built into the structure of my tree that used the final 2 channels. Next year I plan to add 12 channels of red lights (48 strings). I also plan to add curtain strobes which means I will add a minimum of 13 channels. Another option that you have is to do like Richard Holdman has done and feature one of your colors (i.e clear) with 8 channels and use 4 channels each for your other colors. This will allow you to do fades between colors and some rotation of your secondary colors while economizing on they number of channels required. This does rule out fine tuned spinning of your secondary colors and does not leave any channels for your tree top. You can see my tree in action at mainchristmasinelgin.com. Look at the Polar Express video on the 2007 Display page. Hope this helps, Forest
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